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Our members are descended from: Eddings, Edins, Eddins, Edens (and variations of surname) related families.

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Please be advised that all of the information contained in these papers on the Weaver/Eddings families is subjective to the knowledge and the memories of the filers and that they can and probably do contain errors.

All of these files contain information on other family members, so don't just check your immediate ancestor or you will miss a lot of information. Names and e-mails of file contributors appear on each page.
Please send any Photos, files, info, or links on your families to:
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The files linked below were contributed by our Eddings list members for the purpose of sharing hard found research and helping all Eddings descendants to find their families, if you have files you would like to share please send them in to Bill Cook.

In alphabetical order by first name!

I am in the process of moving all or most of the file links to this page to cut down on jumping around to find documents! Bill C.

File Name and Link

Date file Listed

Contributor and more info

Aaron Turner Death Certificate 7/26/2002 Lee Carrol and Phyllis McQuilliams
Alabama Weaver Cherokee indian papers: Alexander Weaver files / Alonzo Weaver Files / Charlie Weaver Files / David C. Weaver / Glovina Weaver Papers / Jerome Chastang Files / Lemuel Weaver Files / Leonard Weaver Files 1/17/2005 - 4/01/2007 Billy Brimm
Alabama Weavers: Albert Weaver Registration Card,  Albert Weaver Srs. Cherokee APP-1.- Page 2 Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, Albert Weavers Childrens Page 1, Pg 2, Pg 3, Pg 4, App for Baby Weaver and Joe Weaver Hiram Weaver Registration Card, William Weaver, Jr. Registration Card 1/11/2007 - 4/01/2007 Theresa Franks Vann
Andrew Simpson Eddings, Civil War documents 3/27/2005 Billy Brimm
Andrew Simpson Eddings 1893 Intruders List 9/09/2006 Billy Brimm
Andrew S. Eddings letter In support of Sarah Hollis Slagle 11/02/2000 Billy Brimm
Amanda Dunn enrollment card Daughter Of Joe and Mary Weaver / Amanda Dunn Application / Amanda Dunn pg 2 / Amanda Dunn pg 3 / Amanda Dunn Pg 4 / Amanda's Request for App. / John W. Moten App. (son of Amanda) / John Moten pg 2 / John Moten Pg 3 10/17/2004

Billy Brimm

Amanda's 1896 Claim number and notice / Amanda's 1896 claim / Amanda's 1907 Claim page 1 / Amanda's 1907 claim page 2 / Letter to commission on claim / Amanda's claim number and notice / Support letter, Henry Hinderer and W.L. ? Amanda is a daughter of Jesse W. and Mary Jane Middleton Eddings. She married Jefferson B. Cherry. 11/21/2000 Billy Brimm
Andrew Wilson Eddings and Permelia Humphries Birth records 3/05/2006 Ray Kliesing
Annis Middleton Cherokee Application: Filing notice / Annis application / Support letter from Daniel J. Middleton and James B. Eddings 11/21/2000 Billy Brimm Annis Wolf Middleton is the daughter William Harris and Nancy Elizabeth Eddings Middleton. She married Harrison Mattingly, she married Elihu Smith.
Arthur Middleton's Cherokee application / Arthur's Cherokee Application, pg. 1 / Cherokee Application, pg. 2 / Cherokee Application, pg. 3 / Cherokee Application number 12/04/2000 Billy Brimm Arthur is son of Pleasant J. and Elizabeth (Middleton) Middleton. He married Clara Bell Widdows
Barnabus Brown public auction notice son of Frances J. Blackburn and Zedrick Brown 5/12/2001 Jan Staples
Belva J. Lockwood, addressing the Senate on behalf of the Eastern Cherokees about 1906 Many Eddings descendants named 5/09/2010 Cindy McChristian
Charles A. Middleton, Cherokee applications / Charles Cherokee Application, pg. 1 / Charles application, pg. 2 / Charles application, pg. 3 / Charles rejection notice / Application notice and number / Filing number 12/04/2000 Billy Brimm, Charles is son of George Washington and Parthena (Keele) Middleton. He married Maggie Lebus.
Charles C. Middleton Cherokee Papers / Charles 1896 Application / 1896 reject notice / Charles complete reject notice / Charles Middleton deposition / Letter in support from J.W. Blackburn and Josiah Eddings / Charles 1907 Application. / Rejection Notice 11/06/2000 Billy Brimm, Charles C. is the son of William Harris Middleton and Nancy Elizabeth Eddings. He married Mary Jane Breeze, he married Nancy Jane Daniels.
Civil War Pensions, updated 6/3/2005 now have 74 documents 6/03/2005

