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Saginaw County Schools


Saginaw County Schools by Township

Arthur Hill High School

1906 Saginaw High School Class

1928 Saginaw High School Reunion (25th Reunion) Contributed by Susan Raymond

1935 South Jr. Volleyball Team

1936 Arthur Hill Trade School

1936 Arthur Hill High School

1936 Beal City

1936 Chesaning

1936 Chesaning - Our Lady of Help School

1936 Edmore

1936 Hemlock High School

1936 Hemlock St. Mary's School

1936 Lutheran Semenary

1936 Mayville

1936 Merrill High School

1936 Merrill Sacred Heart High School

1936 Reese High School

1936 Saginaw High School

1936 SS Peter and Paul High School

1936 St. Andrew's High School

1936 St. Charles School

1936 St. Joseph's School

1936 St. Mary's High

1936 St. Michael's School

1937 Legenda (Arthur Hill High School)

1938 S-I-S Boom (South Intermediate School)

1940 Sis-Boom (

1946 Sis-Boom (

Brant School District

Dyer School

Prairie School 1906

Ring School 1927

Swim School (Brady Twp)

Brady School

North Brady Center (Brady Twp)

St. Charles School

East Side Schools

West Side Schools

High Schools