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Abraham Eddins
and Amanda J Miller

Subj: [EDDINGS] My Ancestry
Date: 11/26/2000 9:53:59 PM Central Standard Time
From: Sue Basham

Hi Bill and the rest of our family from Sue Eddins Basham,

You might remember I wrote asking for help a few months ago.
I needed help with my family tree for my Dad who was turning 90 on November 8th.
Through the soundexes this is what I have at this point:
Abraham Eddins married Amanda J Miller 12-22-1840
William Abraham Eddins married Sarah Catherine
William Clyde Eddins married Rebecca Jane Hinegardner
Fred Albert Eddins ( now 90) married Susan Lucinda Rakes
Fredda Sue Eddins (me) married Ronald Michael Basham
Michael Kevin Basham married Sylvia Mae Goode

Also have more information on other Eddins families in the same soundexes I will send these on a separate email. Hope they will help someone else. I still have not ruled out some of the families as related just do not have anything to confirm it at this time.

Bart Lee Eddings
Shelly Lickert

Robin Eddings 9/03/2011
My parents are:Bart Lee Eddings Jr. ---Born March 11, 1971
Shelly Eddings(maiden LICKERT) ---Born April 23, 1970
I have four siblings
Stephen Eddings
Gregory Eddings
Melissa Lickert
Sarah Eddings
My Mothers Parents
Lorna Lickert ---July 8, 194(something)
James Lickert ---July 22, 194(something)((I think))
My father's Parents
Bart Eddings ---Born I do not know
Judith Eddings((maiden not sure)) ---Born June 18, 19(dont know))

Bruce Eddings
and Sarah Gammon

Subj: [EDDINGS] My Ancestry
Date: 3/24/2001 8:46:00 PM Central Standard Time
From: Lucy Edding
I need help this is all I know:
Me-Charles Eddings
my father-Charles Eddings Sr married-Geneva Cook
my grandfather-Bruce Eddings married Sarah Gammon

Elizabeth Edins (Eddins/Edens)
and Thomas Good(e)

From: Pam Gazlay
Subject: [EDDINGS] My Line
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 05:47:51 -0500

As a new member, I've been asked to post my line. The furtherest back I can go is:
Elizabeth EDINS(EDENS/EDDINS) married Thomas GOOD(E) (both from VA)
and had Elizabeth Mildred GOOD(e) in Ohio in 1829. She married John HENDREN.
Their daughter, Sarah Elizabeth HENDREN married Arthur DEFORD.
Their daughter, Byrde Melissa DEFORD married Charles Miller KISER.
Their daughter, Margaretha Mary KISER married Raymond L. LOWE
and they had me, Pamela LOWE.

George Edward Eddings
and Myrtle Brown Eddings

From: Peggy Hall
Subject: My Ancestry
Date: Wed. Mar. 14, 2001

Grand parents: George Edward Eddings and Myrtle Brown Eddings
Parents: Orien Finley Eddings and Roberta Nash

I am very new at this but wanted to add my ancestors to the list.
My father was Orien Finley Jack Eddings, married to Roberta Nash
Eddings. Born in Logan County, Kentucky. His father was George Edward
Eddings, married to Myrtle Brown Eddings. I don't know my great
grandfather's first name, but know that he was married to a Key.
George Edward and Myrtle Brown Eddings had 7 children - Elmer, George
Freeman, Bess, Mable, Orien Finley, Rose and Maude. I believe that my
grandfather might have come from Tennessee, because he had some family
in Westmoreland, Tennessee. My father always stated there was some
Indian ancestry in the family, but am not sure how this comes in.
If anyone has any information on this branch of the Eddings family, I
would appreciate hearing from you.
Peggy Eddings Hall

Jane Eddings
and George Collins

Subject: Eddings Ancestry
Date: 3/21/2011 2:06:15 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
From: Nadine Kirchner
Reply To: To: Nadine Kirchner
Walter Herman Kirchner (1906 WA - 1982 WA) married Anna Mary Hutchinson (1912 OK – 1984 WA) Herman Kirchner (1875 GER – 1974 WA) married Eugenia Ethelwyn Grubbs (1877 OR – 1957 WA)
John Cloud Grubbs (1836 PA – 1878 OR) married Madelia Nealy (1848 OR – 1916 WA)
Matthew M. Nealy (1816 NY – 1871 OR) married Jane Elizabeth Collins (1832 MO – 1867 OR)
Smith Collins (1804 VA – 1870 OR) married Eliza Emily Wyatt (1812 KY – 1872 OR)
George Collins (c1779 VA – 1845 MO) married Jane Eddings (c1780 VA – 1854 MO)
Anyone else connected to Jane Eddings or to the Eddings-Collins-Nealy-Grubbs line and have more information on Jane’s line?
Thanks! Nadine Posted 3/23/2011

Jehu Middleton

Subj: My Ancestry
Date: 5/12/2001 11:57:24 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Dorothy Flesher

Dear Bill,
This is a wonderful page. I have not connected with the Eddings family, but since there are Middletons in the Eddings family, I will send my line to you. If you would be interested in adding it I will appreciate that, if not I will understand. Thanks. Dorothy Flesher

1. Me: Dorothy May Winter b. Ontario, Canada; m: Harold Flesher
2. Father: William Wesley Winter b. MI, 1902 m. Alice Morrison
3. Grandmother: Bertha Viola Middleton b. OH or KS 1876 m. Hugh Oliver Winter
4. Gr. Grandfather: William R. Middleton b. OH 1842 m: Amanda Wolf
5 Gr. Gr. Grandfather: Joseph Middleton b. OH 1814 m. Lucretia Diamond
6 Gr.Gr.Gr. Grandfather : Jehu Middleton
I appreciate being a member, and am thankful for all your great work


Subject: Re: [EDDINGS-LIST] My Ancestry
Date: 3/29/2011 3:55:45 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
From: Linda Eddings Cockrell
Here’s what I know about my fathers line (eddings) most lived around Carver AR. on the Buffalo River where the river meets Big Creek across the road from Wad Eddings (Warren (Wad) Eddings) Note most are buried at Carver Cemetery on Highway 125 next to Buffalo River. This is from my mother’s memory she is 75 yrs old and I do not have any documentation the information is word of mouth from my dad.
1. (my gg-grandfather) Jobe Eddings married to Mrs. ? Box (Indian Decent)
2. (my g-grandfather) Jim ? Eddings married to Elizabeth (Lizzie) Rhynes of Well’s Creek Ark outside Hasty, AR (rumored to have exchanged farms with a brother on Big Creek, near Piercetown, AR for a farm in or around Boyington OK)
3. (my g-father) Jessie (Jay) Gibbon Eddings married to Edith Lee (Smith-Red Rock AR) Eddings
4. (my dad) Ervin Eddings married to Nedinne Eddings
5. (me) Linda Eddings Cockrell

John Eddings
and Francis Elizabeth Weaver

Subject: Eddings Family
Date: 8/24/2012 5:15:34 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time
From: Robert T. Eddings
In looking at your website yesterday, I looked at all the Eddings families that have been listed with great grandparents, etc. It dawned on me that I have never listed my family. I am listing my ancestors and would appreciate it if you would list it for me .
Here it is.

gggg grandfather -- Dave Weaver (Cherokee- wife not Tooley)
ggg grandparents - John Eddings & Frances Elizabeth Weaver (Cherokee)
gg grandparents -- James Bird Eddings & Mrs. Rhoda Ann West Miller
g grandparents ---- Jesse J. Eddings & Elizabeth E. Snow
grandparents ------ Jesse Joy Eddings & Anna Mae Shoppell
parents ------------- Robert Shoppell Eddings & Helen Audriene Taylor
(Me) ---------------- Robert (Bob) Taylor Eddings & Willodean Alma Drake
Incidently, I was born 10/30/30 in E.St.Louis, Ill. and since 1988 (when I got early retirement) have lived inPaducah, Ky. "Dee" and I have 5 children (1 boy and 4 girls).
Thanks a lot. Bob

Subject: "My Ancestry" Date: 10/23/2011 1:54:33 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
From: Richard Eddings
Reply To: To:
My Father is Glenden B. Eddings,
Grandfather Lindsay J. Eddings,
( Our family tree stops here. But I have contact to a nephew. Waiting on response.)
great Grandfather Newton jasper Eddings,
Great Great Grandfather Richard D. Eddings,
Great Great Great Grandfather John Eddings.
My family:
My mother is Frances L. Crespin, ( born 08/24/1922 Her father was Richard Crespin.( 04/03/1886 died 1969 wife, the former Addie Mead.
One sister Vivian Crespin. My Great grandfather, All we can find out is he lived on a Indian reservation 1863. Richard L. eddings.
Son of Frances Crespin and Glenden B. Eddings
Married Donna Schroeder, 1971 (born 06/30/51) divorced 1979
Son Stephen J. Eddings( born 06/06/1968),
Tammie L. Eddings,(born 08/24/1972.
Julie Marrs. Son Brandon D. Eddings.( born 01/01/1982.
Kathy Gatlin ( born 07/04/1959) Married 07/07/1992.
Son Richard Lee (Cody) Eddings born 06/21/1994) -- Richard Eddings Posted 11/11/2011

