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Kim and Gale Meyers Kurschner Family History

Hi, we're glad you dropped in. First let us introduce ourselves. My name is Gale Meyers Kurschner and my wonderful husband is Kim Kurschner. One of the most important things we want you to know about us is that we love our family. Not just the five wonderful children and beautiful eleven grandchildren that we have, but those who came before and those that are yet to come. They are our past and our future and both are critical in our own existance.

That being said, due to the ever increasing rise of identity theft, despite my love of genealogy and sharing with those who are in some way connected to our family, I have decided to take down detailed information until I can review it and be assured that nothing is posted that would jeapordize anyones identity in any way.

If you happen to find a name here that fits into your own please drop an e-mail and it will be an honour to welcome your family into ours. As we researched we found love, joys and sorrows, the purity of lost loved infants, faithful, hardworking average folks and of course a skeleton or two. I hope you enjoy meeting them as much as we have finding them. Having said all of that I would like to welcome you to meet our families.

You will find many names here and as we continue our search there will be new ones added. But for now, these are some of the surnames that our journey has taken us to.

We do want to make sure that you understand that not all of the information located here has been verified yet, so please if you find helpful information here for your own family tree be sure to check sources and verify before taking as 100% factual.

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