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Wright Family History


Isabel Louvina Wright married Lovel Stanley on March 19, 1846 near what is now Clintwood, Virginia in Dickenson County. She lived to be 98 years old. ( see their picture on the Stanley Family History page) She died April 6, 1926.

Her own life history was recorded in " Recollections of Southwest Virginia Pioneers" by E. J. Sutherland on June 6, 1923.

In her own words, at age 95

" I was born January 6, 1828, in Yancey County, North Carolina. My parents were Jonathon and Mary Jane Bailey . My parents moved to Virginia when I was about 10 years old. We stopped one year at Guest Station (Coeburn) then moved to the Phipps place below Clintwood (near Dunbar Place). I was married there. Then my husband and I moved to the Noah Sykes place at the mouth of Mill Creek ( now Clinchco). After a few years we moved to the Squirrel Camp. Later, about 1890, we moved to where John G. Kerr now lives."

" I married Lovel Stanley, son of John and Ollie (Baker) Stanley on March 19, 1846, Henry Senter being the preacher. Our children were: Jonathon Wesley, Larkin, Waite, Isabel, Frank and Lovel."

" I have belonged to the Baptist church for forty years or more."

My brothers and sisters were:

Aaron Wright lived ahile at Fremont, and just after the Civil War, he moved to Kentucy, near the Ohio River. He married Ibbie ( Isabel) Deaton, and had the following children: Polly, Vina, Dicie, Louisa, Elizabeth and Stonewall Jackson. Brother Aaron got drowned in the Ohio River just after moving there.

William (Bill) Wright lived at the Ike Viers place awhile, then moved to Morgan Co. Ky, just after the Civil War. He married Caroline Hill and had the following children: Wilburn, Sank, Greenberry, Jane, Jasper, Thomas, Noah, Clearcy and Jackson.

Elizabeth Wright ( Betz) married James Mullins, a son of John andn Ollie Mullins and lived on the head of Brush Creek. No Children.

John B. Wright ( you know all about him, married Nancy Del, daughter of David and Mary ( Colley) Deel and grandaughter of Richard and Crissa Counts Colley.

Thomas Wright lived at different places in this county: then moved to Kentucky; then to Meeker County, Minnesota, where he died. He married first, Mary Jane Arrington Blanchett - no children: married second, Louise Blair Chaney , no children.

Jasper Wright lived most of his life in Meeker Co. Minnesota. He married Betsey Taylor and had one child, Ally.

Waite Wright lived in the Big Bend of the Columbia River in the state of Washington. He married Sally Taylor and had the following children: Dicey Jane, and others whose names I do not remember.Link to photo of Waitzel Wright's grave in Yakima County, Washington

My Grandparents (Bailey)

Billy Bailey and his wife (Elizabeth) , my mother's parents were raised in Ireland. They took a notion to marry and their parents wouldn't let them, so they ran away to America and married here. They settled in North Carolina. "

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