Subject: Eddings Ancestry, posted 5/23/2011
Date: 3/27/2011 6:00:23 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
From: Sherry Holeman Graham
Reply To: To:

Hi Bill,
I ran across your website last night and I am fascinated with it. We are distant kin by the way.
My sisters and I have been trying for a very long time to find out if we can get a Cherokee roll number.
I used to listen to my grandma Pansy Elva (Middleton) Wilson tell stories of living for a while on a cherokee reservation. The stories were so interesting. I miss grandma dearly so viewing your sight has been interesting and made me feel close to her again. Please let me know if you think we have a chance to get a cherokee roll number. My sister is struggling with health issues and has no insurance and is a single mom. So it would be most helpful if we could get the information.
Me: Sherry Holeman (Graham)
My Mother: Thayla May Wilson / Married - Billy Dean Graham -
had five children Glenda Sue married Tommy Owen, Janice Fay married Leland Burkett, Joyce Dean married Dale Lantz, Sherry Jean married Randal Holeman, Tommie Nell married John McNeal now divorced.
My Grandma: Pansy Elva Middleton / Married - Finis Alexander Wilson they had 3 children - Thayla May, Priscilla Ruth, Dale Ray
My Great Grandfather - James A. Middleton / Married - " Molly" Mary Copeland (her parents were Burrell Francis Copeland & Lucretia Slocum) James and Molly had 7 children - Edward G, Frances, Jessie, Pansy (My Grandma), Ruby, Sallie, Lillie Oma
My GG Grandfather - Charles C Middleton (Some say his middle name was Cecil or Cephus) Married - Mary Jane Breeze
My GGG Grandfather - William Harris Middleton (His parents were William Middleton and Sarah Jenkins Harris) / Married -
My GGG Grandmother - Nancy Elizabeth Eddings (her parents were John Eddings and Francis Elizabeth Weaver)
My GGGG Grandfather - John Eddings married Francis Elizabeth Weaver (My GGGG Grandma)
(her parents were Dave Weaver and Tooley or Toonie Aquila I think.
My GGGGG Grandfather Dave Weaver.
Posted 5/22/2011

Ancestry, From Guest Book:
Angela Johnson Date: 2011-01-30
Comments: I have been reading about my husband's family. I am Choctaw and was hoping to find information for his Native American heritage. Has anyone ever proven ancestry?
My husband is John Henry Johnson, Jr
and his father was John Henry Johnson, Sr. B: 14 March 1933 Britton, Oklahoma D: 21 April 2001 lived in Delcity, Ok Died in Mwc, Ok
John, Sr. Mother... Lucy Lucille Eddings B: 18 Oct. 1914 Pittsburg, Craig, Ok D: 9 Aug. 1994 Oklahoma City, Ok
Lucy's Father... John Madison Eddings B: abt 1878 Baxter, Arkansas D: 6 Sept. 1950 Britton, Ok
John's father... Josiah W. Eddings B: 3-16-1844 Cannon, Tennessee D: 12-1907 Pryor Creek, Mayes, Ok
Josiah's father... Richard D. Eddings B: 1817 Cherokee, Georgia D: 1896 Baxter, Arkansas
Richard's father and mother: John Eddings B: 2-22-1781 Warren, Tennessee D:1842 Iuka, Marion, Illinois Francis Elizabeth Weaver(Eddings) B: 1784 Western Indian Lands, North Carolina D: 1841 Ripley, Missouri

Subject: Eddings Ancestry
Date: 3/23/2011 7:11:16 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
From: David Lee
Reply To: To:
Hello, Mr. Cook!
My name is David Lee. In recent weeks, my best friend, my Aunt and I have been combing back through our family there's been next to no light shed on our lineage and roots. We were able to find names, and my best friend began to trace them back, and it's come to light that I am a descendant of John Eddings and Elizabeth Weaver myself. As I said on the Facebook group page: During our search, we've uncovered that I've descended from
John Eddings and Elizabeth Weaver
via their son William Caswell Eddings and Edna Moody
via their daughter Elizabeth Eddings and John Conway Jefferson Lee.
via their son Robert David Lee and Louisa Taylor
via their son Robert Nelson Lee and Letha Mary Ladd
via their son Henry David Lee who is my grandfather.
My grandmother was Loraine Vernice Millett (House upon marriage),
and my mother is Anita Lee.
My aunt is Le'Nel Lee, and my uncle is James House.
I hope to hear back from you on this connection and to establish a solid link to our family!
Thank you for your time! David Lee Posted 3/23/2011

Posted: 2/16/2003 From: Alice Payne Weber


Me- Alice Payne Weber
Mother-Hazel Elizabeth Lee m. Howard Arthur Payne
Grandfather- Stover T. Lee m Laura Etta McDaniels
Gr Grandfather- Robert David Lee and Louisa Taylor
Gr Gr Grandfather- John Conway Jefferson Lee and Elizabeth Eddings

(Added by me: William Caswell and Edna (Moody) Eddings)
(Added by me: John And Elizabeth Weaver Eddings)


Posted: 2/16/2003 From: Raymond Reed Eddings

1-Raymond Eddings,
2-Lawrence Eddings,
3-Samual Houston Eddings,
4-Dennis Caswell Eddings,
5-(William?)Caswell Eddings,
6- John Eddings and Elizabeth "Betsy" Weaver.


Posted 10/19/2000 by: Bill Cook

1. Me: William A. "Bill" Cook, Sr. (g-g-g grandson of John Eddings and Francis E. Weaver)
2. Rosa Bell Hancock (dtr of Mary Catherine Hollis and William Rgile Hancock) m: Samuel Wilburn Cook
3. Mary Catherine Hollis (dtr of Easter Paralee Eddings and Robert Jessie Hollis, Jr.)married William Rgile Hancock
4. Easter Paralee Eddings (dtr of Ivan Richard Eddings and Malinda Culp) married Robert Jessie Hollis, Jr.
5. Ivan Richard Eddings (son of John Eddings and Francis E. Weaver) m: Malinda Culp
6. John Eddings and Francis Elizabeth Weaver
7. and my Weavers: Francis Elizabeth Weaver is the daughter of (My Grt Grt Grt Grt-grandparents)Dave Weaver and ?.


Date: 10/19/2000 9:52:41 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Wanda and Carl R. Crabb


Hi! My name is Wanda Crabb and I belong to the Eddings
through Elizabeth Eddings daughter of Caswell Eddings.

Here is my list..
Wanda Jean Nichols M Carl Richard Crabb
Youel Valcie Nichols M Elsie Faye Piercy
Nellie Jane Anderson M Robert Coleman Nichols
Margaret Lucinda Lee M James Anderson
Elizabeth Eddings M John Conway Jefferson Lee
Caswell Eddings M Edna Moody
John Eddings M Frances Elizabeth Weaver
daughter of Dave Weaver


Subject: Re: [EDDINGS-L] My Eddings direct ancestry line
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2000 23:17:17 EDT
From: Cheryl and Mel Long

Here are Mel's Bill


Updated 3/21/2011
Subject: Re: [EDDINGS-LIST] My Ancestry
Date: 3/21/2011 1:05:03 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time
Reply To:
MY husband line is :
1. Dave Wahla'nutah Weaver/Tooley Aqah Lih ?- 4th ggp
2. Francis Elizabeth Weaver/John Eddings-3rc ggp
3. Richard D. Eddings/Elizabeth Melton-gggp
4. Nancy Ann Eddings/David Izah Wood- ggp
5. Julia Ann Wood/ Elias Sherman Kellogg- grandparents
6. Ruth Lillian Kellogg/Selmer Long
7. Melvin Long/ (me) Cheryl Ann Hunterg
Cheryl Long


From: Janice Staples
Subject: Re: [EDDINGS-L] My Eddings direct ancestry line
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2000 23:07:51 -0700

........thats all folks...


From: Lou Propes
Subject: Re: [EDDINGS-L] My Eddings direct ancestry line
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 16:14:54 EDT

Our Family

1. My husband: James L. Propes
2. Father: Barney Pierson Propes Married Dora Della Penner
3. Grandparents: Hiram Casey Propes Married Mary Frances Middleton
4. Gr - Grandparents: Noah James Middleton Married Olive M. Lewis
5. Gr - Gr - Grandparents: William Harris Middleton Married Nancy Eddings
6. Gr- Gr- Gr- Grandparents: John Eddings Married Elizabeth Frances Weaver
7. Gr-Gr-Gr-Gr-Grandparents: Dave Weaver Married Tooley
Lou Propes


From: Dave and Violet Saunders
Subject: [EDDINGS-L] My direct ancestry line
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 14:31:49 -0700

1. Me: Violet L. Manley, Married David M. Saunders.
2. Parent's: Goldie M. Holden, Married Marion C. Manley.
3. Grandparent's: Liza Ellen Schneider, Married William Alvin Holden.
4. Grt. Grandparent's:Bengamin A. Schneider, Married Mary Sernea Lee.
5. Grt. Grt. Grandparents: John Conway Jefferson Lee, Married Elizabeth Eddings.
6. Grt. Grt. Grt. Grandparent's: Caswell Eddings, Married Edna Moody.
7. Grt. Grt. Grt. Grt. Grandparent's: John Eddings, Married Frances Elizabeth Weaver.
8. Grt. Grt. Grt. Grt. Grt. Grandparent's: Dave Weaver, Married Tooley.


