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Kelly's Directory of Monmouthshire,1901
The proprietors trust that the present Edition of Kelly's Directory of Monmouthshire may be found at least equal in accuracy to the previous ones. Every place in Monmouthshire, and every parish will again be found to be included in the book. The Letters M.O.O. and S.B. are abbreviations adopted by H.M. Post Office to represent Money Order Office and Savings Bank.




CWMBRAN is a large, scattered and growing village in the parish of Llanvihangel-Llantarnam, and contains the two railway stations of Pontnewydd and Cwmbran on the Eastern Valleys section of the Great Western railway; the latter station is 156 miles from London, 4 south from Pontypool and 4 north from Newport; it is in the Southern division of the county, hundred of Usk, petty sessional division of Caerleon, union and county court district of Newport, rural deanery of Newport, archdeaconry of Monmouth, and diocese of Llandaff.

Under the provisions of the "Local Government Act,1894," Cwmbran forms part of the Llantarnam Urban District and is governed by that Council. The Brecon and Monmouthshire canal, on which are four locks, passes through the village; the streets are lighted with gas by a company formed in 1877.

St. Gabriel's, a mission church in connection with the parish church of LlanvihangelLlantarnam, is an iron structure, erected in 1880 at a cost of 500, and has sittings for 400 Persons. The Catholic chapel, erected in 1867, is dedicated to Our Lady of the Angels, and will seat 250 persons, and there are Baptist, three Congregational, Wesleyan and Bible Christian chapels, and Gospel hall and one used by the Salvation Army.

A Police court, and Police station at Llantarnam road were erected in 1898 at a cost of 1,800, and here the petty sessions are held. The Patent Nut and Bolt Company Limited include in their works 20 puddling furnaces, 10 balling furnaces, rolling mills and a very large colliery, giving constant employment to about 2,000 men; Messrs. J. C. Hill & Co. Limited employ about 200 men in the manufacture of wire nails and steel wire and in galvanizing.

Richard Parfitt esq. of Cardiff road, Newport, is lord of the manor. The principal landowners are the Patent Nut and Bolt Company Limited. The soil is clay; subsoil, sandstone. The chief crops are wheat, barley, oats and roots, with some pasture. The area and population are returned with Llanvihangel-Llantarnam. Post, M.O. & T.O., T. M.O., Express Delivery, Parcel Post, S. B. & Annuity & Insuran e office.
William Henry Walters, subpostmaster.
(Railway Suboffice. Letters should have R.S.O. Mon. added). Letters arrive from London & all parts at 7.35 & 10 a.m. & 3 p.m.; sun. 8.45 a.m. callers only; dispatched at 11.30 a.m. & 4.40 & 7.30 p.m.; sun. 3.30 p.m.
Wall Letter Boxes:
Oakfield, cleared at 8.30 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.
Spring street, cleared at 10.30 a.m. & 7.10 p.m.
Tycoch, cleared 6.50 p.m. week days only

For list of magistrates see Caerleon.

Petty sessions held at the Courthouse here on a thursday, monthly 10.30 a.m.

County Police Station, Daniel Stephens, constable

with times of services.

St. Gabriel's Mission Church, Rev. John Alex. Williams B.A. curate; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; thurs. 7.30 a.m. & 7.30 p.m.
Catholic Chapel of Our Lady of the Angels, Post office road; 9 & 11 am. & 6.30 p.m.
Baptist (Siloam), Oakfield, Rev. William Edward Robinson; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m.; thurs. 7.30 p.m.
Bible Christian, Oakfield, 11 a.m. & 6 p.m.; & every alternate tues. 7.30 p.m.
Congregational, Pen-y-Waen, Rev. Albert Whittingham A.T.S.; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m.; wed. 7.30 p.m.
Congregational (Elim), 11 a.m. & 6 p.m.; tues. 7.30 p.m.
Congregational, Tycoch, 2.30 p.m.
Congregational, St. Dialls Road (Bethel), Rev. William Hughes; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.
Wesleyan, St. Dialls road; 11 a.m. & 6 p.m.; tues. & thurs. 7 p.m.
Gospel Hall, Oakfield, 6.30 p.m.
Salvation Army, Llantarnam road, 7 & 11 a.m. & 6 p.m.; daily, 7.30 p.m.


Board (under Llanvihangel-Llantarnam School Board), St. Dialls road, erected in 1874 & enlarged in 1883, for 560 children; average attendance, 183 boys, 182 girls &. 253 infants.
William John James, master; Miss J. K. E. Fairbairn, mistress; Mrs. E. A. James, infants' mistress

Catholic (mixed), built in 1883 & enlarged in 1899, for 250 children; average attendance, 170.
Miss Margaret Carroll, mistress; Miss Bridget Cushing, infants' mistress.