Bill Cook

Cherokee Treaty, Feb. 07, 1792-1794 3/24/2003 Cindi McChristian
Dave Weaver and Spouses Family / Card #356 Cherokee Rolls 10/16/2000 Bill Cook, Includes other Eddings Weaver Descendant lists made by descendants
Dave Weaver Sharps Mtn Creek Properties from "Cherokee by Blood" / Dave Weaver research by Bob Eddings
Notes on errors and such during research
/ Dave Weaver / John Eddings personal research notes by Robert T."Bob" Eddings /
8/12/2005 -10/21/2000 - 8/11/2005 - 5/5/2005 - Robert T. Eddings
The Edings Family of Edisto Island S.C.
Shared by Robert T. "Bob" Eddings Long Time Researcher, Cousin, Friend!!
4/06/2011Robert T. "Bob" Eddings
The Edens Family of Marlboro Co. S.C.
Shared by Robert T. "Bob" Eddings Long Time Researcher, Cousin, Friend!!
4/06/2011Robert T. "Bob" Eddings
The Edens Family of Onslow Co, N.C.
Shared by Robert T. "Bob" Eddings Long Time Researcher, Cousin, Friend!!
4/06/2011Robert T. "Bob" Eddings

Weavers Georgia Cherokee Land Lottery 1832

10/18/2004 Cindi McChristian
Weaver-Eddings Claims data Info from "Cherokee By Blood" 10/17/2000 Edith S. Hill.
Drennan Roll 1851 - Weavers 11/17/2007 Billy Brimm
Eddings / Weaver Descendants Dawes Rolls Case Numbers, 3/18/2003 Cindi McChristian
Eddings, Missouri, Soldiers Database, War of 1812 and WWII 3/14/2005 Link submitted by: Billy Brimm
Elizabeth Eddings Lee, application Numbers 10/24/2000 William "Bill" Lee
Elizabeth Eddings Lee Cherokee papers, Elizabeths application page 1 / Elizabeth's application page 2 / Elizabeth's application page 2 / Elizabeth's application rejection 11/10/2000 Carl and Wanda Crabb, Elizabeth is the dtr of William Caswell and Edna (Moody) Eddings. She married John Conway Jefferson Lee
Eliza Blackburn Mayberry Letters and lawsuit. Letter from attorney Belva A. Lockwood to Eliza explaining difficulties with claim Page 2 of letter from attorney Letter answering problems with claims Eliza files lawsuit page 1 Lawsuit page 2 11/05/2000 Billy Brimm. Letters from attorney regarding claims to the Cherokee Indian Commission and a letter to the Dawes Commission from Eliza Blackburn Mayberry, dtr of Andrew Thomas and Francis (Eddings) Blackburn.
Eliza Blackburn Mayberry Lawsuit Appeals, Appeal filed by Eliza and all petitionersFiling notice of Appeal / Citation to Cherokee Nation to appear  /  Eliza's deposition of worth / Bond posted by Eliza on Appeal . 2/11/2001 Billy Brimm
Eliza Blackburn Mayberry Supreme Court battle 72 Pages of court papers 4/17/2001 Billy Brimm
Emma Susan Womack Weaver Rodgers 2/05/2005 Billy Brimm
Emmett E. Middleton Cherokee Applications / Application notice and number / Chrokee Application pg. 1 / Application, pg. 2 / appllication, pg. 3 / Reject notice 11/28/2000 Billy Brimm, Emmett is the son of George Washington and Pathena Sweet Keele Middleton, he married Effie Mae Simmons
Frank Lee and Margaret Anderson Lee Family items4/10/2011Submitted by Lori Lankford
George Mayberry, 1893 Intruders List 9/09/2006 Billy Brimm
Georgia Cherokee Planters, Weaver 1832-1838 2/05/2005 Billy Brimm
Georgia and Cherokee- Senate Valuations of Property-1839 7/31/2005 Billy Brimm
Guion Miller Rolls, "APPLICANTS", not all the people who applied were accepted 11/23/2008 Offsite Webpage Lots of Info
Harriet M. Eddings Milburn childrens app / Filing notice 10/29/2001