From: Edith S. Hill
Subject: [EDDINGS-L] Re:My Eddings direct ancestry line
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 18:18:57 -0500

1. Me: Edith S.Clark(Eddings descendant) m: Hill
2. Mother: Betty Mae Sellers m. Donald Lee Clark
3. Grandmother: Eva Myrtle Jourdan m. Henry Otis Sellers
4. Grt grandfather: John Logan Jourdan m. Lucy Belle Gosney
5. Grt grt grandmother: Sarah Harriet Blackburn m. Joseph J. Jourdan
6. Grt grt grt grandparents: Frances Eddings m. Andrew Thomas Blackburn
7. Grt grt grt grt grandparents: John Eddings m. Elizabeth Weaver
8. Grt grt grt grt grt grandparents: Dave Weaver and Tooley


From: Norma Eddings Hartman
Subject: [EDDINGS-E-MAIL] Eddings
Date: Fri, 5 May 2000 21:29:46 -0500

Hello, I am Norma(Eddings) Hartman married to Linn Hartman
My parents--William Levi Eddings and Viola Liles
Grandparents Edmond Eddings and Dicie Richardson
GreatGrandparents Levi Richard Eddings and Sarah Ellen McCarty
GreatGreatGrandparents Ivan Richard Eddings and Malinda Culp
GreatGreatGreat Grandparents John C. Eddings and Frances Elizabeth Weaver


From: William Lee
Subject: [EDDINGS-E-MAIL] Eddings/Lee
Date: Sat, 6 May 2000 16:47:09 -0800

I am decended from: John C.J. Lee and Elizabeth Eddings Lee through
William C. Lee to S. D. Lee to E.E. Lee then me
Does anyone have the info from A.S. Sturgil files that will help me on
the Earler times of this family Group?

William Lee


From: Rena Grimes
Subject: [EDDINGS-LIST] Eddings Ancestors
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 21:47:47 -0500

Hi, my name is Rena Grimes my direct Eddings ancestors are:

John James Eddings/Frances Elizabeth Weaver
James Bird Eddings/Rhoda Ann West
William Milburn/Minerva Harriet Eddings
John Leander Milburn/Mary Louisa Porter
Stacy Dean Milburn/Morena "Rena" Esther Jones
Stacy Dean Milburn/Wilma Lucille Nichols
Rena Esther Milburn (now Grimes)


From: Virginia Beesley
Subject: [EDDINGS-LIST] My Eddings connection
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 03:28:48 EDT

I do enjoy hearing about how we are all related so here is my connection with the Eddings family. There is still a problem with the spelling of my grandmother's name (whether it is Penina or Penine). Her only living son seems to think it was Penine but so far, I have not been able to confirm that. She disliked it so much that she just went by Nina (both marriage certificate and gravestone).

1. John Eddings and Francis Elizabeth Weaver
2. William Caswell Eddings and Edna Moody
3. Dennis Caswell Eddings and Melvina Weaver
4. Penina Clementine Eddings and Arthur Leroy Stringham
5. Lois Kathryn Stringham and Dwight Elson Goodrow
6. Virginia Eileen Goodrow Beesley(me)
Virginia - near Seattle


From: Cindy Duval
Subject: [EDDINGS-LIST] My eddings connection
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 23:18:31 EDT

Hi everyone! I hope I am posting this correctly.....I have Eddings on both sides from my grandmother, so I am including both sides here. Thanks, Cindy Duvall.

John Eddings------Elizabeth Weaver
Evan Richard Eddings--------Malinda Culp
Andrew Simpson Eddings------Millie Kirkland
Robert Greenwiley Eddings------Martha Ann Eddings
(these 2 are second cousins)
Ethel Viola Eddings---------Claude Harris
Vernon Ray Harris--------Pamalee Sue Clark
Cynthia Diane Harris (me)--------Ronald John Duvall

John Eddings------Elizabeth Weaver
Richard D. Eddings(brother of Evan Richard above)Elizabeth Melton
Josiah Andrew Eddings-----Polly Ann Misor
Martha Ann Eddings----Robert Greenwiley Eddings (same couple as above)
Ethel Viola Eddings--------Claude Harris
Vernon Ray Harris--------Pamalee Sue Clark
Cynthia Diane Harris (me)-----Ronald John Duvall


From: Sharon Forrest Petrie
Subject: [EDDINGS] TWO Eddings' lines
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 17:39:54 EDT

Dear Cousins:

I have two Eddings lines, one paternal and the other maternal.

My Dad's line:
John Eddings m Elizabeth Weaver [sometimes called Frances Elizabeth]
Nancy Elizabeth Eddings m Wm Harrison Middleton
Martha Riley Middleton m John C Eblin
Lydia John Eblin m John Pleasant Lawson
Jacob Parker Lawson m Myrtle Frances Creekmur
Irma Harriet Lawson m Louis Alvin Forrest
Delbert McDonald Forrest m Rose Marie Davis
Sharon Elizabeth Forrest m Wm Steven Petrie

My Mother's line:

William Edens m Rebecca Firth
Abraham Eddins m Catherine Towles
William Eddings m Rebecca Chandler
Isaac Eddings m Sarah unk [poss Starnes]
Ezekiel Eddings m Mary Jane Johnson
Newton Eddings m Mary Jane Harper
Newton Thomas Eddings m Rachel Irene Wallace
Mary Elizabeth Eddings m Rillar Farlandi Davis
Rose Marie Davis m Delbert McDonald Forrest
Sharon Elizabeth Forrest m Wm Steven Petrie

I have enjoyed being on the Eddings list. Thanks for any input you might have on the above lines. I can add dates/places and such for anyone else who is interested further. My parents would not believe me when I told them that I thought they were cousins!! ps John Eddings is thought to be descended from Theophilus Eddins who is son of Wm Edens and Rebecca Firth although this theory is unproven.

Sharon Petrie

(This was excerpted from a much longer e-mail that can be viewed at the Eddings List Archives, Bill Cook)


From:Bob Wright
Subject: [EDDINGS] Eddings line of descent
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 12:53:10 -0400

My husband is a Eddings descendant; This is his line, if you are interested.

John C. Eddings-Frances Elizabeth Weaver.
Jesse W. Eddings-Mary Jane Middleton.
Harriet Lavera Eddings-James Thomas Henry Bell.
Rosa Bell-Benjamin Franklin Faulkenbury.
Harriet Lavera Faulkenbury-Irving Lafayette Chrisco.
Mescal Marrian Chrisco-Robert Lee Wright.
Bob W. Wright-1. Charlotte M. Jones, 2. Julia Ann Farrar.

Sincerely, Julia Ann


Subject: [EDDINGS] Eddings
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 11:19:04 -0400

Hello all,
Here is our Eddings connection:

Dwight C. Eddings b. Feb. 12, 1894 married Opal P. Creek on July 5, 1920. Opal was b. March 20, 1902 and died Sept. 3, 1961.
Opals mother was Zelphia Beard, and Beards are a very large part of our tree. Would there be any chance of someone else researching this branch?
Thank you,

Note, by Bill Cook: Dwight is descended from, James Thomas Eddings, James Bird Eddings, John and Elizabeth Weaver Eddings.


Subj: My Ancestry
Date: 10/22/2000 10:25:08 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Betty Beilman

This list is great! You have done a great job putting it together, and I am very grateful this is my line so far-

John Eddings and Elizabeth Weaver, parents of William Riley,
James Eddings son of William Riley and Bonnie?
James Alfred Eddings, son of James Eddings and Mary Tucker
John Franklin Eddings son of James Alfred and Lela Mae Watkins married Geneva Hallmark in Etowah, AR.
This is my mother and father, my name at birth Betty Joyce Eddings,
I have one sibling Wanda Louise.

My mother {Geneva} died in childbirth when I was 2 years old and my sister was 4 years old, the baby, a boy Franklin Eddings died a few months later. In 1939 my father remarried to Joyce Jeanetta Lawson,There were no children from this marriage. My father was born in Green County, AR. in 1903 and died in 1990.


Subj: My Ancestry
Date: 10/22/2000 11:30:07 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Billy Brimm

Dave Weaver and Tooley
Elizabeth Weaver and John Eddings
Richard D. Eddings and Elizabeth Melton
Martha L. (Zena)Eddings and William C. Brimm
Joseph F. Brimm and Opal E. Gunter
Velorn C. Brimm and Mary E. Lewis
me, Billy Joe Brimm married Vickie L. Trammell
this is my line from dave weaver to me.


