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With The Boys In Uniform

Bits Of News Of Saginaw Area men In Service

The Saginaw News Wednesday, July 8, 1942


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J.  Moore ,

Of Merrill, have received word from their son, Thomas J. Moore, jr., of his promotion to the grade of corporal. Cpl Moore also informed his parents that he has been transferred from Pendelton Field , Ore. to the air depot at grand Forks , N.D.   Another son, Pvt. John P. Moore who has been home on furlough, has returned to his post at Patterson Field, Fairfield , O. Pvt. Moore formerly was stationed at Jefferson Barracks, Mo.  

Sgt. Dale H. Taylor, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Taylor, of Weidman, returned Tuesday, to Edgewood Arsenal, Md. , after a five-day furlough with his parents.  Sgt. Taylor is an instructor in chemical warfare.

Mrs. Nelson Rondo, of 1522 Gilbert, has word that her son, Pvt. Ralph Rondo, in Australia , is well.  It was the first word since Feb. 18.

There was a : “Hello, Mother and Dad” for Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kneuss, of Shields Sunday night as their son, Pvt. Alvin A. Kneuss, telephoned from Puget Sound, Wash.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nash, of 3241 Mackinaw have received word that their son, Technical Sgt. Richard C. Nash has entered officer training school at Fort Sill , Okla.   He was promoted from private first class, to the grade of technical sergeant June 1 at Fort Leonard Wood.

Pvt. Joseph E. Head, a son of Mrs. Fred Wendt, of 621 North Seventh, has been transferred from Camp Robinson , Ark. To Fitzsimmons General hospital at Denver, Col. where he is training as surgical technician.

Mr. and Mrs. William l. Schneider, of Saginaw RD 6, have been notified of the promotion of their son, Pvt. Alvin C. Schneider, to corporal’s grade. He enlisted in July, 1940, and has been in Hawaii since November 1940.

Pvt. Francis J. Street, jr., has returned to Chanute Field , Ill. , after a furlough spent with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Street, of 1022 Hoyt.

Pvt. Leon J. Mier, has returned to his post with the 21st Chemical Company at Camp Bowie , Texas , after spending a 10-day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Mier, of 1618 Stanley .

“Dear Mother: Happy Birthday. Feeling fine. Received all letters- also Pauline’s cake” read a cablegram just received by Postmaster and Mrs. Leo Flynn, of New Lothrup, from their son, Pvt. William F. Flynn, in Northern Ireland . Pauline is a sister of the postmaster.

Pvt. Herbert J. Steadry, of Vassar has been transferred from Jefferson barracks, Mo. , to Randolph Field , Texas .

Pvt. Irvin A. Hughes, of Vassar, is being transferred form Camp Polk to New York City for radio training.

Pvt. Stanley Benjamin, stationed with the Company D, 591st Engineers (boat regiment) Camp Edwards , Mass. Has been promoted to the grade of technical sergeant, his wife, Mrs. Stanley Benjamin, of 609 State, has learned.

A young Saginaw soldier musician, Pvt. John C. Krell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Adolph J. Krell, of 729 Holden, will go “on the air” in the “Cheers From the Camps” program next Tuesday night, his parents have been notified. Krell is a member of Band W at Fort Riley , Kansas .

Mrs. Ida Kovaleski, of 311 South Fourth, has received word from her husband, Pvt. John Kovaleski, of his transfer Salt Lake City to Windover Field , Utah .

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Fiting, of Hemlock have received word of the safe arrival in Australia of their son,   Pvt. Alan H. Fiting.

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Lemmer, of 1714 king, have received word of the promotion of their son, Pvt. Carl F. Lemmer, to the grade of corporal.  He is stationed at Camp Chaffee , Fort Smith , Ark.

Misses Pearl Markhardt and Lavina Loomis, have returned home after visiting Pvt. Hartzler Loomis at Aberdeen proving Ground, Md., and Pvt. Virgil Redick at Fort Devens, Mass.

Corp. Robert A. Vogt, who is stationed at Esler Field , La. has been promoted to the grade of sergeant.

Sgt. Ronald McMasters has returned to Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. After spending an eight-day furlough with his wife, Mrs. Ronald McMasters, 1312 Burt.

