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Draft Cards of Eddings Descendants

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View the guestbook, you will
see that the info put here is helping folks and is appreciated!!

Please sign the guestbook if
you are an Eddings, (or variant) descendant and let us know who you and your ancestors are!

This is a Genealogy site.

This site is the Homepage of The Eddings e-mail list Members, maintained by Bill Cook has been created to allow our Eddings list members to post documents and photos and any file information that they wish to contribute to our list website. We are asking ALL MEMBERS to please participate with this site to keep it new and interesting. So:
Please send any Photos, files, info, or links on your families to:
Bill Cook.
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Date uploaded

Bedford Leon Foster

Carelen Foster McKinney


Joseph Franklin Brimm

Billy Brimm


John Childress Brimm

Billy Brimm


Thomas Brimm

Billy Brimm


William Brimm

Billy Brimm


send these to:
Bill Cook, List administrator

Send any files or copy of wills, obituaries, land records, birth certificates, Photos, Reunion notices, Etc; ?
Whatever you want on our website to:
Bill Cook.
(If you are not able to send files to me by computer, send me an e-mail and I will give you my snail mail address)

You may send your ancestry to the Eddings E-mail List as long as it is not an attached file,
type it out or copy and paste into e-mail. Or you can send attached files to me at
Bill Cook, List administrator

But please send a list of your Eddings, Eddins, Edens etc; ancestry so we know who you are related to!!

If you wish to type out faint records by hand that is fine, try and be accurate and keep them as authentic as possible, (mis)spelling and all. You can send the typed records to: Eddings E-mail List
or to me
Bill Cook, List administrator

All submitters will receive credit for their submission to be posted.

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Bill Cook descendant of John and Elizabeth Weaver Eddings
Eddings list administrator

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