Subj: My Ancestry!
Date: 10/22/2000 7:02:20 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Sue Kelemen

I finally figured out "how to get there from here"! I am so excited with your Sunday Surprize! It is so neat to see everyone's ancestry this way! Thank you!

Here's mine:
Me: Susan Kay Paul Kelemen m. Thomas C. Kelemen
Parents: Letha Marie Smith m. Lawrence Paul
Grandparents: Beulah Fonte Powell m. Charles Lee Smith
Gr-Grandparents: Letha Florence Eddings Powell (Flora Leathie) m. Loniel Powell
Gr-Gr Grandparents: Ivan Richard Eddings m. Martha Ann Turner
Gr-Gr-Gr Grandparents: Levi Richard Eddings m. Sarah Ellen McCarty
Gr-Gr-Gr-Gr Grandparents: Ivan Richard Eddings m. Malinda Culp
Gr-Gr-Gr-Gr-Gr Grandparents: John Eddings m. Frances E. Weaver
Gr-Gr-Gr-Gr-Gr-Gr Grandparents: Dave Weaver m. Tooley

I look foward to reading everyone's lineage! Sue


Subj: Eddings decendants
Date: 10/29/2000 11:57:26 AM Central Standard Time
From: Gladys Marie Wahl

Hi Bill Haven't had much time for this lately, but have looked at the new pages and think they are great. I for one can appreciate all of the time envolved with a project of this enormous size.
You have really done a great job.
Is the following what you want to post? Please use anything of mine that you want with my full aproval.
If you can tell me what you want me to send I will sure do it.
Thanks Gladys Wahl in Des Moines, Ia.

Had to transcribe genealogy report due to formatting of page, Bill C.

Direct descendants of John E. Eddings
1. John E. Eddings 1782-1842 m: Francis Elizabeth Weaver
2. Richard D. Eddings 1817-1896 m: Elizabeth Melton 1822-1890
3. Josiah M. Eddings, 1844-1907 m: Polly Ann Miser 1852-1903
4. Viola Dixon Eddings, 1888-1957 m: Murphy Sylvester White, 1878-1950
5. Lillie Ann White, 1909-1996 m: Volda Farley Rogers, 1888-1963
6. Wanda Lou Rogers, 5/30/1931 m: George Willis Wahl b:11/13/1926
7. Johnny Loyal Wahl, 1954 m: Gladys Marie Jensen(Gladys' husband)


Subj:My ancestry for Eddings list webpage
Date:11/04/2000 7:39:48 PM Central Standard Time

(about time, huh?)

Here are BOTH of my Eddings lines:
Great grandmothers line:
John Eddings married Frances Elizabeth Weaver
..Ivan Richard Eddings married Malinda Culp
....Andrew S. Eddings married Millie Kirkland
......Etta Belle Eddings married Owen C. Dennis
........Mary Ellen Dennis married Robert Louis Hollis (first cousins)
..........Mary Bernice Hollis married Henry Reid Netz
............Mary Belle Netz married L.T. Shipley
..............Debbi Shipley Parker

Great grandfathers line:
John Eddings married Frances Elizabeth Weaver
..Ivan Richard Eddings married Malinda Culp
....Easter Paralee Eddings married Jesse Robert Hollis, Jr.
......Robert Louis Hollis married Mary Ellen Dennis (first cousins)
........Mary Bernice Hollis married Henry Reid Netz
..........Mary Belle Netz married L.T. Shipley
............Debbi Shipley Parker


Subj:[EDDINGS] My Ancestry
Date:11/19/2000 12:02:57 PM Central Standard Time
From:John D. Eddings

Ok here is my ancestry if I have it straight,
1. John Eddings Elizabeth Weaver
2. William Riley and Bonnie ? Eddings
3. James H. and Mary Polly Tucker Eddings
4. James Alford and Myrtle Lela Watkin Eddings
5. John Franklin and Geneva Hallmark Eddings
6. Wanda Louise Eddings and Dwane Carlin Huff
7. Frank Huff

John Franklin Eddings was my grandfather

Frank Huff


Subj: [EDDINGS] My Ancestry
Date: 11/27/2000 6:07:35 PM Central Standard Time
From: Melinda Helgemo

My ancestry:

not entirely sure on this. But here goes:

Dave Weaver/Tooley
John Eddings/Francis Weaver
Andrew Blackburn/Frances Eddings
William Foster/Susan Caroline Blackburn
Jefferson Davis Cornett/Della Alice Foster
Robert Cole/Opal Cornett
Robert Kappelman/Sue Cole



Subj: [EDDINGS] My Ancestry
Date: 11/30/2000 2:28:29 PM Central Standard Time
From: Merlin C. Wion

From the partially confirmed information I submit the following for my wife Thelma F. Wion who is disabled.

Thelma F.Ledbetter m. Merlin C. Wion.
My parents:Grace Mae Lee m. Andrew V. Ledbetter.
Grandparents:Robert David Lee m. Louisa Taylor.
Gr. Grandparents:John Conway Jefferson Lee m.Elizabeth Eddings.
Gr-Gr Grandparents:Caswell Eddings m. Edna Moody.
Gr- Gr- Gr Grandparents John Eddings m.Frances Elizabeth Weaver.
Gr-Gr-Gr-Gr Grandparents:Dave Weaver m. Aquillah(?) Tooley.
Merlin C. Wion


Subj: snail mail
Date: 2/11/2001 4:00:34 PM Central Standard Time
From: Barb Beelby

ME- Barbara L. Beelby (Harris)
MY MOM- Luella June (Eddings)Harris
MY DAD George Richard Harris
MY GRANDFATHER- Alford Asberry Eddings
MY GRANDMOTHER- Madia FLorence George
MY GR.GRANDFATHER- Alford Asberry Eddings
MY GR.GRANDMOTHER- Lydia Ann Eddings (Ramsey)
MY GR.GR.GRANDFATHER - William Caswell Eddings
MY GR.GR.GR.GRANDMOTHER- Francis Elisabeth Weaver
Thank you for your time;



Subj: Ancestry
Date: 3/23/2001 6:36:23 PM Central Standard Time
From: June Woods

Me: June (Hambrick-Weever) Woods
Parents: Carl J. Hambrick/Susie Juanita Lorene Piguet
Grandparents: Clement Claude Piguet/Maud Blackburn
GGrandparents: John Wesley Blackburn, Jr./Lulu Payne
GGGrandparents: John Wesley Blackburn, Sr./Sarah Martha Miller
GGGGrandparents: Andrew Thomas Blackburn/Frances Eddings
GGGGGrandparents: John Blackburn/Elsie Roberts
GGGGGrandparents: John Eddings and Frances Elizabeth Weaver (added by me, Bill)
Thanks, Bill, for all your hard work. If anything needs to be changed on
my list, feel free to add/delete. I am never quite sure of what I am
doing when it comes to genealogy. Has anyone ever come up with any
ideas of where John Blackburn b. abt. 1755 came from?


Subj: My Ancestry
Date: 6/23/2001 9:37:20 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Eric G. Eddings

Here is my line:
John Eddings and Elizabeth Weaver
.William Riley Eddings and Bonnie (or Dorcus?)
..Alexander "Tassey" Eddings and Tennessee C. Sullivan
...Isaiah Alexander Eddings and Melissa Jane Heard
....Grover Cleveland Eddings and Phyllis Lofthouse
.....Grover Franklin Eddings and Josefin Kreiner
......Eric Grover Eddings and Julie Saltzgiver

Thanks for posting this Bill, it is helpful to be connected with so many people working on the same line.

I have learned a great deal already!

Eric Eddings


Subj: Eddings' Ancestories
Date: 7/30/2001 8:11:33 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Robert T. "Bob" Eddings
To: WCook14024

Bill. I enjoyed your listing of various Eddings' ancestories.

My Eddings Direct Ancestory Line (Bob Eddings)

Me. Robert T. Eddings, married Willodean Drake King
Parents - Robert S. Eddings m. Helen A. Taylor
grandparents - Jesse Joy Eddings m. Anna M. Shoppell
g grandparents - Jesse Jame Eddings m. Elizabeth (Eliza) Snow
gg grandparents- James Bird Eddings m. Mrs. Rhoda Ann West Miller
ggg grandparents - John James (?) Eddings m. Elizabeth Weaver
gggg grandparents . Dave Weaver and Tooley ; possibly James Eddings
Keep up the good work. Bob


Subj: [EDDINGS LIST] My Ancestry
Date: 8/27/2001 10:02:07 PM Central Daylight Time
From:Howard Buck

Lineage of Howard Lee Buck
Father: Loyd Raymond Buck (age 92)
Grandparents: William Thomas Buck/Mary Ada Alice Eddings
Siblings of Ada Eddings: Martha J (Mattie), Tamsey Arminta Grace, and Ronald Levi
G Grandparents: John Wesley Eddings/Ida Jane Carnes Stewart
GG Grandparents: Levi Richard Eddings/Sarah Ellen McCarty
GGG Grandparents: Ivan Eddings/Malinda Culp
GGGG Grandparents: John Eddings/Frances Elizabeth Weaver
Submitted by Barbara Buck, wife of Howard.


