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The Faithful Steward - stories of the ship and of the shipwreck
Bob Weller's story "The Treasure of Delaware Beach" - Treasure Quest Magazine, May-June 1997
Description of the Faithful Steward
Two articles from the Daily Universal Register of London, 22 November 1785 and 24 November 1785.

The Beach, Mohoba Bank, Delaware, Museums, etc., the link to info about Delaware and Maryland beaches
Dale Clifton's Discover-Sea Shipwreck Museum on Fenwick Island
(an "American Profile" article from the Publishing Group of America's website)
And visit his website
The Coins
The circulation of Irish coinage in pre-Federal America
by Dr. Philip Mossman from The Web of Time, Pages From the American Past website Vol 2, No 4.
Captain Conolly McCausland
The McCausland family genealogy
Other early McCauslands
Streeve Hill, built by Conolly McCausland in 1730

Queries, stories about survivors
The story of John ELLIOT on Indian Hill Historical Society's website
The ESPEY family's story
The family of James LEE
The story of John BROCKET

Photos from Our visit to Coin Beach and Fenwick Island in September, 2002
(check back on Nov 15.)

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