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Census Index - Shores

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Colonial Records - 1810

Shores, Abigail , Rockingham Co., NH, Portsmouth 1810

Shores, Abraham, Bristol co., Mass. 1800

Shores, Abraham, Leitchfield Co., CN, 1800

Shores, Benjamin, Bristol Co., Mass. 1800

Shores, Benjamin, York Co., ME. 1800

Shores, C., Fayette Co., KY., tx 1787

Shores, Charles, Fayette Co., Ky., tx 1788

Shores, Charles, Jessamine Co., Ky, tx 1800

Shores, Daniel, Gloucester Co., NJ, Egg Harbor Twp tx 1802

Shores, David, Burlinton Co., NJ, Chesterfield Twp, 1780

Shores, David, Pittsylvania Co, Va., S 1782

Shores, Edward, Somerset Co., MD, 1800

Shores, Edward, Somerset Co., MD., Monrigh 1810

Shores, Frederick, Cumberland Co., Ky, 1810

Shores, Frederick, Stokes Co., NC., 1800,1810

Shores, Gilbert, Fayette Co., Ky, 1810

Shores, Henry, Surry Co., NC, 1810

Shores, Henry, Allegheny Co., PA, Mifflin Twp, 1810

Shores, Jacob, Gloucester, N.J.Greenwich Twp tx 1777

Shores,Jame, Morris Co., NJ., Randolph Twp,1771, tx 1777,tx 1813, tx 1808, tx1809,tx1811,tx1812

Shores, James, Rockingham Co., NH, Portsmouth Twp, 1776,1790, 1800,1810

Shores, James, Lycoming Co., PA, Ulster Twp, 1810

Shores, James, Bristol Co., Mass, Rehoboth Twp 1810

Shores, James, Sussex Co., De, Cedar Creek Hundred, 1810

Shores,James Jr., Rockingham Co., NH, Portsmouth, 1776

Shores, James Jr., Morris Co., NJ Mendham, 1793

Shores, Jeffers, Gloucester, NJ, Greenwich Twp, Juntx 1791

Shores, Jeffrey, Gloucester Co., NJ, Greenwich Twp, tx 1794,1795,1797,1802,

Shores, Jeffrey, Negro, Gloucester Co., NJ. Greenwich Twp, tx 1791

Shores, Joab, Sommerset Co., MD, Monrigh, 1810

Shores, John, Surry Co., NC , 1790,1810

Shores, John, Rowan Co., NC 1768

Shores, John, Rockingham co., NH, Portsmith, 1790,1800,1810

Shores, John, Bristol, Mass, 1800

Shores, John, Frederick Co., Va., 1810

Shores, John, Gloucester Co., NJ Galloway Twp, tx 1792,Au-Setx1791,17921793,1794,1795,1797

Shores, Jonathon, Washington Co., Penn., 1800

Shores, Jonathon, Bristol Co, Mass,1800

Shores, Jonathon, Bristol Co., Mass, Taunton,1810

Shores, Jonathon, Essex Co., NJ, Newark Twp, FebTx 1779

Shores, Jonathon, Morris Co., NJ, Roxbury , 1793

Shores, Joseph, York Co., ME, 1790

Shores, Joseph, Washington Co., ME, Elliot,1810

Shores, Levin, Somerset Co., MD, Monrigh,1800, 1810

Shores, Levin, Dorchester Co., MD, 1800

Shores, Levy, Surry Co, NC, 1810

Shores, Lucy, Rockingham Co., NH Portsmouth, 1810

Shores, Martain, Morris Co., NJ, Hanover Twp tx1813,1814,1815,1816,1817

Shores, Martin, Morris Co., NJ, Randolph Twp,tx 1808,1809

Shores, Mary, Bristol Co., Mass, Taunton Twn, 1790

Shores, Matty, Montgomery Co., Ky, 1810

Shores, Peter, Rockingham Co., NH, Portsmouth, 1776

Shores, Peter Jr., Rockingham Co., NH Portsmough, 1776

Shores, Pharaoh,,Rockingham Co., NH, 1790

Shores, Planner, Sussex Co., DE, Little Creek Hundred tx 1790

Shores, Rachel,Rockingham Co., NH , Portsmouth 1800,1810

Shores, Reuben, Surry Co., NC. 1771, 1772,1790

Shores, Reuben Jr, Surry Co., NC 1790

Shores, Richard, Baltimore Co, MD 1790

Shores, Richard, Hartford co., MD, 1790

Shores, Richard, Frederick Co., Va., 1810

Shores, Richard, Pittsylvania co., Va. 1782

Shores, Richard, Fayette Co., KY, tx 1789

Shores, Samuel, Burlinton, NJ, Chesterfield Twp, 1780

Shores, Samuel, Maine Colony Co, ME, 1703

Shores, Samuel, Lincoln Co., ME, 1790

Shores, Samuel, York Co., ME, 1800

Shores, Samuel, Morris Co., NJ Hanover Twp, tx 1792

Shores, Samuel, Essex Co., NJ , 1793

Shores, Samuel Jr., York Co., ME 1800

Shores, Sander, Hampshire Co., Va.,1810

Shores, Saul, Somerset Co., MD, 1800

Shores, Simon, Surry Co., NC ,1790

Shores, Solomon, Philadelphia Co., Pa, So. Mulberry, 1810

Shores, Stephen, Washington Co.,ME, Elliot, 1810

Shores, Susannah, Fayette Co, KY, 1810

Shores, Thomas, Frederick Co., Va., 1810

Shores, Thomas, Somerset Co., MD, 1800

Shores, Thomas, Charles Co., MD, Oath of Allegiance, 1778

Shores, Thomas, Jr, Fluvanna Co., Va., 1810

Shores, Thomas , Sr., Fluvanna co., Va. s 1782

Shores, William, Surry Co., NC 1771

Shores, William,Frederick Co., Va., 1810

Shores, William, Strafford Co., NH, Sanbornton, 1810

Shores, William, Ontario Co., NY , 1810

Shores, William, Rockingham Co., NH, Portsmouth 1776

Shores, Zeph, Bristol Co., MA, Rehoboth, 1810

Shores, Zepheniah, Bristol Co., Mass, 1790,1800

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