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 Kinney Herbert Goff (57) was born 16 February 1811 near Frankfort, Hancock County, Maine, a son of John Goffe (49) and Jane Gregston (50). He moved to the Pittsburgh area in 1817, arriving in December.

Kinney married Sophia Hugo (74) on 8 October 1835. Together they had four children: Margaret Jane (125), born about 1837, died 31 October 1892, and is buried in UnionDale Cemetery; Charles Cook (198); Mary Elizabeth (199); and Ann Marie (200). Sophia died 25 July 1843.

Kinney was married a second time to Margretta L. Keepers (75) on 7 March 1847. Margretta was born 15 October 1816. Together they had seven children: Charlotte (201), born about 1844; John Agnew (202), born about 1847; Frances G. (126), born in 1849, died September 1914, and is buried in UnionDale Cemetery; Sarah Lucy (203), born about 1851; Alice Amelia (204), born about 1853; William Kinney (205), born in 1857; and Homer P. (206), born about 1859.

Kinney was mechanically inclined, being listed in the 1850 Census as a pumpmaker and in the 1860 Census as an engine builder. He also operated a mill in Sewickly Bottom about 18??, and was listed in the City Directory at various times as a manufacturer of lightning rods, and as a lightning rod salesman.

Kinney died at his home at 25 Somers Street, Pittsburgh, PA on 29 August 1876, and is buried in Union Dale Cemetery, Northside, Pittsburgh. Margretta died 24 January 1879 and is buried with Kinney in Union Dale Cemetery.

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