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Eddings List Members
Military Documents

Our members are descended from: Eddings, Edins, Eddins, Edens (and variations of surname) related families.

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This is a Genealogy site.

This site is the Homepage of The Eddings e-mail list Members, maintained by Bill Cook has been created to allow our Eddings list members to post documents and photos and any file information that they wish to contribute to our list website. We are asking ALL MEMBERS to please participate with this site to keep it new and interesting. So:
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Alexander Edens

Allen F. Eddings

Andrew Simpson Eddings

Andrew Edens

Benjamin Edens

Benjamin F. Eddins

Charley C. Eddings

Claburn Eddings

Clarence B. Edens

Clarkson Edens, Jr.

Clalrkson Edens, Sr.

Daniel Edens

EDDINGS, DENIS Pvt - Enl 1 Jun 1862 in Sevier Co, AR. Deserted 1 Nov 1863 and captured at Bridgeport, AL 9 Nov 1863. Took oath and was released to stay north of the Ohio River.

Enoch Edens

Ezekiel Edens

Francis M. Eddings

Frank Eddings

Frank Edens

EDDINGS, G. --Captured 11 Jan 1863 at Arkansas Post, AR.

George Edens

George R. Eddins

Henry Eddins

Henry M. Eddings

Henry W. Edens

EDDINGS, ISAAC Pvt - Enl 1 Jun 1862 in Sevier Co, AR. Captured 11 Jan 1863 at Arkansas Post, AR and sent to Mp at Camp Douglas, IL. Died of dysentery 3 Mar 1863 at Camp Douglas, IL.

Isaac Eddings alias Isaac Fyall

Isaac Fyall alias Isaac Eddings

Isham Edens

EDDINGS, J.H. Pvt Enl 1 Mar 1862 in Sevier Co, AR. Captured 11 Jan 1863 at Arkansas Post, AR and sent to MP at Camp Douglas, IL paroled 3 Apr 1863 and delivered to City Point, VA 10 Apr 1863 and released. Deserted and was captured 9 Nov 1863 at Bridgeport, AL. Took oath 18 Nov 1863 and was released to remain north of the Ohio River. Ht 5' 10", eyes hazel, hair drk, complx drk.

James Eddings filed Arkansas

James Eddings, filed Illinois

James Edens filed Illinois

James Edens filed KY

James M. Eddings

James Eddings

James A. Eddins

James A. Edens

James B. Eddings

James J. Edens

James W. Eddins

Jeptha D. Edens

Jesse Edens

John A. Eddings

John E. Edens

John F. Eddings

John H. Edens filed in VA

John H. Edens filed in NY

John J. Edens

John R. Jones, widows name Sophronia Eddins

John W. Edens WV

John W. Edens KY Inf.

Jonathon Edens

Joseph A. Edens

Lawrence Eddings

Lenis Edens

Lewis A. Edens

Louis Eddins

Lorenzo Paris, widows name-Margaret Eddings

Mac S. Edens

Martin M. Eddings alias Martin M. Iddings

Martin V.P. Edens

Mark Alexander, widows name Mary Edens

Philip Edens

Pleasant B. Eddings

Robert A. Edens

Robert Eddins

Samuel Eddings

Squire Williams, widows name Melia Eddings

Thomas M. Edens

Thomas O. Eddins

Victor H. Edens

Warren D. Edens

William Eddings

William Edens

William B. Edens

William M. Edens

William C. Eddins

William Bumgardner, minor William B. Edens

William T. Eddings

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