Subj: Eddings
Date: 10/9/2001 4:39:38 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Mary Emmerling

Hi Bill, I finally got the stuff in the mail that I wanted to send
you. It went out today, Let me know when you get it, please. I hope
it will prove useful to others.
I can't get my line on from the library computer, but it is
Dave Weaver,
Elizabeth and John Eddings,
James and Rhoda Eddings,
William and Minerva Milburn,
John and Mary Milburn,
Arthur and Lois Milburn,
me, Mary Milburn Emmerling.
If anyone is looking for info on that line, I have quite a bit and am
willing to share what I have. I just have to do snail mail a lot, as I
am limited time wise and with what we are allowed to do from the
library. Hope this finds you and yours well and safe.
Bye for now. Mary


Date: 1/27/2002 2:37:21 PM Central Standard Time
From: Trudy Snow
To: Bill and Everyone:
My husband's Eddings line:
Elizabeth Eddings and John Conway Jefferson Lee
Joshua Mariday Lee and Elizabeth Wheeler
Robert C. Lee and Minnie Belle Bass
Robert C. Lee(jr) and Gladys Pool
Freda M. Lee and Bruce Edward Snow
Steven Bruce Snow (my husband)
Thanks Trudi Snow

Subj: [EDDINGS LIST] Eddings List,
Date: 2/1/2002 9:18:37 AM Central Standard Time
From: Ed Pellham

Dave Weaver - Tooley
Frances Weaver - John C. Eddings
Richard Eddings - Elizabeth Melton
Geo. Washington Eddings - Martha Jane Taylor
Myrtle Irene Eddings - William Freeman Clark
Millie Clark - Glen Pellham
Edward Pellham - Ethel Stauffer


Subj: Descendants of John Eddings and Francis Elizabeth Weaver
Date: 3/17/2003 6:44:12 PM Central Standard Time

From: John Wesley Touchstone
To: Bill Cook

Starting with me:  1 John Wesley Touchstone,
2 my dad Wesley Minard Touchstone married Delores Terry,
3 my grandparents: John Minard Touchstone married Nancy Bell Eddings ,
4 Gr grandparents: William Jason Eddings married Daisy Mae Williams,
5 Gr Gr Grandparents: John Henry Eddings married Katherine Pidcock/Pincock,
6 GrGrGr Grandparents: William Caswell Eddings married Edna Moody,
7 GrGrGrGr Grandparents: John Eddings married Francis Elizabeth Weaver,
8 GrGRGrGrGr Grandparents: Dave Weaver married Tooley unknown.

Thank u Bill ,John Touchstone


Posted: 7/19/2003

Subj: My Ancestry Date: 7/19/2003

From: Orville D. Stafford To: Bill Cook

Linage for Orville D Stafford

gggggr Dave Weaver and Tooley
ggggr John Eddings and Elizabeth Weaver
gggr Richard D Eddings and Elizabeth Melton
ggr Newton Jasper Eddings and Gertrude C Ross
gr Luther Frank Eddings and Mary Eliza Tripp
mother Elsie Verlene Eddings and William Henry Stafford
Orville D Stafford married Doris Marilyn Johnson


Subj: My Ancestry Sandra Reese Butler

Posted: 2/15/2004

Sandra Jean Reese Butler

I enjoy your site very much and would like to add my part to the Eddings ancestry. Thanks, Sandra

Dave Weaver
Frances Elizabeth Weaver m John Eddings
Caswell Eddings m Edna Moody
Elizabeth Eddings m John Conway Jefferson Lee
Margaret Lucinda Lee m James Anderson
Serena Elizabeth Anderson m James Arden Reese
Ralph Wilburn Reese m Evelyn Sanford
Sandra Jean Reese m Paul Orr Butler


Posted: 2/16/2004 Greta DeGroat

From: Greta de Groat

Hello Bill, I realized that though I'd contributed to the Geneology page, I hadn't sent
anything to the Ancestry of the list member's page.

So here goes: (Greta Gurney DeGroat (added by me, Bill))
Parents: Lenny Mae Thomas (married Howard Joseph Gurney)
Grandparents: Millie Hoffman (married Walter Thomas)
Gr - Grandparents: Martha Jane Eddings (married Augustus Hoffman),
Gr - Gr - Grandparents: Andrew Jackson "Simpson" Eddings (married Millie Kirkland)
Gr- Gr- Gr- Grandparents: Evan Richard Eddings (married Malinda Culp)
Gr- Gr- Gr- Gr- Grandparents: John Eddings (married Elizabeth Frances Weaver)
Gr-Gr-Gr-Gr- Gr- Grandparents: Dave Weaver (married Tooley)

thanks, Greta de Groat


Date: Friday, April 02, 2004 09:13:25

Subject: My "Eddings" Lineage by Carelen Foster McKinney
Wasn't sure where to send this Bill....
Carelen Foster McKinney, currently living in Jenks, OK 2004'. I was raised in Broken Arrow, OK
I am the d\o Paul Leon Foster (b 19 Jan, 1916 OKd 14 Oct, 1988 OK) and
Florence Edna Duvall Buchanan (b 03 Mar, 1922 OK, Living)
s\o Bedford Linn Foster (b 28 Oct, 1877 ILL, d 12 Sept, 1923) and
Delma Sue Jenkins Beatty Carroll (b 08 Feb, 1891 ARK, d 22 April, 1976 CA)
s\o William T. Foster (b 1832 OH, d 1888 ARK),
Susan Caroline Blackburn (b 11 Sept, 1831 TN, d 20 Dec, 1849 OK)
d\o Andrew Thomas Blackburn (b 11 Apr, 1811 TN, d 19 Oct, 1889 ILL) and
Francis F. Eddings (b 11 Aug, 1811 TN, d 10 Mar, 1887 NC)
d\o John Eddings (b 1776 abt NC d 1842 Iuka, Illionis)
Francis Elizabeth Weaver (b 1784, NC d 1841 MO), daughter of Dave Weaver and Tooley
m abt 1804 in Indian Lands, N.C.

Carelen Foster McKinney


From: Dixie Boyer

Date: 6/11/2004

I have been using this site for a while in the research of my Eddings line. I added my great grandfathers name and grandfathers etc. Then I got this e-mail and realized I never did my Eddings line. I guess it is time to rectify that mistake of ignoring a page on the site. Here is my Eddings line:

Dixie Eddings Boyer (me)
Diane Elaine Eddings
William Earl Eddings married Elaine Marie Winner
William Matt Eddings married Alverta Catherine Dunlap
William Columbus Eddings married Margaret Louise Hobbs
Josiah W. Eddings married Polly Ann Miser
Richard Douglas Eddings married Elizabeth Melton
John Eddings married Francis Elizabeth Weaver


From: Nancy Davis
Date: 10/10/2004
Subject: Eddings Ancestry

I have so enjoyed reading about our Eddings family on your web site - here is mine as well:

I am Nancy (McKinley) Davis
Parents - Frankie L. Fry and Kenneth M. McKinley
G. Parents - Lettie Hickman and Lewis Fry
G Grandparents - Emery Orvill Hickman and Kate McCarty
GG Grandpartents - John W. McCarty and Louisa Carlton
GGG Grandparents - Martha Eve Eddings and William W. McCarty
GGGG Grandparents - Ivan Richard Eddings and Malinda Culp
GGGGG Grandparents - John Eddings and Frances E. Weaver
GGGGGG Grandparents - Dave Weaver and Tooley
Dennis and Nancy Davis


Kim Rae Eddings Pippett
Date: 2005-03-27
MyParents were Orie Wilson Eddings, and Jessie Thompson
grandparents - Coleman Wilson Eddings and Gracie Powell
gg Julius Wilson Eddings and Louisa Buckner
ggg Levi Richard Eddings and Sarah McCarty
gggg Evan Richard Eddings
ggggg John Eddings and Elizabeth Weaver


From: Loretta Lanay Lee 5/11/2007

I was so thrilled to find this amazing website. Here is my link to the Eddings/Weavers:

Dave Weaver
John James Eddings/Frances Elizabeth Weaver
James Bird Eddings/Rhoda Ann West
William Milburn/Minerva Harriet Eddings
John Leander Milburn/Mary Louisa Porter
William Samuel Milburn/Ella Van Fossen
Betty Milburn/Gerald Gantt
Delores Alberta Gantt/Michael James Lee Sr.
Me, Loretta Lanay Lee


Dear Bill, 10/03/2009

I have been using your web site to research my Eddings/Lee families. I would like to contribute my lineage to your repository.

John Eddings and Elizabeth Weaver

William Caswell Eddings and Edna Moody

John Conway Jefferson Lee and Elizabeth Eddings

Martin Leader Lee and Nancy Jane Ramsey (PS - Does anyone know anything about Nancy Jane Duncan, Martin's first wife?)

