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1860 Slave Schedule: Chickasaw District

1895 Maps of Indian Nations


Page 1Slave owners: Smith, Meyer, Joseph Colbert, Dyer, Moncrief,Linney, Jimmey, Samuel Colbert, Tauntubby

Page 2Slave owner: Love,Barhequetubby, Edmond Pickens, Criver, Wilson, Love, Overton, Gilbert, Bi-oni, Simon James Inatoah, James Pearcy

Page 3Slave owners: Selby, Willis, Dickinson, Henry Colbert, Wolfe, McLaughin, Gaines, Kemp, Hawkins


Page 1Slave owners: Gamble, Guy, Coffey, Love, John C. Colbert, B.F. Colbert

Page 2Slave owners: Love, Gess, Eastman, McCoy, Reynolds, Walner, Ben Colbert

Page 3 Slave owners: Kemp, Carter, Carr, Eastman

Page 4Slave owners: Bacon, Alberson, Love, Pratt, Nonubby, Chico, Emohuntubby, Gillra, Greenwood, Robert Colbert


Page 1Slave owners: David Birney, Leader, Winchester Colbert, Frazier, Benjamin Colbert, Miller

Page 2Slave owners: Salina Colbert, Cheikika, Jincy Colbert, Humphrey Colbert, Hamill, Yocubby, Cuehran, Strain


Page 1Slave owners: Cooper, Holmes Colbert, Cheadle, Harris, Tytohin, Wolf, Gaiter, Pickenstubby, Andrew Colbert

Page 2Slave owners: George Colbert, Captain Ned, Tennessee Binum, Robindon, Harlon, Johnson, Priddy, Coeshshe, Chemutta, Pescoctche, Frazier

Page 3Slave owners: Kinarker, Gray Eyes, Wolf, Carter, Love, Mclish, Brooks, Frazier, Latchie, Dyer, Ecochentubby


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