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This website gives the ancestry of Sarah Montgomery (84)[1], who married Timothy Hill (83) of Crawford County, Pennsylvania in Meadville, PA on 1 November 1827[2]. Sarah's father, James Montgomery (212) arrived in Mercer County with several of his brothers about the time the county was erected in 1800. James went on to become a prominent citizen of the county, commanding a company of militia at Erie during the War of 1812 and later serving serveral terms in the Pennsylvania Legislature. He also was a member of the Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention of 1837[3].

Sarah's sister, Margaret (378), married Samuel Hill (374), the brother of Timothy Hill, an event not unusual in pioneer days. Therefore, the descendants of Timothy and Samuel Hill are all also descendants of James Montgomery and his wife, Sarah Fulton (213). It is also possible that the Montgomery's and Hill's were cousins: Archibald Hill (210) married Mary Buchanan Fulton (211). Archibald is the father of Timothy and Samuel Hill. Although Mary's ancestry is known to me, however, Sarah's is not.

Although they lived in different counties, there seems to have been a lot of interaction between the Montgomery's of Mercer County and the Hill's of Crawford County. Some of this is documented in the Civil War letters written by Samuel Hill's son Archibald Fulton Hill (379) to his cousin John Hill (424), son of Timothy Hill, and to other members of his family. In these letters, Archibald refers to "Uncle George" Carringer (744) and to Belle Carringer (865), his cousin. He also refers to Andrew Montgomery, who may have been Andrew Carnahan Montgomery (788), another cousin.

I have recently received information from several cousins concerning Montgomery families, specifically William (707) and his descendants, who moved west around 1840. I am slowly incorporating some of this information into this website.

Tracing the Montgomerys has presented a challenge, not only because records of the generations preceding James are sparse, but also because of the appearance of the same names (particularly "Archibald") in many generations and many branches of the family. I have tried to gather the information presented in this pamphlet accurately, but I am interested in any documented information that contradicts anything presented herein,

The author of this document, Timothy Daniel Evans (1), is a direct descendant of Timothy Hill and Sarah Montgomery. He can be reached by email:

[1] Numbers in parentheses () are RIN numbers used to uniquely identify a person in the PAF (Personal Ancestry Filer) database. These RINs are identical in all material written by the present author.

[2] Crawford County Messenger, Nov 8, 1827

[3] History of Mercer County, Pennsylvania compiled and published by Brown, Runk & Company, Chicago, 1888



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