Lt. Arnold Sovereign of the RCAF is visiting his sister, Mrs. Earl G. Kinch. 719 South 12th

Sgt. Jack Kneffner of Fort Bliss , Texas , who is spending a furlough in Saginaw , was complimented at a steak fry Tuesday evening on Saginaw River road. Those attending were Miss Eleanor Kuehkelmen,of Munger,

Mr. and Mrs. Emil Hertzner, Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Schury,  Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer F. Hertzner, Rudy Rau, and Miss Vera Kapischke.

 Mrs. Beatrice Bishop, of Chesaning, has received word that her son, Pvt.  Eugene Rivett, has graduated from the barrage balloon school at Camp Tyson , Tenn. and has been transferred to Headquarters Battery, 309th Coast Artillery Barrage Balloon Battalion at Vallejo , Calif.

Pvt. Jesse Silva, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Silva, of Merrill, has been promoted to corporal’s grade and transferred from Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. , to a reconnaissance company at Temple , Texas .

Miss Helen E. Scholz, of 134 South 12th, Miss Leona Ferzog, of the Mertz hotel, and Mrs. Frances Fraudenstein, of Reese have returned from Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. , where they visited Corp. John T. Neuman.

Mrs. Beulah Sedar, of 3314 Fulton , is visiting her husband, Pvt. Edwin L. Sedar at Camp Crowder , Mo.

Pvt. Phillip Lagalo, son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lagalo,  912 North Fourth, has returned to Morrise Field, Charlotte , N.C. after spending a 10-day furlough at his home.

Pvt. Frederick Ecarius, of 449 North Warren , has graduated from the army airforce ground school at Chanute Field , Ill.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gewirtz, of Chesaning, have received word of the promotion of their son, Robert Gewirtz, to the grade of staff sergeant in the army airforce in Miami . Fla.

Yeoman Harold J. Comfort, of 1933 Delaware , spent the weekend visiting his family and friends in Saginaw .  He was on leave from duty at the navy Receiving Ship, New York city .

News of rating of their son, Pvt. Wilber Renwick, of Fort Bragg , North Carolina , as corporal technician in the medical corps has been received by Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Renwick, of 1107 North Granger.

Corp. Harold Arliss Woodward, who used to be a WPA recreation director in Saginaw, has turned impresario since entering the army, according to Camp Claiborne News, the soldier newspaper at Camp Claiborne, La.  The camp paper reports Woodward has organized the 33oth Engineers octe, which has become one of the regiments favorite musical organizations.  He also has just completed handling a softball tournament at the camp and now is directing preparations for a “show night” program.

Mr. and Mrs. William Hansen, of 2303 South Niagara , have received word that their son, Corp. Robert F. Hansen, has been promoted to staff sergeant’s grade and placed in charge of the service record and payroll sections for four squadrons of aviation cadets at Maxwell Field. Ala.

John F. Fuller, of Hemlock, has received word of the safe arrival in Australia of his son, Pvt. J.W. Fuller.

Word of promotion of their son, Pvt. Edward R. Slavin, jr., to the grade of corporal technician, fifth grade, has been received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Slavin, of 303 North Warren . Corp. Slavin is at a Pacific station.

Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Bixby, of 518 State, have received word that their son, Pvt. Louis W. Bixby, jr., has arrived safely at a Pacific station.

Three stars adorn the service flag at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bolf, of Albee township, one for each of their three sons in Uncle Sam’s uniform.  But the Bolf household seems scarcely diminished by their absence, for the Bolf boys, when they went into service, left behind 15 brothers and sisters.  The Bolfs are believed to have the biggest family in Saginaw county. John 20, and Frank 18, are in the navy; Rudolph. 24, in the army.

Pvt. Joseph E. Head ( 621 North Seventh), Company E, Medical Training school, Fitzsimmons General Hospital, Denver Col.

Sgt. Dale H. Taylor (Weidman), Chemical Warfare School Detachment, Edgewood Arsenal, Md.

Pvt. Edward L. Jones (319 South 11th), Platoon 509, Marine Corps Base, San Diego , Calif. ( Saginaw area “buddy” company).

Gunnersmate (1/c) Leon LaRue, (618 ½ Gratiot), Armed Guard 52nd Street , Brooklyn , N.Y.