Mary Milburn Emmerling

Harriet M. Eddings Milburn, affidavit 10/29/2001 Mary Milburn Emmerling
Harriet M. Eddings Milburn, cherokee application pg. 1 / Pg. 2 / Pg. 3 10/29/2001 Mary Milburn Emmerling
Harvey Mayberry Application /Statement in support from Pleasant Blackburn and Jesse Mayberry / Notary Statement / Rejection Notice 11/16/2000 Billy Brimm
James Andrew Blackburn Application papers 11/17/2000 Billy Brimm
James A. Edding's 1896 Cherokee claim James A.'s enrollment 1896 claim / Application filing notice / Petition notice by John F. Eddings /Application and Petition notice New files added 11/27/2000 James A. Application /Application page 2 / App page 3 / Notice of filing  / Number of file / Supplemental app for minor children / Notice of Supp. App. for minor children / Support letter from W.C. Hinderer and Thomas Fulton" 11/20/2000 Billy Brimm
James Bird EddingsApplication page one / James Application page 2 / Affidavit by James / List of John's descendants to refute error in a Jamison application / Filing notice / Notice of filing 11/19/2000 Billy Brimm
James Andrew Blackburns application page 1 / James' application page 2 / James' application page 3 / Reject Notification / Filing notice and number / Another filing notice = This file has incorrect surname given for Dave Weavers wife! / List of filing numbers / List of related file numbers / More lists of numbers / Notice to check old files on Dave Weaver / Filing notice / Supplemental Application for children / Supplement No. 2 / The following are letters from James Blackburn relating to the dismissal of claims by the descendants of Dave Weaver. James A. is the son of John W. and Sarah (Miller) Blackburn. :Letter to Belva A. Lockwood Letter to Belva A. Lockwood page two / Letter to Guion Miller / Letter on change of address to Guion Miller Oct. 1907 11/05/2000 Billy Brimm
James Thomas Eddings Application Number and front info / Rejection notice and names / Affidavit of Alex Stonecipher / First page of personal information / Second page of personal info / Third page of personal information and appointing Belva Lockwood as attorney / Supplemental App for children 11/12/2002 James T. Eddings
Jefferson B. Berry's application notice and number / Jeffersons application 11/21/2000

Billy Brimm

Jesse W, Eddings Land Patent 3/17/2003 Darlene Brooner
Jim Eddings (Colored) Birth Certificate 6/12/2004

John D. Eddings (not related)

Joe L. Boyle and Olive Gratner wedding invitation 5/12/2001 Carolyn Bennett-Hunter,
Joel Harvey Eddings application / Another application, page one / Another application page two / Petiton title / Filed by John F. Eddings 11/19/2000 Billy Brimm
Joel Harvey Middleton 1840 Marion Co. Census / Joel Harvey Middleton 1850 Marion Co. Census / Joel Harvey Middleton Land Patent 3/17/2003 Cindi McChristian
John Moten son of Amanda Dunn (dtr of Joseph Weaver) 10/17/2004 Billy Brimm
John Cockrum's application page one / page two / page three / Filing notice and number 11/04/2000 Billy Brimm
John and Margaret Lee Anderson Family records 01/07/2001 Wanda and Carl Crabb
John Felix Eddings letter to neice Viola Eddings Reynolds 12/21/2001 Robert T. "Bob" Eddings
John Felix Eddings application, page one / page two / Affidavit with file list / Letter to Chief Mays from John / Support letter from J.A. Phillips and J.M.D. Russell / Letter to commission from John / Title page of application / Filed by John F. Eddings 11/19/2000 Billy Brimm
John L. Milburn Death Certificate 12/08/2002 Mary Milburn Emmerling
John L. Jourdan, cherokee application Includes photos 10/25/2000

