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Indian Home Guard

1st REGIMENT INDIAN HOME GUARD Organized Leroy, Kan., May 22, 1862. Mustered out May 31, 1865.
2nd REGIMENT INDIAN HOME GUARD Organized Big Creek Mustered out May 31, 1865.
3rd REGIMENT INDIAN HOME GUARD Organized Big Creek Mustered out May 31, 1865
4th REGIMENT INDIAN HOME GUARD Organizations started but not completed. Men transferred to other units


Pack William S.    
Packenham     Delila Downing
Page James   Child ElizaJane Eulberg
Pagg Harmon D.    
Pa-Ho-See     Joshua aka Te-Wee
Pallut Reh Wife Reh Mary Pallut  
Pallut Reh Wife Reh Mary Pallut  
Palmer George P. Wife Elizabeth M. Palmer  
Palmer George W. Dora E. Hanley  
Palmer James M    
Palmer Jonathan Wife Mary E. Palmer  
Palmer Jonathan Wife Mary E. Palmer  
Palmer Thomas H.    
Panther ?    
Pappan Henry Wife Lucy Pappan Lucy Clark, Gdn.
Pappan Louis Wife ?? Pappan  
Pappan Otevain Wife Swon Pappan  
Paquin Jnes Wife America E. Paquin  
Paradise Joseph R. Wife Arminda B. Paradise  
Parchmeal John aka John Wadigoo   Susie Wadigor Gdn.
Paris Lemuel    
Park Abraham   Lemuel C. Park, Gdn
Park Parely    
Parker Andrew W. Wife Sallie E. Parker  
Parker Elijah    
Parker James Wife Lily Parker  
Parker John    
Parker John aka John W. Hagan    
Parker William   Rosetta Parker, Gdn. aka James H. Parker, Gdn.
Parks James A. Wife Mary A. H. Parks  
Parks Richardson Wife George A. Parks  
Parks Terrill Wife Jennie Parks  
Parnell Thomas E.   Natlie Heskett, Gdn.
Parney-Lok-Ke Hiller-Be-Hajo    
Parsons John A.    
Partridge William Wife Mary E. Partridge  
Pa-Ta-Ke Johny Wife Se-Los-Ka  
Patrick Hiram    
Patrick Joseph L. Wife Ellen Patrick  
Patterson James M   Jessie Patterson Gdn
Patterson John A. Wife Sallie L. Patterson Child Sallie L. Patterson, next Friend
Patterson Wilson W.    
Patton Joseph Wife Mary Patton  
Patton William S.    
Paul Henry Wife Littie Paul  
Paul, C Bah-Te;   Isaac Jones; Arsiyer
Payne Henry Wife Susan E. Payne  
Payne Louis N. Wife Alta Maria Payne  
Peak William Wife Ethna Peak Ethna Peak, Gdn.
Pearce David G.    
Pearson David    
Pearson Ira B.    
Pearson James Wife Polly A Ford Child Jabitha Jane Fleetwood
Peer Thomas Wife Elizabeth Peer  
Pemberton James K    
Pendergrath Elmer S. W.    
Pennington James    
Pennington Wesley Wife Catharine Pennington  
Penny Marion B.    
Percival Edgar Wife Mary P. Percival  
Perkins William Wife Ella Perkins  
Perkins; Nathaniel Ham Nathaniel    
Perrie Peter    
Perry Abner L. Rebecca H. Perry  
Perry Claburn Wife Mary A. Perry  
Perry Henry Wife Phebia C. Perry  
Perryman Jacob Wife Mollie Perryman  
Perryman John W.    
Perryman Josiah Wife Martha E. Perryman  
Perryman Legus C.    
Perryman Thomas W. Wife Eva L. Perryman  
Peter Pet-Tah aka aka Co-E-Che Wife Lucy Peter  
Peters William Wife Lena Peters  
Petray John N.    
Petro George V. aka George V. Holmes Wife Nancy Petro aka Nancy Helmes  Contest Widow Mary A. Cook
Pettis Robert Wife Beckey Pettis Beckey Pettis
Petty James Wife Sara R Petty  
Petty James F Wife Mary Jane Petty William McLain Gdn
Petty James F. Wife Mary Jane Petty William McLain, Gdn.
Pflug Frederick   Elizabeth Scaggs  Gdn.