The Saginaw News Thursday, July 9, 1942

 Two Valley Fliers Doing Sub Patrols

 Spotting Nazi U-Boats off Gulf Coast

Two members of Northeastern Michigan ’s Civilian Air Patrol have arrived at the Gulf coast and are serving as submarine spotters, Flight Commander Leslie P. Kefgen reported Thursday.  Kefgen said he was unable to reveal the sector in which the pilots are in service.  The two men on duty are Dr. W. Dale Jamison of Saginaw and Harry Krentz of Bay City .

Two fliers fro Alma ’s flight and Miss Betty Grohman of Saginaw also were scheduled to leave for the coast, but their orders to report were countermanded at the last moment. Kefgen said.  However, assurances were received here that several more CAP pilots will be called to service in the near future.

CAP pilots, accompanied by observers are patrolling both the Atlantic seaboard and Gulf coast to ferret out enemy submarines whose attacks on American shipping have mounted during ideal summer weather.  The pilots furnish their own planes, equipped with two-way radio.  Because of their relatively slow speed, they have proved effective in spotting the ill-defined shadows of Nazi U-boats.

Saginaw , Bay City and Mt. Pleasant flights will engage in a flight problem next Tuesday. With Roswell J. Burrows in charge as acting operations officer, the pilots will assemble at Midland airport at 6:45 p.m.


The Saginaw News Thursday, July 9, 1942

The Mailbox

By request of war and navy departments, The Saginaw News omits from it’s published lists of Saginaw County men in uniform the mailing addresses of many of those in service.  To include them might disclose the movements or whereabouts of army units or vessels of the fleet; and this information might be of aid to the enemy.

Pvt. Edwin George Horton  (1715 Outer Drive), Sixth Provisional Quartermaster Regiment, Depot, Baltimore , Md.

Pvt. James W. Rockwood (1404 North Fayette ), Company D, 502nd Parachute Troop, Fort Benning , Ga.

Apprentice Seaman Charles A. Trayer ( Hudson avenue ), Company 505 Naval Training Station, Great Lakes , Ill.

Corp. Charles F. Bromm  (307 North Charles), Seventh Station Compliment, Air Depot Training Station, Medical Department, Albuquerque , N.M.

Pvt. Thomas H. Scott, (Chesaning), 62nd Coast Artillery, (aa), Fort Totten , N.Y.

Pvt. Walter J. Parker (Chesaning), Company L, 136th Infantry, Camp Forrest , Tenn.

Pvt. Benjamin Koester  (Chesaning), Battery C, 182nd Field Artillery, Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.

Pvt. Eugene A. Rivett (Chesaning), Headquarters Battery , 309th Coast Artillery Barrage Balloon Battalion, Vallejo , Calif.

Corp. Jesse Silva (Merrill), Reconnaissance Company, 772nd Tank Destroyer Battalion, First Training Group, Temple Texas .

Pvt. Thomas J. Lagalo  (912 North Fourth), 803rd Ordnance Detachment, 39th Air Depot Group, San Brenardino , Calif.

Pvt. Philip Lagalo,  (812 North Fourth), 40th Material Squadron, Morrice Field, Charlotte , N.C.

Pvt. Frank Lagalo,  (912 N. Fourth),  440th School Squadron, Cochran Field, Macon , Ga.

Seaman Samuel C. Lagalo, (912 North Fourth), Motor Torpedo boat School, Nolville , R.I.

Corp. Herbert W. Spendlove(415 South 14th, 546 Chemical Platoon, Gowen Field, Boise , Ida.

Pvt. James R. Kaczmarek (103 Kiss, Carrollton ), Flight D, 357th Technical School Squadron Special Jefferson Barracks, Mo.

Cadet Lawrence A. Marcoux  (2501 Lincoln ), Squadron 38, Second Wing Army Air Base Santa Ana , Calif.

Pvt. Clifford L. Wilson  (2601 Lincoln ), Air Corps Replacement Center , Barksdale Field , La.

Storekeeper (3/c) Knute A. Anderson (1615 Chestnut), Naval Receiving Station, Building 66, Key West Fla.

Technical Sgt. Richard C. Nash (3241 Mackinaw), Officer candidate School , Class 32, Fort Sill , Okla.

The Saginaw News Thursday, July 9, 1942

With The Boys in Uniform

 Sgt. Donald Golden has returned to duty with the 882nd Chemical Company (aerial bombardment), Fort Meyers, Fla , after spending a few days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred V. Golden, of 1922 East Genesee .