Cwmbran, Thomas Spracklin, station master
Pontnewydd, William Williams, station master

(Names marked * postal address Pontnewydd, Newport.)
Colquhoun Mrs., Pant-y-berllan, Grange road
Diprose, Samuel, Henllis house, Glannant
Hughes Rev. William (Congregational), Emlyn house, Prospect place
Murphy William Edward Cavanagh, M.B. Prospect place
Pilliner Fredk. Woodside house, New rd
Pilliner Mrs. Woodside house, New rd
Rafarel Frederick William J.P. Glencoed cottage
Robinson Rev. William Edward (Baptist), Llantarnam road
Whittingham Rev. Albert (Congregational), Llantarnam road
Williams Rev. John Alex. B.A. (curate of Llantarnam), 3 Clevedon terrace

Andrews Robert, shopkeeper, Oakfield
Baker Stephen Edward Salisbury, beer retailer, Canal side
Bevan Jn. grocer & baker, St. Dial's rd
Bevan John, shopkeeper, Oakfield
Bevan Wm., grocer, Woodsvale road
Blackman Albert, draper, Oakfield
Blackman Mary Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Oakfield
Bond John, grocer, Tycoch
Bond Margaret (Mrs.), grocer & baker, Llantarnam road
Carver Chas. jun., beer retailer, Oakfield
*Clark Elizabeth Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 4 Thomas' row, Grange road
Cocker Henry Smith & James, grocers, bakers & farmers, Post office road, Oakfield
Coles Wm., shopkeeper, Springvale road
Cousins Uriah, farmer, Green meadow
Crawshay Edwin, managing director of J. C. Hill & Co. Ltd. Oakfield.
Cross Walter, draper, Woodside, road
Cwmbran Brick Co. Limited (George W. Williams, manager), brick manufacturers, Llantarnam road.
Cwmbran & Pontnewydd Gas Co. Ltd., (Thomas Herbert White, manager), Woodside road
Cwmbran Subscription Brass Band, (Lewis Edwards, conductor), Malpas street
Dando John, farmer, Oakland
Davies Arthur, shopkeeper, Oakfield
*Davies David, shopkeeper, 12 Grange rd
Davies Henry, haulier, Abbey road
Davies Thos., shopkeeper, Abbey road
Deadman Chas., shopkeeper, Spring Street
Dunn Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 2 Woodland terrace
Evans John, beer retailer, Tycoch
Francis Thomas, farmer, Pentre basket
Gainsworthy John, farmer, Ton mill
Galsworthy Wm., plumber, Oakfield
Gibbins James, Forge Hammer P.H., Spring street
Gibbs James, vitriol manufacturer. Llantarnam road
Harris Thomas, manager, Vitriol Works house, Llantarnam road
Hastings Alfred, farmer, Ty- Gwyne
Baynes Albert Joseph, draper, Post Office road
Hill J. C. & Co. Limited (Edwin Crawshay, managing director), wire nail & steel wire manufacturers & galvanizers, Oakfield
Hedges Patience (Mrs.), draper, St. Dial's road
Hedges Thomas Chas., grocer, Llantarnam road
Hood John, news agent, Abbey road
Howells Adelia (Mrs.), beer retailer, Post office road
Howells Charles, grocer, Post office road
Humphreys David Evan, Halfway House P.H., St. Dial's road
Hunt Sarah Ann (Mrs.), Mill P.H., Glannant
Hutchins Geo., Railway inn, Oakfield
Iles Albert, boot & shoe maker, St. Dial's road & Abbey road
Jackson J. draper, Llantarnam road
Jacobs & Co. clothiers & boot dealers, Abbey road
James Mary Ann (Mrs.), confectioner & hair dresser, Llantarnam road
Jennings Sydney, beer retailer. Oakfield
Jones David, shopkeeper, Oakfield
Jones Edmund, beer retailer, Glannant
Jones John, farmer, St. Dials.
Jones John, farmer, Two Locks farm, Oakfield
Jones Maria (Mrs.), farmer, Glannant
Jones Samuel, farmer, Grangnant farm
Jones Thos., news agent, St. Dial's road
Jones Thos. shopkeeper, St. Dial's road
Jones William, blacksmith, Oakfield
Jones William, butcher, St. Dial's road
Jones William, grocer, Victoria place, Llantarnam road
Jordan Henry, baker, Woodside road
Laughton Michael, manager, Penywain villa
Lewis Ann Jane (Miss), grocer, Two Locks
Lewis Arthur, farmer, New house
Lloyd Thomas F., butcher, Abbey road
Love George, beer retailer, New road
Mabe Leonard, greengrocer, St. Dial's road
McCarthy Daniel, shopkeeper, Oakfield
MeGuire Harriette (Mrs.), Abbey P.H., Abbey road
Matthews Wm. clerk, Llantarnam road
