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Four Families

This research traces my grandparents' both immediate and extended families from the early 1700's through to the 1930's.


They came to the United States as young families . . . . . . Francesco Ordile, at the age of 24, immigrated from Gesso, Messina, Sicily on September 6, 1898. His destination was Hammonton, NJ where many relatives had already established residence. Francesco was born on July 12, 1874 in Gesso and was the eighth and youngest child of Antonius Ordile and Antonia Pagano. At the time of immigration, he had been married to Caterina DePietro for four months. Caterina was the oldest of the three daughters to Pasquale DePietro and Nataliza Angemi. Caterina was born on May 5, 1870 in Gesso, Messina, Sicily. Their daughter, Antonia Ordile, was born in Gesso on April 10, 1899. Seventeen months later on September 10, 1900, Caterina and Antonia immigrated to the United States to be with their husband and father. In 1904, Caterina's mother, Nataliza, also immigrated to Hammonton, NJ after the death of her husband, Pasquale. By 1904, Caterina's two sisters also settled in Hammonton with their husbands and children. And by 1907, two of Francesco's sisters along with their children also immigrated to Hammonton, NJ to be with their husbands.

They also came to the United States as young adults . . . . . . Calogero Manera immigrated in 1907 at the age of 21 from Castell'Umberto, Messina, Sicily. He was single and traveling with his twenty year old cousin, Antonio Manera. Calogero, born on August 19, 1886, was the sixth of seven children to Salvatore Manera and Maria Crasti Pidarello. Calogero and Antonio were going to Philadelphia, Pa where their cousin Vincenzo Manera was staying. Three years later, in 1910, Calogero's brother, Antonio, also immigrated to the United States while his wife and two children remained in Castell'Umberto. Antonio settled in West Virginia. Not all male family members that entered the United States settled here. While their wives and children remained in Castell'Umberto, the job opportunities in the United States allowed them to find work and remain here for a few years before returning to Sicily.

They came to the United State as children . . . . . . Carolina Biafore, along with her mother and two younger sisters, immigrated to Philadelphia, Pa in 1906 at the age of 9. Carolina was born on July 5, 1896 to Luigi Biafore and Luisa Tarsitano. Luigi Biafore, at the age of 33, first entered the United States from Pietrafitta, Cosenza, Calabria, Italy in 1898 and returned again in 1903. The second time he settled in Philadelphia. Luigi was the first born of ten children to Francesco Biafore and Carolina Cipparrone. In 1894, Luigi Biafore married Luisa Tarsitano, who was born in 1877 to Antonio Tarsitano and Rosa Luise. She was the third child of ten children. By the time Luigi returned to Philadelphia in 1903, the family consisted of three daughters. Their first born son died in infancy. By 1909, two of Luigi Biafore's sisters and two of Luisa Tarsitano's sisters along with one brother also immigrated with their families to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Thomas/Thelma, West Virginia respectively. And in Philadelphia on August 13, 1913, Carolina Biafore would marry Calogero Manera.


Information has been collected on over 2500 individuals. Some of the family surnames are as follows:

From Gesso, Messina, Sicily: Ordile/Ordille, DePietro/DiPietro, Angemi/Ingemi, Pagano, Brancato, Berenato, Tomasello, Campanella, Capilli/Capille/Capella, Vaccarella, Parisi, Pullia, D'Agostino, Celesti, Giacobbe/Jacobs, Olivo, Miamone, Macri, Silicato/Siligato, Bertino.

From Castell'Umberto, Messina, Sicily: Manera, Crasti Pidarello/Pidarello, Triscari, Conti Nibali/Nibali/Conti, Piscitelli, Pruiti Ciarello/Pruiti, Caputo.

From Pietrafitta, Cosenza, Calabria: Biafore, Tarsitano, Cipparrone, Piccolo, Martino, Aquino, Tiganelli, Tancredi, Coscarella, Luise.

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