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The Adkins Family


Oley Ernest Adkins was born April 30, 1909 in Clintwood, Dickenson County, Virginia, the son of Creed F. Adkins and Sylvania Stanley.He graduated from Clintwood High School. In the 1930's , during the Great Depression, he decided to move down to Florida , following in the footsteps of his Uncle Larkin Stanley. He got a job driving the school bus in Lake Co., Fla. and met a young lady named "Billie Shores". He married Mildred Louise Shores on November 12, 1938 in the Shores home on Hwy 19 in Altoona, Fla. He and Billie moved to Daytona Beach, Fla about 1942 and lived there the rest of their life. Oley worked as a milkman during WWII and was spared the draft because of this "essential" job. Later he worked as an insurance agent, warehouse manager, and finally as a Storekeeper at Halifax Hospital, Daytona Beach, Florida from which he retired in 1970. Grandpa loved growing a garden, eating fresh vegetables, reading , watching baseball games and enjoyed his grandchildren.He was a kind and gentle man who always looked for the good in people.

Oley E. Adkins, 1988

Oley and Billie had two daughters, Linda Lee, born 1939 in Eustis, Lake County, Florida and and Patricia Nell, born 1945 in Daytona Beach, Volusia County, Florida. (me)

Billie and Oley Adkins,and daughter Linda, 1944

Creed F. Adkins was born in Wise County, Virginia in 1874. He was the son of Larkin F. Adkins and Sarah Jane Vance. Creed worked in the coal mines and was blind for many years before his death in 1958. He and Sylvania Stanley were married in 1897 in Dickenson County, Virginia.Creed died in 1958 and is buried at Peuther Chapel Cemetery,Caney Ridge,Dickenson Co., Va.

Creed and Vanie had nine children, Sarah Caroline, Ballard, Pearl L. , Velma, Willard, Oley, Clyde, Roland and Golden (twins).

photo of Adkins graves

Larkin F. Adkins was born in Yancey Co.,North Carolina in 1837.. He was the son of Wilson Adkins and Stacia Hill. His family moved to Russell County ( now Dickenson County) Virginia about 1844.He married Sarah Jane Vance , daughter of David Vance and Elizabeth Rose , on the 25 March, 1859 in Wise County, Virginia. Larkin was a Civil War Veteran who apparently was a Union supporter. Family legend says that when asked which side he was on he replied " Well, I felt like I had to stay with the Union. The theory is that Larkin was unvillingly conscripted in the Confederate Army , 7th Battalion, Confederate Calvary. Union Army prisoner of war records: Larkin Adkins Taken POW in Lawrence Co., Ky, took oath on 4/1/64. " The character of a loyal man, did not serve but a short time in the C.S.A. Description: Dark complexion, black hair, black eyes. 5'9". After Sarah Jane's death on June 1, 1891, Larkin married Delilah Wells Bise, the daughter of George and Polly Wells. They were married September 22, 1894. Larkin died February 1933, age 96. His grandson , Sylvan Adkins, remembers that Larkin , in his old age, liked to sleep in the sun. He would take a sheepskin, spread it out on a large flat rock hear the house, lie down, and take a nap. One day toward the end of his life, he lay down on his sheepskin and went to sleep. When he awoke, he couldn't get up, probably the result of a stroke. He was buried near Sarah Jane on his old property on Adkins Ridge, Dickenson Co, Virginia. Larkin and Sarah Jane had at least eleven children. Three or more died young. The others were: Wilson, Elizabeth, John, David, Allen , Mary E., (Stacy E.?) Creed, and Patrick.

Photo of Larkin Adkins

Photo of Patrick Adkins

courtesy of Janet Armentrout , grandaughter of Patrick

Wilson Adkins was born in 1817 , in North Carolina, probably Burke County. He was the son of Henry Adkins and Nancy ?. He married in about 1835 Stacia or Stacy Hill (probably) in Ramseytown, Yancey County, North Carolina. Stacy died October 9, 1880 in Wise County, Virginia. Wilson migrated to Virginia along with his father.Wilson and Stacy's children were: Elizabeth, Larkin F., William Henry Harrison, Olley Parthenia, Nancy,Polly E.,Alexander, Martha J, and John M.

Alexander Adkins

John M Adkins

Henry Adkins was born in 1786 in Franklin County, Virginia according to 1850 Russell County, Virginia Census records. The 1788 taxlist of Franklin Co. Va. lists only a John Atkins. He is the probably the father of Henry, who named his second son John. Link to 1788 tax list.

Henry might have moved to North Carolina as a youngster because he showed up on the Census in North Carolina by 1820. The Burke County , North Carolina records show Henry on several jury lists, etc. He married Nancy? in North Carolina and when she died about 1848 he married Sarah Bowman. Henry and Sarah (Sallie) migrated to Russell Co., Va. before 1850.Henry died in Wise Co., Va. before January 31, 1866. Children of Henry and Nancy Adkins were: William, John, Elizabeth, Delilah, Rickles, Wilson, Alexander, Spencer, and Olivia.

Photo of Rickles Adkins b 1815

Courtesy of descendant Gene Atkins ( Adkins)


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