  Stanley J. Cowen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cowan, of Chesaning, is home on furlough.  He reported he had sailed several times on the USS Gannett, but was not on the vessel when it was torpedoed recently.

 Mr. and Mrs. Roe Johnson, of Chesaning, have received word that their son, Lyle, who recently completed an aviation mechanics course at Chanute Field , Ill. , has been promoted from corporal to sergeant, transferred to the army flying school at Columbus , Miss. , and assigned as a mechanic on the hanger line.

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas P. Pappas, of 721 Hermansau, have received word of the promotion of their son, Corp. Thomas L Pappas, to the grade of sergeant.  He is in the army airforce.

Mrs. Melvin Davis and daughter, Mrs. Elmer Luplow, have returned from Scott Field, Ill., where they visited Mrs. Davis’s son, Pvt. Harry H. Ellis, and helped him celebrate his 19th birthday.

Misses Jane Pardridge and Virginia Pharis, have returned from Chanute Field , Ill. , after visiting the former’s brother, Pvt. Walter Pardridge, of the Eighth Technical School Squadron.

Lance Corporal William G. Serrin of the Canadian army is spending a 15-day furlough with his wife and two sons at his home, 1002 McCoskry.  He is attached to the garrison military police unit at St. Luke’s Barracks, Windsor, Ont.

Mr. and Mrs. Gay H. Ferris, of Bridgeport have returned from a visit at Letterman General hospital, San Francisco , with their son, Pvt. Harold G. Ferris.  While in California they also visited Mr. and Mrs. P. Pearce at Hollywood and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Andrews at Los Angeles .

Two Saginaw sailors were graduated Wednesday from the hospital corps school at Great Lakes naval training station, both being given ratings as hospital apprentice, second class.  They are: Benjamin H. Zacharias, 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Zacharias, of 2523 South Jefferson , and Leonard Luzynski, 26, son of Mr. and Mrs. Adam J. Luzynski, of 517 Sherman .

Pvt. Harold G. Ferris, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gay H. Ferris, of Bridgeport , has just completed special training in hospital pharmacy at letterman general hospital, San Francisco .  He has been given an expert’s rating and transferred to the medical department of Hoff general hospital, Santa Barbara , Calif.

Lt. Fred E. Kretchman, has returned to Camp Shelby , Miss. , after spending a short leave with his mother, Mrs. Pauline Kretchman, of 1633 Brenner.

Pvt. Burt G. Wynes, son of Mr. and Mrs. George C, Wynes, of 1429 Emily, has returned to camp Stewart , Ga. , after spending a 10-day furlough in Saginaw .

Mrs. William H. Fryer and son Donald, of 1736 Brockway, left Thursday to spend the summer with Maj. Fryer who is stationed at Presque Isle , Me.

Promotion of his son, Pvt. William F. Wohfeil jr., to the grade of corporal is the word received by William F. Wohfeil, of 2223 North Charles.  His son was home recently from Dale Mabry Field, Tallahassee , Fla. , for a 10-day furlough.

Pvt. Lawrence Miles Banks, stationed with Company G, 591st Engineers (boat regiment), Camp Edwards , Mass. Has been promoted to the grade of sergeant, his mother, Mrs. Louise Banks, 701 Eight, learned Wednesday.

Pvt. Lester H. Bauer, has returned to his engineering regiment at the railroad shops in Bucyrus, O. after visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bauer, of Zilwaukee.

Mrs. Russell Bresser, of 1833 Barnard, has received word of the safe arrival of her husband, Pvt. Bresser, in Alaska .

Pvt. Edwin George Horton, of Holabird Depot, Baltimore , Md. , spent the weekend with his mother, Mrs. Mary Morgan, of 1715 Outer Drive .

Maj. Wilfred G. Bonvouloir, former Midland Chamber of Commerce secretary, has been promoted to rank of lieutenant-colonel at second airforce headquarters at Fort George Wright, Wash. Col. Bonvouloir is believed to be the highest ranking officer Midland has contributed to the armed forces.  His wife and three daughters are living in Spokane , Wash.

Word has been received of the transfer of Pvt. Russell L. Potts, of Saginaw , from Camp Robinson , Ark. To 316th Air Base Squadron, at Fort Wright , Spokane , Wash.