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Notes on Dave Weaver by: Bob Eddings

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Notes on Dave Weaver

This site is a part of The Eddings e-mail list Members websites, maintained by Bill Cook has been created to allow our Eddings list members to post documents and photos and any file information that they wish to contribute to our list website.

From: Bob Eddings
Subject: [EDDINGS] Dave Weaver
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2000 20:39:50 EDT

We all have seen old letters, documents, Indian claims, postings in the Mormon Library, postings on this board, etc. A review of such info will show what you find might be true or it might be totally wrong.

A lot of the info on this family came from research done by Arthur Sturgill and it is not all true.. I am sure if he was still researching (he died circa 1980-81), he would have new opinions on some of his old info.

I have reviewed much info on Dave Weaver, read many Cherokee Books, have written to the Chief of the Eastern Cherokee Tribe ( in N.C.) and have concluded several things about him. I will first respond to a couple recent postings, then discuss Dave Weaver.

Regarding Bonnie Eddings, first wife of William Riley Eddings, nothing is known about her or her background other than her name was "Bonnie".

Jenny Burgess/Dave Weaver -- This Jenny was born circa 1869 in Indian Territory. Our Dave Weaver died 12/1837. This Jenny and her family are not related to us.

Dave's Birth and Death -- Dave was born circa 1760, most likely in the hills of western North Carolina. (Arthur Sturgill had said he was born in Georgia), but I am confident Sturgill was wrong. Many of the family have seen Sturgill's info and so family members all say he was born in Georgia. (I think that was not true).

Elizabeth Weaver was born in N.C. per some 1880 census reports of a couple sons. Her's and John's first few kids were said to be born in what is now Graham Co., N.C.

I feel that Dave moved to Georgia during the period 1819-1821. He died 12/1837 at a place called Cold Spring Place, a tributary of the Sharp Mountain Creek, in Cherokee Co., Ga.

When his property was evaluated in 1836 by the US Gov't, in preparation for the Trail of Tears move, Dave's property had 1 and one half acres and was valued at $19. He was about the poorest Cherokee on the list.

Chief Dave Weaver -- We have all seen old letters, etc. saying Dave was a Cherokee Chief. However, after reading many books on the Cherokees, I have never seen him listed as a chief, signing any treaties, etc.

However, he could have been a chief of his small village while he lived in N.C.

By 1800, all important Cherokee meetings, treaties, etc, were done in northern Georgia and chief from outlying districts, such as N.C., almost never attended those meetings because of the travel difficulties involved. Also, those Cherokees in eastern Tenn. and western N.C. were poor, compared to those in Georgia, who were mostly half-breeds.

The name of Dave Weaver -- I have never seen an Indian name for Dave Weaver, Elizabeth Weaver, or any of Daves several sons. I have been trying to find out when and how he and daughter Elizabeth got their Christian names of "Weaver". Most Indians acquired Christian names from white fathers or contacts with missionairies. Per the 1835 Cherokee census ("Roll"), Dave was a full blooded Cherokee, hence no white father. From books I have read, the Cherokees did not allow missionairies into their Nation , until the Morovians at Spring PLace, Ga. in 1801. Since I feel Dave was in N.C. until at least 1819, no missionaires were there until about 1808, which was about 4 years after Elizabeth Weaver married John Eddings. So how did Elizabeth acquire her Christian name before the missionaires got there?

On the 1835 Cherokee Census, Dave was there with a few other family members. I believe this was one of his sons and that sons family. After the Trail of Tears nothing is known of any of the kids., except (perhaps) his youngest son Joseph Weaver.

Dave's Wife -- From early correspondence with family members, Arthur Sturgill mentioned that Daves wife was Tooley. He also mentioned seeing some type of documents from Daves son Joseph, who said his (Joseph's) mother was Tooley.. Lately I have seen mention that Daves wife was Aquah Lih. I dont know where that originated, but I suspect that is not true.

Indian Claims of 1907 -- IN 1906 the Us Govt came up with a million dollars that was owed to Cherokee descendents. In all, there were over 30,000 claims (including roughly 200 from Daves descendents). If the govt ruled all claims were valid, each claimant would get about $30.

Mrs. Wimberlys story about getting $25,000 was obviously a dream on her part. She must have misunderstood what was going on. I am sure many have read her story, which was intersting, though not very accurate. In the long run, all of our claims were rejected and we received no money. The govt rejected them because none of Elizabeth Weaver's sons, grandsons, ever signed on a Cherokee Roll (1851, etc.) saying they were Cherokees, so they were considered as having left the tribe.

Hopefully this narrative will provide some more accurate info on Dave Weaver and perhaps provide food for thought.

Bob Eddings

Weaver Property List

This information was shared with us by Robert T. "Bob" Eddings, a long time Eddings researcher
Bob watches the site files and all of the message boards so he can help ALL Eddings researchers find their families,
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