Benjamin Franklin Weaver and Mary Elixabeth Lee

Lowell Weaver and Ura Weaver (Ura is the daughter of Ben and Mary and Lowell is the son of Peter Weaver, Jr)

Carl Weaver and Twila Johns

Don Weaver, Thanks for all the information your site has provided me.


Renee-Sill Johnson 11/29/2010

dear bill. my name is renee sill-johnson.
my fathers name was darrell g. sill.
my gramma is syble a. brimm-sill, ( she will be 91yrs.old, october30,2010).
her parents were thomas a. brimm/ minnie b. newton.
martha l. zena eddings and william c. brimm was her grand-parents.
her grt. grand-parents were elizabeth 'betsey' melton and richard d. eddings.
her grt-grt-grand-parents were john eddings/ frances elizabeth weaver.
her grt-grt-grt-grand-parents were dave weaver/ elizabeth tooley.
i would be honored if i can get an answer back to this e-mail.
thank-you. renee. my e-mail address is;

John Henry Johnson, Jr. Date: 2010-01-25
Posted: 11/29/2010
My ancestors are:
Father: John Henry Johnson, Sr.
G-Mother: Lucy Lucille Eddings
Gr-GrF: John Madison Eddings
Ggr-GrF: Josiah W. Eddings
Gggr-GrF: Richard D. Eddings
Ggggr-GrParents: John/Francis Elizabeth (Weaver) Eddings

Benny Joe Eddings
Date: 2010-01-03
Comments: gggg. John & Francis Elizabeth Eddings
ggg . Ivan Richard & Malinda
gg . Levi Richard & Sarah Ellen McCartey
g . John Westley & Ida Jane Carnes Stewart
f . Levi Ronald & Grandes Angeline Cowen

Subject: [EDDINGS-LIST] My Ancestry
Date: 3/19/2011 7:39:52 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time
From: Rhonda Beth Brown
Reply To:
My Eddings line is:
1. John Eddings m. Francis Elizabeth Weaver
2. William Caswell Eddings m. Edna Moody
3. John Henry Eddings m. Margaret Catherine Pidcock
4. Baker Caswell Eddings m. Delila Elizabeth Stevens
5. Dollie Bell Virginia Eddings m. Jimmie Melton Brown
6. Alfred Brown m. Opal Marie Dennis
7. Rhonda Beth Brown (me)

John Eddens
and Orlinda Mitchell

From: George Davis
Subject: [EDDINGS-LIST] My Missouri EDDENS
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2000 21:09:15 -0500

John EDDENS b 1799 VA or NC m 3 Aug 1815 Fauquier Co VA to Orlinda
MITCHELL, daughter of John MITCHELL and Elizabeth GILLUM.

Children were James Edward m Francis BRANSON
Sarah Ellen m Larkin DAVIS
Charles Boston m Sarah Jane NORTHCUTT
John H m Elizabeth BELT
Louisa Mitchell m Charles RICHARDS
William C m Hulda __ Nancy

The EDDENS family left VA sometime after 1823 and settled in Lincoln Co MO.


Subj: My Ancestry
Date: 10/20/2000 7:23:50 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Sue Eddens

Bill, I (actually my husband) come from the same line as the one George Davis submitted. I would just add that John died in 1844 in Lincoln County MO, and Orlinda (who was from Goochland County, VA) died in 1870 in Warren County, MO.
My husband's family descends from James Edward
to James Henry (b. 1859 d.1915)
to Homer (b. 1886 d. 1960) I would like to hear from any Missouri family with additional information. Particularly any descendents of Charles Boston (Eddings) whose house blew away in a tornado in Warren County in May, 1833. Charles, his wife and children were injured, but not badly.. However, the wife's mother (Mrs. Catherine Northcutt) was blown 150 ft. and die

John Eddins
and Mary Martin

From: Mary Eddins Johnson
Subject: [EDDINGS-L] My direct ancestry line
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 20:10:33 -0500
My Line is like this:
Me - Mary Eddins Johnson
My Father - Robert Franklin Eddins 1908-1990
Grandfather - John Franklin Eddins 1877-1936
Ggrandmother - Sarah Ellen Eddins 1850-1921,(didn't married until after John was born)
GGgrandfather - John Eddins m Mary Martin
AND due to cousins marrying, I am also descended from Sarah Ellen's
brother Joseph Robert 1849-1930 (their children intermarried)
This Eddins family has shown up on the NC/SC border - Anson, NC and
Chesterfield, SC and I can't seem to find info on them before 1850.
John Eddins and Mary Martin also had a son Riley b ca 1842; a son
Jackson b ca 1859
Oral family tradition was the family was 'from Georgia' and that at
least one of the children, Riley went 'back to Georgia, I can't seem to
prove or disprove this.
Any help anywhere out there???

John Eddins and Zilpha
of Lexington, South Carolina

Date: 3/26/2001 12:28:12 AM Central Standard Time
From: Linda Robertson
On the Edins line John and Zilpha Eddins of Lexington Co. S C
James (Allen) Eddins 1793
Blakely A. Edins 1822
Simmin Aaron Edins 1848
Jessie Douglas Edins 1881
Mary Drucilla Edins Harris 1914
(ME)Linda Robertson

John Calvin Eddings
and Martha Jane Scott

From: Mary Linstead
Subject: Re: [EDDINGS-LIST] My Ancestry
Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 00:30:34 EDT
Hi, My name is Mary Lindsted and my Grandmother was an Eddings.
Mary Josephine Eddings. She was also known as Josie.
My line is as follows:
John Calvin Eddings b 5-4-1818 Tenn d 11-18-1897 Okla m Martha Jane Scott b 11-10-1821 Illinois or Missouri d 10-15- 1897, Okla. They were m. About 1840.
Robert Jobe Eddings b 1-14-1856 Ill d 2-16-1936 Ark m 3rd Susan Ellen
Stapp (Elly) b 10-1863 Ark d 9-26-1926 Okla. They were m. March
30, 1905 in Newton Co., Ark.
Mary Josephine Eddings b 4-10-1902 Ark d 7-18-1974 Missouri m Grover
Cleveland Chance b 6-18-1884 Missouri d 12-28-1946 Washington. They
were m. September 28, 1919 Osage, Oklahoma.
As you can see I don't go back very far.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you,Mary


Subj: My Ancestry
Date: 11/04/2000 1:00:55 AM Central Standard Time
From: Faye Reynolds

Hi, My name is Faye Reynolds and I just became a member of the Eddings mailing list last week. I am new to genealogy and have found it very interesting (and time consuming!).

The Eddings are on my mother's side of the family and I haven't been able to go any further back than John Calvin Eddings which doesn't seem to be related to any of the lines of members that I have seen so far.

This is my Eddings line:

Ester Faye Reynolds(me)
Virgie Elizabeth Graves
Martha Jane Eddings
Robert Jobe Eddings
John Calvin Eddings

If anyone has further information on this line I would appreciate any help. I have really enjoyed reading the list so far and look forward to getting to know all of you.

Josephus Eddings

Subject: Eddings family Date: 8/21/2005 1:41:10 P.M. Central Daylight Time

From: Cathy Blakely


Ella Jane Eddings was born in Douglas Co. Mo. in 1881. Ella Jane Eddings was the daughter of Josephus Eddings and Lucinda Williams.

Her parents died when she was young. We think she then moved in with her sister Lydia and her husband Aaron "Newt" Fulton.

Ella had my grandmother Millie Mae out of wedlock in Feb. 1899. We are not sure who Millie's real father is but we believe it was Newt Fulton. Lydia and Newt Fulton divorced and then he lived with Ella Jane the rest of his life. (I say lived together because we have never been able to locate their marriage licence).

Ella and Newt then had the following children:
Ouela in Douglas Co. Mo. in 1902. d. 1980
Hershall in 1906 d. 1984
Jessie (female) in 1908 d. 1979
Nelson in 1911 d 1981
Eulas in 1923 d. 1991

Sometime after 1910 they moved to Oklahoma. Newt died abt. 1936.
Ella lived in Sequoyah Co. Oklahoma although I can't find them on any census records after they left Missouri.
Newt raised Millie as his own child and if he wasn't her father nothing was ever mentioned about it.
Millie married Charlie Hill abt. 1919 and they lived in Sallisaw, Sequoyah Co. Okla. They had 2 children.
Robert Lee Hill b. 1920
Agnes Marie Hill b. 1922

Millie married my Grandfather Henry Weatherby in Johnson Co. Arkansas in 1924.
They had the following children.
Bradley G. Weatherby b. 1925 d. 2004
Rosa Lee Weatherby b. 1927 d. 1929
Freda Fond Weatherby b. 1929
Nadine May Weatherby b. 1930
Willis Ray Weatherby b. 1933
Lloyd D. Weatherby b. 1935 d. 2003 (my father)
Ouela and Hershall Fulton never married.
Jessie married Wilburn Harp and they had a son Roy W. Harp born 1923.
Jessie later married Ernest Carver.
Nelson Ray Fulton married and had 2 children.
Margarete Fulton and Carl Nute Fulton (birthdates unknown)
Eulas Fulton married Eva Louise Rose and they had 4 children.
Doris Jean b 1952
Brenda b. 1955
Hazel b. 1957
Eddie b. 1960

Most all of the Fulton family is buried at the Box Cemetery in Sequoyah Co. Okla.
Exceptions are Nelson Ray Fulton who moved to California and is buried there and my Grandmother
Millie who moved here to Missouri and is buried in Pike Co. Missouri.