Edith S Hill

John Leander Milburn Cherokee App. Pg. 1 / Pg. 2 / App. Notice 10/29/2001 Mary Milburn Emmerling
John M. Eddings Maudie Hodges Documents 2/11/2001 Viola Eddings
John Madison Eddings application notice and number / John's application, page 1 / page 2 / page 3.Includes affidavit of C.D. Jeffers and O.E. Julian / Letter from Guion Miller / View Reject notice / Copy of envelope from Claims Court / John's signature Maudie May Hodge Eddings application for widow insurance Maudie's application pg 2 / Maudie's application pg 3 / Certification of contents of documents 11/08/2000 Billy Brimm
John R. Middleton's application page 1 / page 2 / John Middletons Deposition / Letter in support from J.W. Blackburn & Josiah Eddings /Rejection Notice 11/06/2000 Viola Eddings
John Ross, (Chief) letter supporting Andrew S. Eddings claim This is the second Chief John Ross 4/15/2001 Billy Brimm
Joseph Franklin Brimm and Opal Gunter Marriage license / Joe Brimm social security number application 2/11/2001 Billy Brimm
Joseph Weaver Cherokee Filing Papers Notes / Joseph Weaver, 1900 Indian Census / Amanda Dunn enrollment card Daughter Of Joe and Mary Weaver / Gabe Parker Officer of the Superintendent of the Indian Bureau Affidavit / Joseph Weaver on 1905 Cherokee Census Card / Joseph Weaver papers cover Title page / Joseph Weaver Papers Questionaire File Number Joseph Weaver Page 1 Questionaire / Joseph Weaver Page 2 Questionaire / Joseph Weaver Page 3 Questionaire 10/17/2004 Billy Brimm
Josiah W. Eddings Application page one / page two / page three / Letter to Indian Commission / Application notice and number 11/04/2000 Billy Brimm
Laura Mae (Turner) Wimberley Claim to Weaver inheritance (Mrs. M. E. Wimberly) Newspaper Article 10/16/2000 Bill Cook.
Laura Mae Wimberly copy of article 10/23/2000 Bill Cook.
Madie George Eddings death certificate, wife of Alford Asbury Eddings 5/22/2001 Barbara Beelby
Margaret Lucinda Lee's and James Anderson's marriage,   certificate / James Anderson Death certificate / Margaret Lee Andersons death certificate / Nellie Anderson and Robert C. Nichols marriage license / Youel Nichols (son) death certificate / Margaret Lucinda Eddings Lee Anderson Application, page 1 / page 2 / page 3 / Margarets Reject notice / Margaret Lucinda Lee is a daughter of Elizabeth Eddings and John Conway Jefferson Lee, husband was James Anderson. She is a great granddaughter of John and Elizabeth Weaver Eddings, Bill Cook 10/23/2000 Wanda and Carl Crabb
Margaruite Boyles and Charles Johnson headstone 5/12/2001 Carolyn Bennett-Hunter
Marion C. Middleton's Application Number / 1906 Application, pg. 1 /1906 Application, pg. 2 / 1906 Application, pg. 3 / A file number ?? / Reject notice Marion Columbus Middleton is son of Pleasant Stewart and Elizabeth Middleton Middleton. He married Sarah Delilah Periman. 11/28/2000 Billy Brimm
Marion Jackson Smith affidavit /  pg. 1 / pg. 2 Application notice and number / Application number and signature / Marion's reject notice / Marion is son of Annis Wolf Middleton and Elihu Ayesure Smith. He married Mary Ann Gatewood. 12/04/2000 Billy Brimm
Martha Ann Eddings application page 1 / page 2 / page 3 Statement from father Josiah Eddings / Application number also signed by Robert G. Eddings / Reject notice

Martha is the dtr of Josiah W. and Polly (Miser) Eddings. She married Robert G. Eddings son of Andrew and Millie Kirkland Eddings

11/11/2000 Billy Brimm
Martha E. Eddings McCarty pension application, pg 2 9/25/2008 Denny and Nancy Davis
Martin Leander Lee Death Certificate 5/01/2011 Dina K. Steele
Mary Ann Middleton Morgan's Application notice and number / Cherokee Applciation, pg. 1 / Application pg. 2 / Application, pg. 3 / Mary Ann is daughter of Pleasant Stewart and Elizabeth Middleton Middleton. She married Jospeph D. Morgan. 11/28/2000 Billy Brimm
Mary Walker filing papers 10/17/2004 Billy Brimm
Mary Louisa Sampson Porter Milburn Death Certificate 12/08/2002

