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 In the late 1980s, a lady in Cameron, Missouri, became involved in the tombstone transcription project locally.  She enlisted volunteers and they walked through many cemeteries in the area, cataloguing the information on 3x 5 index cards by surname.  These cards are grouped by cemetery.  Additionally, these volunteers sought and received permission to extract information from a local monument company, cataloguing this information on 3x 5 cards, also.  These cards are categorized by surname.  Some of the data they collected and catalogued was sent to Salt Lake City, filmed and is available through the Family History Library.

When this lady moved from the area, a friend stored the cards and other pieces of information in her attic.  After many years, in 1999, the multiple boxes of genealogical data were given to me (Joleen).  As I was in the process of moving at the time, the boxes were stored with my others until I became more settled.  In the spring of 2001, Magi and I started sorting through the boxes and discovering the wealth of information there.  Neither of us was involved in the initial gathering of information.  It wasnt until Spring, 2002, that we were finally able to begin making the information available to the public. 

In July, 2002, a Boy Scout took on some of the data entry as an Eagle Project.  This was a great boon to our project, really got us motivated and was a wonderful experience! 

To supplement this, our friend, Howard Hackett of Cameron, has spent many hours and dollars identifying, locating and photographing cemeteries in the counties which this project attempts to cover.  He has provided driving directions to the cemeteries and has kindly allowed us to use his pictures on our site.

Since beginning our site, weve had wonderful responses from some of you.  Thank you!  Weve also had the opportunity to be of help to some of you, which is very gratifying for us.  Additionally, some of you have contributed more data for us to include.  We hope these experiences will continue.  Our objective is to make as much genealogical data available as possible.  Thanks for your support.  Happy Hunting!

March 22, 2003

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