Thank you, Cathy Blakely

Meddie Eddings


To: Bill Cook

From: Burl W. Brinson

Burl W. Brinson (myself)

Luna Belle Eddings (my mother, married James Samuel Roscoe Brinson)

Meddie Eddings (born 1882 in Thomas county, GA; died 1957 in Polk county, FL)

This is as far back as I can trace the Eddings. Hope someone can help.

Nehemiah Eddins

From: Kathy Eddins Morris,
Subject: [EDDINGS] Re: My Eddins Ancestors
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 23:56:00 -0400

I certainly hope I'm doing this correctly. Anyway, here goes: I've enjoyed receiving the e-mails, and since you're always saying to post your ancestors as soon as you feel comfortable, I guess I'm just about as comfortable as I'll get.

My line is this:
Nehemiah Eddins, b. 1795 Anson County, NC,
Calvin S. Eddins, born ca: 1834 Anson County, North Carolina,
John Wesley Eddins, b. 1858, Anson County, North Carolina,
Julius Milton Eddins, b. 1888, Chesterfield County, South Carolina,
James Isaac Eddins, b. 1922 Chesterfield County, South Carolina,
Kathy Lynn Eddins Morris (me) b. 1962, and my children
Whitney Caitlin Morris, b. 1993,
Maeghan Kimberly Morris, b. 1994,
and Christian Isaac Morris, b. 2000.

Thanks again for the great postings on the mailing list!

Pleasant Riley Eddins and
Alley Ann Brooks

Subj: [EDDINGS LIST] My Ancestry
Date: 3/28/2002 1:56:58 PM Central Standard Time
From: Juanita Horner

Hi, I am new to this , and just today I found this website which is great.

My ancestory goes:
Me: Juanita Horner
My Father and Mother: James U. Segers married Woodie Elva Brooks b.5/30/1919
Grandfather and Grandmother on my mothers side: Charles Pleasant Brooks married Josiephene Eddins
Gg grandfather and gg grandmother on the Brooks side: Fate Brooks married Lizzie Eddins
Gg grandfather and gg grandmother on the Eddins side: Pleasant Riley Eddins b. 8/6/1831 married Alley Ann Brooks b. 11/14/1835

This is as far as I have gotten. The Brooks line and Eddins line here have intermarriages of cousins. I have not found out who Fate Brooks parents were nor who Lizzie Eddins parents were.

Any help would be appreciated.

Juanita Horner

Richard Eddins

Subj: [EDDINGS LIST] Richard Eddins
Date: 2/7/2002 10:49:54 PM Central Standard Time
From: Priscilla Mimms Nobles
I am trying to fill in the gaps I still have on my ancestors. I'm sure of the following:
Richard Eddins m. ? d. in Pike Co., AL
James Hosea Eddins d. in Santa Rosa Co., FL m. to Rebecca Black
Francis M. Eddins d. in Escambia Co., FL m. Eliza Gaylor
Richard Frank Eddins d. in Escambia Co., FL m. Mary Margaret O'Farrell
Frank Richard Eddins d. In Escambia Co., FL m. Bettie Nolan
Bunia Eddins Mimms d. In Escambia Co., FL. m. Lester Mead Mimms
Priscilla Mimms Nobles m. Joe Earl Nobles
Priscilla Mimms Nobles

Sarah Eddings Casteel

Subj:[EDDINGS] Eddings-Casteel-Grayson-McCarty
Date: 11/18/2000 10:28:58 PM Central Standard Time
From: Elizabeth G. Brett

This is what I have....some of this information is a "maybe" such as Sarah Eddings Casteel's birthplace.

This mentions Catharine McCarty


Descendants of Sarah (Eddings) Casteel

Generation No. 1

1. SARAH (EDDINGS)1 CASTEEL was born October 01, 1794 in East Tennessee ?.

Children of SARAH (EDDINGS) CASTEEL are:
2. i. SAMUEL EDDINGS2 CASTEEL, b. December 05, 1813, East Tennessee; d. April 19, 1885, Meridian, MS (Rose Hill Cemetery).

Generation No. 2

2. SAMUEL EDDINGS2 CASTEEL (SARAH (EDDINGS)1) was born December 05, 1813 in East Tennessee, and died April 19, 1885 in Meridian, MS (Rose Hill Cemetery). He married (1) UNKNOWN. He married (2) MARY A. GRAYSON December 27, 1849, daughter of RALPH GRAYSON and CATHERINE MCCARTY.

Degree: Medical Doctor
Occupation: Owned Pharmacy in Meridian after retirement

Notes for MARY A. GRAYSON:
She may be Samuel's second wife


Generation No. 3


4. i. HOMER4 BRETT, b. Scooba, MS.

Generation No. 4

Children of HOMER BRETT and ONA WELLBORN are:
i. WELLBORN5 BRETT, b. Stillborn.
ii. HOMER BRETT, b. October 07, 1914, Tenerife, Canarias; d. Chevy Chase, MD; m. MARJORIE JEANNE HESS, Quito, Ecuador.

Saville Eddings

From: Kathy Atkinson Hill

To: Bill Cook

Date: 2/12/2004

Ok Bill this is as much as i know bout my Eddings line.. would love to go
futher ,,and i will keep tryin ,,love ya work on the Eddings home page ,,god

me-kathy atkinson hill
father-jessie atkinson
grandfather-charlie atkinson
great grandfather-alexander atkinson
wife-gr,grandmother-susan E, eddings
gr gr grandfather-john h eddings his wife-sarah?
gr,gr,gr,grandfather-saville eddings.

Thomas Eddins
and Margaret Shivall

Subj: [EDDINGS LIST] My Ancestry
Date: 6/13/2001 11:22:05 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Stephen Brooks

Bill: My Eddins line begins in Henry Co, Ky circa 1840 with my ggg granfather. We recently made a trip to Henry Co and there are tons of Eddins in all the area cemetaries.

My ggg grandfather - Thomas Eddins m. Margaret Shivell
My gg grandfather - Austin Eddins m. Susan Lecompte
My g grandmother - Pearl Eddins m. Isaiah Hall
My grandmother - Beulah Hall m. John Kleimeyer
My mother Patricia Kleimeyer m. Joe Brooks

I would like to share info with anyone with Henry Co, Ky Eddins connections.
Great site. Thanks!!

Steve Brooks

Thomas Lovell Eddins


Subject: eddingsemail site
Date: 12/19/2010 8:50:26 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
GwendolynEddins Jones

ggggggrandfather is Thomas Lovell Eddins 1714---
Joseph 1740---
Joseph 1791---
Henry Samuel 1856---
Roy Cecil1895---
and my father Billy Gene 1921-1997
GwendolynEddins Jones

Walker Eddins
and Rhoda Booten

Subj: My Ancestry
Date: 10/26/2000 5:19:59 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Ray and Debbie Jordan

My line starts with Walker Eddins b.1805 in Virginia. He married Rhoda Booton June 4,1833.She was born in 1809.
Their son Dewitt is my gggg grandfather.Dewitt born April 27,1839 in
He married Ann Zirkle Aug.20,1863 in Illinois.
Their son Charles Randolph Eddings b.10/8/1868 married Cordelia E.Wing Sept.18,1890.
Their son William Clinton Eddings b.July 5,1897 married Elizabeth Maude Daniel. She was born 4/3/1899.
They had a son William Eddings Jr.born 9/5/1921.He is my grandfather. He married Wilma Magee b.3/17/1923,d.9/24/1966.
Their son James R.Eddings in my father.

I have some evidence that Walker's parents were Elijah and Ann Eddins of Page Co. Virginia but have not yet confirmed this info.Any other info would be appreciated.

