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Welcome! to:The Nooner/Nuner Families Research Group.

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New pages will be added to this site soon.

The Nooner/Nuner Families Genealogy Group publish what many family members have gathered so far. This research group is descended from the Nuner/Nooner's of Maryland. We are publishing genealogy on the Nooner/Nuner families here and will add additional pages as we have the opportunity. You may click on any of the links on this page. Please write to me at Email if you have corrections or additions you would like to suggest.

Also please note, the complete family index comprised of many family members' names are pared down to the basic Lineages. The information in our files that is not shown on these pages on individuals, are Notes, and Source Materials from years of research that include: Primary and Secondary Materials from the Early Colonial Colonies in America, to the present

This site in the near future will show our family from The Colony of Maryland. Please check back soon for the Nooner/Nuner Families Group genealogy comprising the Family History dating from about 1720 to the present in the U. S.

Very importantly, if you have family information to share with us. Your information will be very important to our family members. Please include the following information in your message; your name and Email Address, the earliest known ancestors name, and how you fit in the family. It is possible that we may be able to provide you with vital information on earlier generations in your family. Please EMAIL us direct by clicking Here.

If you wish to receive further information, or join our Research Group, please chick Email to write to us. Please give name and Family History so that we may write you.

So please take a look and enjoy yourself. We add new material regularly. For more information on our group check out "Who We Are" at the top of the page.

Family history.


Introduction - to our continued search for family connections..

Daniel McMinn.
By: Debra Garner.

The Search Continues. - News Letters by: LaRee Nooner. A new News Letter Page on the planning table. .

Preston Nuner/Nooner, Sr.
- By: Debra Garner.

Nathan Nuner/Nooner,Sr.
- By: Richard E. Nooner

Cemeteries, and Memorials.
To honor those who have gone before.

- The Nooner/Nuner Families Genealogy Group.


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