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Jacob Doan's Eagle Project

July 5, 2002

Twenty-two volunteers and their computers met from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. at the LDS Church in Cameron, Missouri.  Mr. "G" made available the computers in his classroom at the alternative school.  What an awesome group!  Fingers were flying!  We managed to log in at least 1,588 names.  One volunteer still has close to 300 hundred names at home.  Another volunteer's whole file got lost!  We're hoping to retrieve it, as there are probably nearly 300 names there, too.  Everyone had a such a good time, we could hardly take the time to eat!  We unanimously agreed we'd love to do it again.  Thank you to all of you wonderful volunteers!




Jacob Doan     Joshua Doan     Jenny Doan     Hillary Sperry     Sarah Galbraith

Natalie Earnheart     Michael Dawson     Kizzie Aitchison     Samantha Lord

Andy Westover     Silas Aitchison     A. J. Coffelt     Skylar Stewart

Jenna Didericksen     Cindy Galbraith     Wayne Galbraith     Caleb Galbraith

Doe  Sperry     Keenan Aitchison     Ruth Galbraith

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