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DeKalb County

Cemetery Information

Amity Cemetery

Bethel Cemetery

Botts Cemetery

Butler Cemetery

Christian Chapel Cemetery    (includes a link to an outside database)

Clarksdale Cemetery

DeKalb Cemetery

Delano Cemetery 

Dice Cemetery

Doherty Cemetery

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Ellis Cemetery

Fairport Cemetery

Greenridge Cemetery

Groomer Cemetery

Highland Cemetery

Hopewell Cemetery

Indian Graves

Irwin Cemetery

Jones Cemetery aka Fina Cemetery    Linked to the database!

Loggendate Cemetery [see Norwegian Cemetery]

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Maple Grove Cemetery

Maysville Cemetery

Meadows Cemetery

Mt. Carmel Cemetery

Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

New Hope Church Yard Cemetery

Norwegian Cemetery

Oak Cemetery

Oak Grove Cemetery (1)

Oak Grove Cemetery (2)

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Oak Lawn Cemetery

Ogle Cemetery

Paupers Grave Marker

Perkins Cemetery

Poage Cemetery

Redman Cemetery  

Ridgeville Cemetery

Riggs Cemetery

Schuchman Cemetery

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Shambaugh-Cope Cemetery

Sharp Cemetery

Silver Cemetery

Smith Cemetery (1)

Smith Cemetery (2)

Stewart Cemetery

Stewartsville Cemetery

Stone Cemetery

Thomas Cemetery

Thompson Cemetery

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Thornton Cemetery

Todd Cemetery

Union Chapel Cemetery

Union Star Cemetery

Walnut Grove Cemetery [See Riggs Cemetery]

Wamsley Cemetery 

Winslow Cemetery

Wood Cemetery [See Oak Grove Cemetery(1)]

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Location information courtesy of The DeKalb County Historical Society and Howard Hackett