Meredith Bertha Maud (Miss), draper & milliner, St. Dial's road
Morgan Charles, watch maker & jeweller, Victoria place, Llantarnam road
Morgan Chas., hair dresser, Post Office road
Morgan Josiah, clerk, Llantarnam road
Morgan Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper & registrar of births & deaths for Llantarnam sub-district, Newport union, Llantarnam road
Morgan Windsor, clerk, Llantarnam road
Mumford John, farmer, Clomendy farm, St. Dial's road
Murphy William Edward Cavanagh, M. B. & B.Ch.(Dub.), L.M., surgeon, & medical officer of health to Llanfrechfa Upper & Llantarnam Urban District Councils & medical officer & public vaccinator for Llanvihangel-Llantarnam district, Newport union, surgeon to the G.W.R. & certifying factory surgeon, Prospect place
Nicholas Joseph, farmer, Pen-y-waen
Nott John, shopkeeper, 5 Woodland terrace
Osborne Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Abbey road
Parsons &, Co. butchers, St. Dial's road & Grange road
Parsons Thomas, shopkeeper
Oakfield Patent Nut & Bolt Co. Limited (Frederick Rafarel, manager), bolt & nut & iron manufacturers, iron masters, iron founders, colliery owners, fire, brick, retort & coke manufacturers, Cwmbran iron works & Henllis coliieries; London works, Birmingham & West Bromwich; & 66 Cannon st. London EC. Telegraph address "Patent, Newport, Mon"; G.P.O. Telephone No. 38.
Pennymore, Wm. T., grocer & beer retailer, Oakfield
Peterson John, grazier, Ton farm
Phillips Osmond Jas., clerk,Clevedon terrace
Phillips Wm. T., clerk, Prospect place
*Pickman William & Son, farmers, Grange & Mount Pleasant farms
Pickman Philip, shopkeeper,Oakfield
Playsted Daniel, beer retailer. Canal side
Powell Philip, baker & grocer, Woodside road
Powell Wm. beer retailer, Tycoch
Pritchard Jn. Thos., Oakfield inn, Oakfield
Pritchard Jsph., Wheatsheaf inn, Tycoch
Purchase Arthur, boot maker, Llantarnam road
*Quick Mary Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Grange road
Quilford Jas., shopkeeper, Woodside road
Rafarel Frederick, manager to the Patent Nut & Bolt Co. Lim., Cwmbran iron works
Richards John, grazier, Tyn-y-pwll
Rowlands Sydney, grocer & draper, Abbey road
Sadler Arthur, hair dresser, Cwmnant road
Sawtell Robt., beer retailer, Llantarnam road
Shearn Austin, greengrocer & china & glass dealer, St. Dial's road
Shearn James, hair dresser, Oakfield
Simmons Charles William, carpenter, undertaker & general funeral furnisher, St. Dial's road & Cwmnant road
Smith James, apartments, 9 Grange road
Spencer Honoria (Mrs.), draper, Abbey road
Stanley Florence (Miss), confectioner, St. Dial's road
Stanley John, clerk, Victoria villas, Llantarnam road
Stephens Daniel, police constable
Stock Charles, hair dresser, Oakfield
Summers Henry, coffee tavern, Llantarnam road
Thomas Henry, assistant overseer & collector to Llantarnam Urban District Council, Hill view
Thomas James, haulier, Llantarnam road
Thomas John Walter, ironmonger, Llantarnam road
*Thomas Sarah Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 25 Grange road
Thorne George Frederick, grocer & patent medicine vendor, & agent for W. & A. Gilbey Lim., wine & spirit merchants, St. Dial's road
Turberville Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Tycoch
Volunteer Battalion (3rd) South Wales Borderers ('C' Company; Capt. D. M. Graham), Llantarnam road
Wadley Alfred, farmer, Pant-y-glass
Wait John, haulier, Oakfield
Walker Robt., shopkeeper, Woodside rd
Walters Wm. Hy., grocer & post office, Post office road
Wayman Danl., shopkeeper, Post office rd
Williams John B., secretary, Oakfield villas, Canal side
Williams Wm., station master, Railway station
Williams William John, grazier, Little Gelly, Grange road
Willetts George, shopkeeper, Oakfield
Willis Rebecca (Miss), dress maker, 2 The Villas
Wood George, shopkeeper, Abbey road
Woodley H. & Co., butchers, Llantarnam road
Woodside Brick Co., brick makers. Woodside road