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1893 Essex County Birth Registrations


LDS FLC Film #1846453

007678 OUELLETTE, Alfred , male on 2-25-1893 to Jacob & Josephine GERARD OUELETTE, laborer in Sandwich

007679 DUGRAY, Catherine Meranda on 12-29-1993* (probably 1992, filed 3-3-1893) to Antoine & Sarah HARRISON DUGRAY, labourer of Sandwich

007680 OUELETTE, Joseph , male on 3-21-1893 to Joseph and Nellie HESLEY OUELETTE, contractor of Sandwich. *** TWINS-notation that one died ???? (word too dark to read).

007681 TIERNAN, ( this portion very light) Ann? Betrace?, f, on 11-20-1892 to Peter & Marie NEVINS? TIERNAN, sewing machine agent of Sandwich

007683 HAMMOND, Charles Dunlap on 1-7-1893 to Charles M & Carrie E BAILEY HAMMOND, Lawyer of North Sandwich

007684 LASSALINE, Stanislaus Eugene, m on 1-22-1893 to Eugene and Annie (Bridget Ann) MURPHY LASSALINE, Cabinet maker of Sandwich

Gosfield South

LDS FHL Film # 1846240

07185 12-10-1893- MINER, Mary Pearl, to John Thomas & Laona WIGLE MINER, brickmaker, Lot K 3 Con

Gosfield North

7544 Mary Mable RAWLINS, female, 1-31-1893, d/o Duncan & Ester Elizabeth HILKIE RAWLINS, farmer, lot 19 con 9

7545 Olive Irene McINTOSH, female, 2-7-1893, d/o Gilbert Hester Eliza JONES McINTOSH, farmer "Note- Slip came by mail, no signature"

7546 Eloise Ray AWREY ?, female, 2-11-1893, d/o Fletcher E & Elizabeth Ella MILLER AWREY ?, farmer

7547 Lydia Mrytle SWALL, 3-8-1893, female, d/o Charles M & Elizabeth Anne STRUTT SWALL, laborer, Cottam

7548 Hattie Fay BENNETT, female, 3-5-1893, d/o William & Totie COOPER BENNETT, butcher, Cottam

7549 Frank Richard NOBLE, male, 3-7-1893, s/o Oliver & Jenny SARITH ? NOBLE, farmer, Gosfield North

7550 Leroy Wilson GILL, male, 4-13-1893, s/o George & Phoebe Davielina CUARTERMAIN GILL, laborer

7551 George Ivan FOX, male, 4-26-1893, s/o Eli & Emily Livinia HUTCHINS FOX

7552 Lydia Mildred McMAHON, female, 4-24-1893, d/o George H & Jemima GORDON McMAHON, farmer, lot 15 con 8 Gosfield North, Woodslee (***I would take this to mean that they lived in Gosfield North and the child was born in Woodslee, The McMahons first settled in Woodslee)

7553 Francis McLEAN, male, 5-10-1893, s/o Patrick & Bella HAMMOND McLean, farmer

7554 Ellinor Garland BURKE, female, 4-11-1893, d/o W H & Caroline Fidelia McTAVISH BURKE, farmer

7555 Ethel Maggie Marie SMITH, female, 5-27-1893, d/o George & Lottie BURTON ? (smeared) SMITH, laborer

#007373 ALEX CECILE, b. August 19, 1893, male, s/o Albert Cecile & Elizabeth Tousignant, occ of father-farmer, informant-Albert Cecile, registered November 12, 1893, accoucher-Mrs. Tellier

#007374 ARTHUR NANTAIS, b, September 10, 1893, male, s/o Joseph Nantais & Luci Lauzon, occ of father-labourer, informant-Jos Nantais of Walkerville, accoucher-Dr. Hoare

#008562 EDWARD JOS. OBRIEN SCULI, b. August 27, 1893, male, s/o Edward J. Scully & Mary Evangeline White, occ of father-stenographer of Essex, informant E.J. Scully of Windsor, registered September 4, 1893, accoucher-Dr. Carney [note: Sculi appears in the gutter of the registrar book and is definitely spelled Sculi; although I suppose there is room for error since it IS in the gutter]

#008566 MARIE LOUISE JOSEPHINE NANTAIS, b. August 28, 1893, female, d/o Baptiste Nantais & Annie Aber, occ of father-laborer, informant-Schedule, registered September 5, 1893, accoucher-Dr. Hamilton

#008565 CECIL JOHNSTON, b. May 28, 1893, female, d/o Geo Hamilton Johnston - partial only

#008569 VERA AGNES PAJOT, b. August 20, 1893, female, d/o Wm R. Pajot - partial only