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Eddings List Members

Our members are descended from: Eddings, Edins, Eddins, Edens (and all variations of surname) and related families, please join us.

This site is for ALL EDDINGS (and variations) families to post and share information, not just my relation!!

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Instructions and links to join the Eddings E-Mail list

View the guest comments, you will see that the info put here is helping folks and is appreciated!!

Please sign the guest comments page if you are an Eddings, (or variant) descendant and let us know who you and your ancestors are!

Instructions and links to join the Eddings E-Mail list

This site is the Homepage of The Eddings e-mail list Members, maintained by Bill Cook and has been created to allow our Eddings list members to post documents and photos and any file information that they wish to contribute to our list website.

PLEASE! We are asking ALL MEMBERS and other visitors to please participate with this site to keep it new and interesting. So:
Please send any Photos, files, info, or links on your families and your Eddings ancestry to:
Bill Cook.
Webspace generously provided
Not sure what types of files to submit: click here

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files members websites obits photos reunions wills

Our Eddings and related families information links!!!!
Please share your copies of records and photos!! Click here to send!
ALL Eddings Families and Related families!!
Please Share them as others have !!!!

Ancestries of our Members

Newest ancestry added 9/03/2011

View the Ancestry of our Eddings List Members, Includes Eddings, Eddins, Edins, Iddings, Edens
send your ancestry


New cemetery additon 5/05/2011

Cemeteries containing Eddings and family descendants of Eddings and all var. of surnames
send your cemetery locations

Civil War Documents

New pension addition 11/09/2008

Civil war and pension information Eddings and family descendants of Eddings and all var. of surnames
send your civil war documents

Draft Card Registers

New Draft Card addition 4/16/2006

Draft Card information copies Eddings and family descendants of Eddings and all var. of surnames
send your draft documents

E-Mail Archives of List Mail

Eddings E-Mail Archives at rootsweb

You can view past e-mails sent to the list at the Archives at rootsweb!

Files and documents submitted by members

Robert T. Eddings Research on Edens of Onslow Co. N.C. / Edens of Marlboro Co. S.C. / Edings Families of Edisto Island, S.C.
Personal files information Includes - Cherokee filing applications - Marriage certificates - Death Certificates - Court Papers - civil war pensions - Family Research information - notes from researchers etc;
share your documents?

Eddings and Related Websites

Newest website link added 6/04/2012

Please visit Our list members webpages!
send your website link

Free and Subscription genealogy sites to help find your families

Sights I have used in my ancestry hunting
If you know of a free search site not listed please send me the link to it.

Obituaries, Eddings and Related

Newest obit added 11/16/2013, Sarah Harriett Blackburn

Family Obituaries of our Eddings Families / Eddins / Edens / Iddings and descendants by any related names
Please send your obituaries

Photos submitted, lots of photos

Photos of family members contributed by our list members Check here to find photos of your ancestors!
I have uploaded all of my photos to this site at rootsweb so they will be preserved for future researchers.
Please send your photos
(Unknown Photos 1) (Eddings/Buck Unknown photos 2 updated 11/09/07)

REUNIONS 2014 will be posted if I am notified!
All Eddings surnames and variations are welcome to send and get info posted!!


E-mail YOUR Reunion notices to

Wills and Probate Records

Newest will posted 3/26/2003

Copies of Wills and probates submitted by our list members pertaining to their family members
Please send your copies of wills or probate records!! Eddings and Related folks!!

Join the List

To join the Eddings e-mail list,
just click on your choice below and put the word
in the body of the e-mail
Receive each e-mail
as it is sent
Receive one e-mail daily with
all messages for that day

INSTRUCTIONS: put only the word
in the "BODY" of the message.

Send any files or copy of wills, obituaries, land records, birth certificates, Photos, Reunion notices, Etc; ?
Whatever you want on our website to:
Bill Cook.
(If you are not able to send files to me by computer, send me an e-mail and I will give you my snail mail address)

You may send your ancestry to the Eddings E-mail List as long as it is not an attached file,
type it out or copy and paste into e-mail. Or you can send attached files to me at

Bill Cook, List administrator
Check out my Website
with Eddings and Related Families

But please send a list of your Eddings, Eddins, Edens etc; ancestry
so we can help you find more of your families!!

send these to:
Bill Cook, List administrator

All submitters will receive credit for their submission to be posted.

The American History and Genealogy Project
site is owned by
Eddings List Members .

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Page created 10/16/2000 by:
Bill Cook descendant of John and Elizabeth Weaver Eddings
Eddings list administrator

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Please send any files, photos, info or links on your families to: Bill Cook

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