Mary Milburn Emmerling

Martha L. "Zena" Eddings Brimm File number and notice / Martha's application / Reject Letter / Reject notice 10/30/2000 Billy Brimm
Martha Middleton Turner, Cherokee papers 11/05/2000 Sharon Forrest Petrie
Mary Jane Eddings (Ross) (Cockrum) Akins Affidavit of enrollment / Mary Janes application / Mary Janes rejection letter / Reject notice / 10/30/2000 Billy Brimm
Mary Jane Middleton Eddings's application page one / page two / Signature on notice / Mary Jane reject notice / Affidavit notice of Joseph Jourdan, William and Andrew Blackburn’s letter / Joseph Jourdan, William and Andrew Blackburn Letter pg 1 / Continuation of letter page 2 / Affidavit notice of James B. Eddings / James B. Eddings support letter / Andrew S. Eddings support letter pg. 1 / Andrew letter pg. 2 / Support letter from J.W. Fyke, (neighbor?) / J.W. Fyke letter, pg. 2 / Mary Jane Middleton Eddings was the wife of Jesse W. Eddings. Mary Jane was the daughter of Joel Harvey and Ruth Ford Middleton 11/19/2000 Billy Brimm
Mary F. Middleton Mattingly Moore Cherokee application pg. 1 / page 2 / Application notice and number / Mary's Reject notice / List of names by Mary / Request by Mary on status of claims Mary F. Mattingly is daughter of Annis Wolf Middleton and Harrison Brazill Mattingly. She married Samuel Franklin Moore. 12/04/2000 Billy Brimm
Mary Walker App / Mary Walker Pg 2 / Mary Walker Pg 3 / Mary Walker Page 4 10/17/2004 Billy Brimm
Mary Weaver Death affidavit / Mary Weaver Census Card 10/17/2004 Billy Brimm
Mullay Roll 1848- Weaver and Old Settler Roll-1851-Weaver  (AQUAH LIH is on this list) 8/04/2007 Billy Brimm
Nancy Jane Middleton Eades Application number / 1906 Cherokee Application, pg. 1 / 1906 Application, pg. 2 / 1906 Application, pg. 3 / Reject notice / Nancy Jane Middleton is daughter of Pleasant Stewart and Elizabeth Middleton Middleton. She married Henry D. Eades. 11/28/2000 Billy Brimm
New Echota Treaty of 1835 link5/23/2011Cheryl Long
Newton J. Eddings application notice / Newton Affidavit / Newtons application page one / page two / Petition Notice by John F. Eddings / Application Notice / New files added 11/25/2000 / Newton 1907 claim, page 1 / Newton 1907 claim, page 2 / Newton 1907 claim, page 3 / Newton claim number / Newton reject notice, 1907 claim / Newton is son of Jesse W. and Mary Jane Middleton Eddings. He married Deliah Elizabeth Bell 10/30/2000 Billy Brimm
Newton Jasper Eddings application page 1 / page 2 / Letter regarding family relation / Notice of filing / Newton Jasper Eddings is son of Richard D. Eddings and Elizabeth Melton. 11/25/2000 Billy Brimm
Rhoda Ann West Eddings Death Certificate 12/08/2002

