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William Boone Johns and Alice Estelle Lester Johns are my Mothers parents. Some of the surnames in our ancestry are Grimmett, Gentry, Hansberry, Lester, Johns, Vaughan, Major, Hubbard, Kellow, Fields, Barksdale, and Glover. Let me introduce myself. I am Estelle, granddaughter of William Boone Johns and Alice Estelle Lester Johns. I have taken up the challenge of collecting the record of my ancestry. I became interested in doing this about 40 years ago. Unfortunately, my grandmother passed on when I was only 13 and I never had the chance to learn from her. My interest became apparent to me when some very old photographs were found among my grandmothers belongings. My grandmothers brother, Calvin Lester, had made a list of the ancestors as he knew of them. This list of my Lester ancestors along with an old list of Johns ancestors and the research of Kate Hansberry Fox on the Gentry line became my base of knowledge. I have spent many, many days in courthouses and other archives and libraries doing research. I love this old method; it is so much more personal. There is nothing like the feeling you get when you unearth an old document or long lost bit of history concerning your ancestor. This is not to say I don't get a thrill when I now find a missing link on the internet. It is great the way we can connect with long lost cousins and find branches from long ago. There are many websites for you to search if you want more information. I like The Gentry Journal. I think it is a really good site for Gentry. My favorite for Johns is . This is a must if you are interested in Johns. Our Johns cousin, Bob Newsom, runs this site. I am presenting my tree for any who are interested in our dead relatives. The information provided has been gathered from my personal research, that of others and the internet. It is offered to you as a basis for your search. Please let me know if you find errors and provide me with the documentation for proof of what you find or lead me to that proof so that I may correct my entries. I can be reached at While I have made every effort to accurately report information, there is always a possibility that some inaccuracies exist. I hope you will enjoy the photos and learning about your roots. The 1st link below takes you to the Gedcom file uploaded to Rootsweb. The 2nd takes you to my page. The next links are to photos. These URLs must be copied and pasted.

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