Debbie Jordan

William Eden

Subj: [EDDINGS] Ancestry list
Date: 4/6/2001 10:02:51 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Harold A. Eddins

1. Me: Harold A. Eddins, married Delyne Elizabeth Walker
2. Parents: Eugene R.Eddins, married Melinda C. Allen
3. gparents: John T. Eddins, married Frances (Fanny) White
4. ggparents: Joseph A. Eddins, married Caroline Hooker
5. gggparents: Washington Eddins, married Mary Huff Tillman
6. ggggparents: Benjamin Eddins, married Judith Norris
7. gggggparrents: Theophilus Eddins, married Elizabeth Dawes
8. ggggggparents: William Eddins, married Rebecca Firth
9. gggggggparents: William Eddins, married Rebecca Hawes
10. ggggggggparents: John (Edens) Eddins, married Catherine Layton
11. gggggggggparents: Robert (Edens) Eddins, married Anne Bier
12. ggggggggggparents: John (Edens) Eddins. married Margery Welbury
13. gggggggggggparents: Robert (Edens) Eddins, married Jane Hutton
14. ggggggggggggparents: John (Edens) Eddins, married Elizabeth Lambton
15. gggggggggggggparents: William Eden, married Agnes

William"Rilah" Eddings

From: Selman Eddings
Subject: [EDDINGS-LIST] South Carolina Eddings (Eddins) family
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 16:16:27 -0500

I am new to the list, having just subscribed today!
I am a direct descendant of William "Rilah" (B) Eddins, thru his son Richard, of Chesterfield Co. S.C. I just recently received some printed material from another Eddins descendant and would like to know if someone else is researching this same family. I am looking forward to meeting other "Eddings". I did not know this list existed until today.

My direct line of Eddins and Eddings

(sent in a later e-mail)
William B. Eddins and Nancy___?___
Richard Eddins m: Elizabeth (Wilson?)
F. Jackson Eddings m: Mary Curren
Lewis (Louis) Eddings m: Rachel Whittaker
Isaac William Jackson Eddings m: Mary Ida Kirkindall
Selman D. Eddings m: Irene Hudson
Selman D. Eddings, Jr. ( Me! )

Selman Eddings-Houston, TX

William Eddins II
and Rebecca Firth

From: Mary Anne and Geoff Price
Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2000 21:23:48 -0400

Bill--Updated 10/22/2000

Here is a more current -- and I think more accurate--report on my Eddins line (with thanks to Bob Eddings and information from other Eddins researchers):
William Eddins I (born about 1662, in England, died April 4, 1732, in Spotsylvania County, Virginia) and Rebecca Unknown.

William Eddins II (born about 1688, England or Virginia, died 1754, in Lunenburg County, Virginia) and Rebecca Firth.
Benjamin Eddins (born May 2, 1735, Orange Co., Va., died Dec. 26, 1818, Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama) and Judith Norris.
Joseph Balus Eddins (born Sept. 14, 1777, died Sept. 14, 1839, Tuscaloosa Co., Alabama) and Elizabeth Walker.
Joseph Balus Eddins (born July 13, 1816, Alabama, died July 7, 1884, Tuscaloosa, Alabama) and Clementine Miller.
Sheldon Augustus Eddins (born Nov. 24, 1867, Tuscaloosa, Ala., died April 4, 1958, Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama) and Ella Bishop Blocker.
Annie Laura Eddins (born Tuscaloosa County, Alabama) and John Gordon Johnson.
Mary Anne Johnson Price (me) (born Birmingham, Alabama, now living in Tallahassee, Florida).

Thanks again for your help. I love the webpage, because we can see everything in one place!

Mary Anne


From: Sharon Forrest Petrie
Subject: [EDDINGS] TWO Eddings' lines
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 17:39:54 EDT

(This is posted on both ancetors lines, Bill)

Dear Cousins:

I have two Eddings lines, one paternal and the other maternal.

My Dad's line:
John Eddings m Elizabeth Weaver [sometimes called Frances Elizabeth]
Nancy Elizabeth Eddings m Wm Harrison Middleton
Martha Riley Middleton m John C Eblin
Lydia John Eblin m John Pleasant Lawson
Jacob Parker Lawson m Myrtle Frances Creekmur
Irma Harriet Lawson m Louis Alvin Forrest
Delbert McDonald Forrest m Rose Marie Davis
Sharon Elizabeth Forrest m Wm Steven Petrie

My Mother's line:

William Edens m Rebecca Firth
Abraham Eddins m Catherine Towles
William Eddings m Rebecca Chandler
Isaac Eddings m Sarah unk [poss Starnes]
Ezekiel Eddings m Mary Jane Johnson
Newton Eddings m Mary Jane Harper
Newton Thomas Eddings m Rachel Irene Wallace
Mary Elizabeth Eddings m Rillar Farlandi Davis
Rose Marie Davis m Delbert McDonald Forrest
Sharon Elizabeth Forrest m Wm Steven Petrie

I have enjoyed being on the Eddings list. Thanks for any input you might have on the above lines. I can add dates/places and such for anyone else who is interested further. My parents would not believe me when I told them that I thought they were cousins!! ps John Eddings is thought to be descended from Theophilus Eddins who is son of Wm Edens and Rebecca Firth although this theory is unproven.

Sharon Petrie

(This was excerpted from a much longer e-mail that can be viewed at the Eddings List Archives, Bill Cook)


Subj: My Eddins line
Date: 11/04/2000 5:02:00 PM Central Standard Time
From: Charlotte Sandel Beck

My line of Eddin(g)s

William Eddings and Rebecca Firth
..Abraham Eddings and Catherine Towles
....William Eddins and Rebecca Chandler
......Mary Ann Polly Chandler and Thomas Bay
........Sarah Jackson Bay and Martin Luther Sandel
..........John Luther Sandel and Syrena Brooks
............Lee Harrison Sandel and Connie Thomas
..............Charles Sandel and Ella Frances Hutt
................Charlotte Sandel ( ME ) and Robert Walter Beck

Explanation of this family tree can be found at
William Eddins Genealogy


Subj: eddings--my line
Date: 2/16/2001 10:26:42 AM Central Standard Time
From: Kathryn

Thanks for all the work you are doing for this page

my line descends through Joseph to William Eddings
William Eddins B: abt 1662 in England
William Eddins 2nd B: abt 1688 M: Rebecca Firth
William Eddins 3rd B: abt 1726 M: Anne
Joseph Eddings M: Elizabeth Ann Kirk
Jonathon Eddings B: 1798 in N.C. M: Rebecca Mason in 1820
James Madison Eddings M: Anna Kisire Poynor in 1866 Christian Co., MO.
James Thomas Eddings M: Margaret Catherine Bodenhamer Fetterhoff 1908
Mary Esther Eddings M: Harold Bel 1929--she is living just had her 91st birthday
Katherine C. Bel---me


Subj: [EDDINGS LIST] My Ancestry
Date: 8/13/2001 12:24:53 AM Central Daylight Time
My ancestry: Galen Paton
Flora Mae Eddings-John Paton
James Clark Eddings- Rosa Mae Thompson
Paschal Clue Eddings-Mary Alice Moreland
Gabriel Eddings-Mary Lofton
William Eddings-Martha Yowell
Alexander Eddings b.1746 culpepper co., va
John Eddings,Jr. b.1715 manakintowne,va (wife, Agnes?)
John Eddings- Eddins b. 1690 spotsylvania,va
William Eddins b. spotsylvania,va 1662


From: Jim McClure Lexington, KY.

Date: 3/08/2004

William Eddins and Mary / William Eddins II and Rebecca Firth

Bill, attached is the Eddings geneology I sent you the email about. If you
want to put an email for anyone to query about this geneology they can send
it to me at I have deleted a bunch of census notes
and family stories so it will be only 11 pages. Much more concise than the
original one. I am looking forward to seeing it on the Eddings Website.

Thanks, Jim McClure, Lexington, KY

To View Jims Eddins/Eddings File Click Here

Name: Patricia Adams Guillory Date: 2010-04-07 Posted: 11/29/2010
I'm willing to exchange and compare notes and information..
Patricia Adams Guillory

Subject: Eddings Ancestry
Date: 10/29/2012 7:59:35 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time
From: Ruth Anne Peterson
Reply To: To:
This is my husband's ancestry:
William Eddins married Rebecca Haws
William Eddins married Rebecca Firth
Abraham Eddins married Catherine Towles
Mary Eddins married Samuel Burdine
Richard Burdine married Martha Wilson
(b. 8/6/1773 d. 9/18/1860). (b. 1780 d. 11/10/1861)
Mary Burdine married John Lathem
(at the death of John, Mary moved family from SC to Lathemtown, GA)
Anthony Jackson Lathem married Louisa Meaders
Angie Lula Clementine Lathem married J. Thomas White
Hattie Gertrude White married Roy Milton Green
Ralph Holland Green married Ruth Anne Peterson (me)
(we live in Hoover, AL and have 3 daughters and 8 grandchildren)

Williamson Eddings
and Elizabeth Ingram

Subj: [EDDINGS LIST] Roll Call
Date: 1/28/2002 9:28:15 AM Central Standard Time
From:Sandra Ray Eddings
I'm Sandra Eddings Ray . . . here are my ancestors
Williamson Eddings and Elizabeth Ingram
William Robert Eddings and Elizabeth Watson
Joseph Calvin Eddings and Callie Chandler
Lee Rastus Eddings and Stella Iona Walker
Norman Sydney Eddings and Eva Lee Henson
I am Sandra Eddings Ray

I am really interested in the original 5 Eddings brothers who landed in South Carolina ....
their names and original English origins.

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