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1897 Essex County Birth Registrations


11538 Marjorie Pearl HOLTON, 12-27-1897, d/o Andrew & Sarah TOFFLEMIRE, laborer, Colchester Village

11539 Mabel HUTCHIN, 10-23-1897, d/o Wilson & Jemima GRAHAM HUTCHIN, Farmer, Colchester South

11540 Flossie Isabel FRENCH, 12-3-1897, d/o William & Emma Hannah RICHARDSON FRENCH, Farmer, Colchester South


LDS Film # 1906131

BAUNDY?, Lawrence Eugene, 1-1-1897, son of Albert E & Lizzie BOTSFORD BANDY, school teacher

SMITH, Isabella Mildred/Marion 1-11-1897, daughter of Jas C SMITH & Harriett E GORDON?, harness maker

JOHNSON, Secund?? Roy, 2-8-1897, son of Jas H & Evenin? PAGEAN? JOHNSON, farmer

VOAKES/VOAKER, Clarence W, 3-5-1897, son of Peter & Carrie HUTH VOAKES, brickmaker

ROBINET, Joseph, 3-18-1897, son of Louis & Maria Louise PARENT ROBINET, grape grower

AVERS, Edith, 3-20-1897, daughter of Henry & Helene AINSWORTH AVERS, ???oper (there's a hole where the rest of the word is)

MURRAY, Wesley R3-14-1897, son of George & Lucinda COLEMAN? MURRAY, waiter

BESETTE, Eunice????, 3-28-1897, daughter of Joseph & Lucinda LAVALINO BESETTE, carpenter

GERRAND/GERRARD?, Alphonse Elias, 3-28-1897, son of Chas D & ANNE?? LANGLOIS GERRAND/GERRARD, painter

CRANEAU??, Rob Roy, 5-2-1897, son of James & Mary HAUSS? CRANEAU?, porter

MARSHALL, Ronald Thomas, 5-1-1897, son of Charles & Alberta BULLARD MARSHALL, Sailor

LAFOREST, not names, daughter of Everet?, & Joshephine CABINESS LAFOREST, teamster

PAGO, Mary Adelaide, 5-22-1897, daughter of Leo & AliceHARPER PAGO, merchant

STOKES, Not Named, 5-27-1897 daughter of Alex Graftius? & Lesia? BROCO? STOKES,Carpenter

RECCO, Mary Eva?, 5-9-1897, daughter of Joseph A & Elizabeth BECCITO?? RECCO, boatswain

McELVOY, Garrett A????, 6-8-1897, son of Wesley & Rachael Ellen McELVOY, engineer

COSINEAUS?, Vivian B, 6-17, son of Albert & Cornelius DUPUES? COSINEAUS?, P O Clerk


12894 No name given CONWAY, male, 2-13-1897, s/o William A & Emily J SSTRATTON CONWAY, post office clerk (*** name given later was Wilfred Stratton CONWAY, he died 5-2-1898 in Windsor [records of Ley K O'Connor]))

12895 Joseph CAMPAU, male, b 1-26-1897, s/o Peter & Neyyie PARENT CAMPAU, butcher, Windsor

12896 George DRESCH, ,male, b 2-9-1897, s/o Frederick & Mary Ann DIEFENBACHER DRESCH, tunner?, Windsor

12897 Ethel Mary McLAREN, female, 2-10-1897, d/o Richard & Florence CONWITH McLAREN, marine fireman, Windsor

12898 Albert Laurier STOVER, male, 2-22-1897, s/o Samuel & Selena J BRIGGS STOVER, gentleman, Windsor

12899 Walter Frederick BIRD, male, 1-30-1897, s/o Charles & Mary Jane CHICKEE BIRD, sailor, Windsor

12900 Bridget Margaret O'KEEFE, female, b 1-31-1897, d/o Thomas & Catherine ROACH O'KEEFE, retinner, Windsor

12901 Harvey LANGLOIS, male, b 2-20-1897, s/o Joseph & alvina BEAUDOUS LANGLOIS, laborer, Windsor

12902 Eunice Beatrice HYATT, female, b 1-29-1897, d/o Jas Lisbon & Snnie Eliza FOSTER HYATT, agent, Windsor

12903 Wm Frederick WILLIAMS, male b. 2-2-1897, s/o Philip Alfred & Maggie Edith SMITH WILLIAMS, carpenter, Windsor

12904 Clinton Ernest WIGLE, male, b 3-1-1897, s/o E S? & Alice HIRONS WIGLE, barrister, Windsor

12905 Oscar Scottie FLEMING, male b 2-13-1897, s/o Oscar Ernest & Caroline Maud DRAKE FLEMING, Windsor *** handwrittne note, no stamp, noo date "names changed to Oscar Edward FLEMING"

12906 Charles Ernest O'NEILL, male, b 2-20-1897, s/o James Gernon & Elizabeth LATULIP O'NEILL, sailor, Windsor , TWIN, the older

12907 John albert O'NEILL, male, b 2-20-1897, s/o James Gernon & Elizabeth LATULIP O'NEILL, sailor, Windsor , TWIN, the younger

12908 Joseph LONGLEY, male, b 2-18-1897, s/o Chas H & Mary DORMER LONGLEY, painter, Windsor

12909 Wilmore John MORROW, male, b 3-4-1897, s/o David B & Minnie WILLIAMS MORROW, clerk ME Railroad, Windsor

12910 Ethel Jean RICHARDSON, female , b 11-28-1896, d/o Jas M & Ethel WATT RICHARDSON, insurance agent, Windsor

12911 Jos Eddie Walter CAMPAU, male, 2-28-1897, s/o Isaac & Mary CAMPAU CAMPAU, section man, G T Railroad, Windsor

12912 Myrtle Arinne GRUMMETH, female, b 2-24-1897, d/o Joseph & Ellen A THROWER GRUMMRTH, horse shoer, Windsor

12913 no name given BROWN, male, 2-9-1897, s/o Wm Simpson & Edith M CROOK BROWN, insurance agent **** stamped & dated 12-29-1965, file # 8095-BROWN, name added in printed letters - Douglas Hastings BROWN

12914 Evelyn Ellen Euaneh? VARAH, female, 2-5-1897, A W & Sylvia L MORRIS VARAH, drygoods clerk, Windsor

12915 Charlotte Georgina MANN, female, b 2-26-1897, d/o Francis H & Georgina Audia? WRONG MANN, merchant, Windsor

12916 Samuel BEDSON, male, b 1-6-1897, s/o Samuel & Agatha GERHARD BEDSON, brakeman, M E R(ailroad), Windsor

12917 John Rhys Mauley SALE, male, 3-5-1897, s/o John & Dorothea M FOX SALE, barister, Windsor

12918 Leo Joseph JERKING, male, 3-3-1897, s/o Alex Wm & Elizabth FITZGIBBON JERKING, placing? Mill hand, Windsor

12919 Alma Lillian BOWMAN, female, b 2-26-1897, d/o Thomas & Lotta R CARSWELL BOWMAN, joiner, Windsor

12920 Hazel Lillian WHIPPLE, female, 1-12-1897, d/o Inmon? & Blanche Ethel AINSLIE WHIPPLE, painter, Windsor