Phariss Samuel aka  Samuel Faris Wife Martha M. Phariss  
Pheasant   Wife Lizzie Pheasant  
Phillips M. H.    
Phillips Thomas    
Phillips William R. Wife Ida Phillips  
Phillips Williams T. Wife Celia E. Phillips  
Philpot James M   W J Philpot Gdn
Pickel William H.    
Pickens Manuel Wife Elsie Stephenson Lilley Pickens
Pickering Arthur Wife Josephine E. Pickering J. E. Lukins, Gdn.
Pidcock George T. Wife Mary A. Pidcock  
Pidcock James S    
Pidcock John W.    
Pidgeon John    
Pieratt William Wife Polly Pieratt  
Pierce David    
Pierce Thomas J. Wife Minewa T. Pierce Minerva T. Bartlett, Gdn.
Pierce Washington    
Pierot Herman J. Wife Mary E. Pierot  
Piersall George W.    
Pigeon Drywater- Wife Janey Drywater-Pigeon  
Pigeon William Wife Sallie Pigeon  
Pigeon Woluke    
Pi-He-che     Wak-Ke
Piland James M Wife Athelia E Piland  
Pile George P.    
Pillow George W. Wife Mary E. Pillow  
Pinner David    
Pipkins Virgil A. Wife Mary E. Pipkins  
Pitman George W. Wife Rebecca Pitman  
Pitman James H Wife Matilda Ann Pitman  
Pitts Hiram K. Wife Martha A. Pitts  
Plumlee Montgomry    
Plummer Hiram L.    
Plunkett Allen N. Isabelle Plunkett Isabella Blakely, Gdn.
Plunkett Jesse    
Pochon John    
Poe Nathaniel M.    
Poindexter James W Wife Ida M Butler  
Pollard Edward    
Pomeroy William S.    
Pool Asbury Wife Harriett A. Pool  
Pool Edward    
Pool John W. aka William Pool Wife Nancy A. Williams Nancy Williams Gdn.
Pooler Moses Wife Nannie Pooler  
Poorbear John Wife Fany Poorbear  
Poorboy Eli Wife Tiana Poorboy  
Porter Frederick Wife Lattie Porter  
Porter John    
Pos-Co-Wa Thomas Wife Catherine Pos-Co-Wa  
Post Joseph B. Wife Eliza M. Post  
Pott George Wife Nellie Pott  
Potter Daniel N.    
Potter Jeremiah L. Wife Victoria Potter  
Potter Joseph C. Wife Mary J. Potter  
Potter Peter E. Wife Elizabeth Potter  
Potts Harry    
Powell Ambrose P. Wife Margaret Powell  
Powell Arthur    
Powell Henry L. Wife Mary A. Powell  
Prater Thomas D. Wife Mary E. Prater  
Presley Walter S.    
Presnall Elias Wife Lottie Presnall  
Preston William D. Wife Charlotte J. Preston Charlotte J. Grestter, Gdn.
Prewit Obediah Wife Sarah D. Jarman  
Price Bennie W.    
Price James Wife Nancy B Price  
Price John N. Wife Laura E. Price  
Price Joseph H. Wife Mary E. Price  
Price Moses Wife Peggy Price  
Price Peter    
Price William Wife Malinda J. Price  
Price William H. Wife Caroline Price  
Prichard Andrew J.    
Priddy Neal    
Prince Abe Amanda Prince  
Pritchet Jack Wife Ali C. Pritchet  
Pritchett John Wife Susan C. Pritchett  
Pritchett; Mike Mike Wife Jennie Pritchett  
Proctor Aleck    
Proctor Crawler Wife Nancy Proctor  
Proctor George Lizzie Tah-Lon-Tees-Ky  et al  
Proctor Joseph aka Dale-Ka-Ha-Ge-Joe   Polly Dougherty contest widow Money Daugherty, Gdn
Proctor Peter   Hetty Brady formerly Proctor child
Provost Thomas Wife Julia A. Provost  
Prudehomme Peter   Frank Prudehomme
Pruett James Wife Mary A Pruett  
Pruitt Isaac   Mary A. Pruitt, Gdn.
Pruitt William H. Wife Lucretia C. Pruitt  
Pugh Jed Wife Frances B. Pugh  
Purdy Richard C. Wife Fannie J. Purdy  
Pyle William F.