Please let me know I lost this for a while

Richard Eddings Cannon Co. TN Deed 8/01/2002 Viola Eddings
Richard and Isabella Boyne Ramsey marriage Certificate 5/21/2001 Barbara Beelby
Richard D. Eddings Letters
In support of Sarah Hollis Slagle
11/02/2000 Billy Brimm
Robert G. Edding application page 1 / Roberts application page 2 / Robert's application page 3 / Application Number / Reject notice / Robert is the son of Andrew S. and Millie (Kirkland) Eddings. He married Martha Ann Eddings, daughter of Josiah W. and Polly (Miser) Eddings 11/11/2000 Billy Brimm
Ruth Elizabeth Eddings Knight Cherokee Applications 10/30/2005 Billy Brimm
Ruth Middleton Cherokee application 12/04/2000 Billy Brimm
Sam' R. Ross's application notice and number / Sam's application, page 1 / The "Matt" Brimm listed on page 2 is actually Martha L. Eddings / Brimm, according to Billy Brimm / Sam's application page 2 / Sams application rejection, Samuel R. Ross is the son of Mary Jane Eddings and George W. Ross, Sr. He is also half brother to John A. Cockrum, Jr. 11/04/2000 Billy Brimm
Sarah Harriett Blackurn Jourdan's Application / Francis Brown statement / Andrew S. Eddings Letter / John W. Blackburn Letter / Richard D. Eddings Letter / Rejection Letter / Rejection Notice / Sarah is daughter of Andrew Thomas and Frances (Eddings) Blackburn. She married James Joseph Jordan 11/14/2000 Billy Brimm
The following papers were filed by Sarah Louise Hollis (Slagle) Sturdy to the Dawes Commission. Sarah Louise Hollis is the daughter of Easter Paralee Eddings and Robert Jessie Hollis, Jr. (who happen to be my grt grandparents). Bill Cook Sarah Louise Hollis Sturdy Filing number and date / Notice of non-sufficient proof / Sarah's Application / Letter to Dawes commission / Letter from Andrew S. Eddings in support of claim / Letter from Richard D. Eddings in support of claim / R.D. Eddings letter in support of Sarah page 1 / R.D. Eddings letter page 2 / R.D. Eddings letter page 3 11/02/2000 Billy Brimm
Sarah Jane Foster Owens Cherokee Application 1/23/2005 Billy Brimm
Stella Walker Eddings, wife of Lee R. Eddings, Bible Page 8/01/2002 Sandra Ray Eddings
Susan Caroline Blackburn Foster Papers 3/12/2005 Carelen Foster McKinney
Thomas Middleton Land Record 3/18/2003 Cindi McChristian
Viola Eddings White's Cherokee application notice and number / Viola's Application page 1 / Viola's application page 2. / Rejection Notification / Violas file number and signature / Viola is daughter of Josiah W. and Polly (Miser) Eddings She married Murphy Sylvester White. 11/08/2000 Billy Brimm
Wesley Sylvester Eddings' application / Affidavit by Wesley / Filing information / Satement on Elizabeth Eddings / 1907 claim notice / 1907 Application page 1 / 1907 claim page 2 / 1907 claim page 3 / Supplemental app. for Minor children  / Reject Notice of 1907 claim / Affidavit from John F. Eddings and J.S. Jones. Wesley is son of Jesse W. and Mary Jane Middleton Eddings. He married Mary Jane Bell. 11/20/2000 Billy Brimm
William F. Boyle, Milenda Bryant marriage certificate 5/12/2001 Carolyn Bennett-Hunter
William Eddin(g)s Pension Application 10/16/2000 Charlotte Sandel Beck
William Frank Boyle death certificate 5/12/2001 Carolyn Bennett-Hunter,
William Eddins (ca. 1757-1822) Article by Robert T. Eddings For the Chesterfield Chronicle, Fall-2001, [Page one] [Page two][Page three] 1/28/2002 Robert T. Eddings
William R. Eddings 1896 application notice / William R.'s 1896 Claim, pg. 1 / William R.'s 1896 claim, pg. 2 / William R.'s 1896 claim statement / 1896 filing Application notice / Williams 1907 claim notice and number / William R.'s 1907 claim, pg. 1 William R.'s 1907 claim, pg. 2 / William R.'s 1907 claim, pg. 3 Letter to Guion Miller on claim / Letter on claim to commissioners, / William R. supplemental application for minor children Notice / William R. supplemental application pg. 2 Support letter from Geo. Cox and D.C. Stevenson 11/20/2000 Billy Brimm
William Middleton and Elizabeth Landman Bible | pg2 | pg3 | pg4 | pg5 |pg6 | pg7 | pg 8 | pg 9 | Deaths-pg1 | pg2 | pg3 | marriages-1| marriages2 6/11/2003 Cindi McChristian
William S. Milburn Death Certificate 12/08/2002

Mary Milburn Emmerling

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