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1895 Essex County Birth Registrations

Gosfield South

LDS Film # 1846246

1-7-1895- NELSON, John Almer, male to Emery & Mary AIKERS NELSON, farmer

1-24-1895- HEATH, Jessie Ophelia, female to William & Elliza O'CONNOR HEATH, laborer

*** TWIN 1-11-1895- ARNER, Agnes Pearl, female, to Reuben F & Nettie McGILL ARNER, farmer

**** TWIN 1-11-1895- ARNER, Henry Allen, male, see above

1-23-, Edith, female to Joseph & Caroline SWEETMAN WILLIAMSON, farmer


8050 Clara E BINGLE; female; 1-15-1895; d/o Chas & Mary Jane GRANT BINGLE, farmer in Maidstone (Pike Creek)

8051 Maurice LESPERANCE; male; 1-24-1895; s/o Alex E & Delina BAILLANGION LESPERANCE farmer in Maidstone (Pike Creek)

8052 Francis Paul MORAW; male; 1-24-1895; s/o John & Mary HENRY MORAW; farmer in Woodslee

8053 Nellie Winfred NEVIN; female; 2-11-1895; d/o Herbert & Mary CLINE NEVIN farmer in Elinstioa?; filed in Maidstone

8054 Ruth Irene MURRAY; female; 3-1-1895; d/o James & Mary SCHOOLEY; shoemaker in Woodslee

8055 William Joseph Russell? JONES (line goes through name and page cut off at end); male; 2-5-1895; s/o Albert & Salina PAULIA JONES; farmer in Pike Creek

8056 Male KANE; 3-23-1895; s/o Lawrence & Mary VANDERLINDER; farmer in Tecumsih Remarks: (see death no 20) ***note: that number would be the Essex County number, not the Ontario vitals number

8057 James Josephy McCLOSKEY; male; 4-5-1895; s/o Wm & Margaret MURPHY McCLOSKEY; farmer; Woodslee

8058 Sarah BARRY; female; 4-16-1895; d/o James & Annie McPHARL (cut off here, probably McPHARLIN); farmer; Maidstone

8059 Lily Hilda BOTTERILL; female; 4-23-1895; d/o Agas & Hannah BOTTERILL; laborer; Maidstone *** (Note Signature looks more like Ayers BOLTRILL)

8060 Ella Gertrude PLANT; female; 4-18-1895; d/o Olive & Eliza Grace TOTTER PLANT; farmer; Woodslee

8061 William Joachim FURTH; male; 5-2-1895; s/o Henry & Barbara GUISE FUERTH; farmer; Woodslee


LDS Film # 1906131

BENITEAU, Alpert, 10-25-1895, son of Felix & Arissjmins?? Cudariste?? BENITEAU, blacksmith


8272 Alberta May Edwards, female, b 8-21-1895, d/o Geo W & Margaret E STEELE EDWARDS, soda water manufacturer ***(there is a stamp "Death Records on ????? 1986 Saey?St? [white printer stripe acrosss])

8273 John James DOHERTY, male, b 9-20-1895, s/o John & Mary Ann McCRAE DOHERTY, tailor, Windsor

8274 Elvy Louise CRANDON, female b 11-11-1894, d/o James & Lucy HAMEL CRANDON printer of Windsor

8275 Harriett Edithe Beatrice THOMPSON, female, b 8-28-1895 d/o George & Mary Anne PACE THOMPSON, bricklayer of Windsor

8276 Florence Louise McKEE, female b 8-22-1895, d/o Joseph & Evelyn LONGLEY McKEE, printer of Windsor

8277 Jetret Kathleen McDONALD, female, b 8-29-1895, d/o Malcolm & Minnie G BENNEST? McDONALD, manufacturer of turf? Goods of Windsor

8278 Walter WATSON, male, 2-14-1895, s/o George & Frances PROCTOR WATSON, fireman steamboat od Windsor

8279 Ruth Trefry SAVAGE, female, 8-29-1895, d/o Wesley & Sarah TREFRY SAVAGE, brakesman G T R of Windsor

8280 Orpha Belle BURNIE, female, 9-2-1895, d/o Fred E & Mollie CHICK BURNIE, apainter of Windsor

8281 Edithe Lillian RAPSON, female, 9-1-1895, d/o James & Sarah Alice WRIGHT RAPSON, mason of Windsor

8282 Margaret Mable SEXTON, female, 9-19-1895, d/o Daniel & Ellen NAGLE SEXTON, railway employee of Windsor

8283 Maud Emily CORNWELL, 9-19-1895, daughter of Wm F & Ermma VOLLAUS? CORNWELL, railway baggageman of Windsor

#008696 ROSEY NANTAIS, b. December 29, 1895, female, d/o Peter Nantais & Rosey Poupard, occ of father--carpenter, informant--Peter Nantais of Walkerville, registered January 15, 1896, accoucher [illegible]

#008284 MARY ROSE NANTAIS, b. December 29, 1895, female, d/o Peter Nantais & Rose Poupard, occ of father-laborer, informant-Rev L.A. Beaudoin of Walkerville, registered February 17, 1896, accoucheur-Dr. Hoare [NOTE: This is a duplicate registration by the priest. See Reg #008696, Rosey Nantais. for which the informant was her father Peter]

#008285 MARY MARGARET BRABANT, b. December 29, 1895, female, d/o Albert Brabant & Margaret Loughlin, off of father-laborer, informant-Rev. L.A. Beaudoin of Walkerville, registered February 17, 1896, registrar-M. Renaud (I have noticed that the Rev. L.A. Beaudoin registers the baptismal name and there may be another registration filled out by the parents)

#008455 JOSEPH JEAN. CRY. PARENT, b. November 24, 1895, male, s/o Joseph Parent & Delima Quenville, occ of father-farmer, informant-Rev L. Beaudoni, registered February 3, 1896, accoucheur-Dr. Hoare, registrar M. Renaud

#008456 MARIE LOUISE ELIZ. NANTAIS, November 23, 1895, female, d/o Joseph Nantais & Sylvia Vanderlinder, occ of father-hotel keeper, informant-H Vanderlander grandfather, registered December 17, 1896, accoucheur-Mrs. Vanderlander, registrar-M. Renaud

#008461 MARIE ROSE ANNE NANTAIS, b. December 29, 1895, female, d/o Pierre Nantais & Rose Poupore, occ of father-farmer, informant- Rev. L. Beaudoin, registered January 27, 1896, accoucheur-Dr. Houre, registrar-M. Renaud. [NOTE: This priest often registers the baptismal name; often there is another registration filled out by the parents. There are a total of 3 registrations for her: #008696 by her parents; #008461 by the priest; and #008284 by the priest.]

#008462 MARIE JOSEPHINE PARENT, b. December 17, 1895, female, d/o Jacob Parent & Celina Laforge, occ of father-laborer, informant-Jacob Parent father, registered February 17, 1896, accoucheur-Mrs. Soulliere, registrar-M. Renaud

#008287 MARIE ELEONORE MAISONVILLE, b. December 31, 1895, female, d/o Francois Maisonville - partial only