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1892 Essex County Birth Registrations

St Alphonse Windsor

LDS FHC Film # 1312029

1-2-1892- DUFOUR, Mary Lauzon, b 12-3-1891 to Gregory & Celina LAUZON DUFOUR, sponsors: Mr & Mrs Louis LAUZON

1-10-1892- CRAIG, Wm John, b 12-24-1891 to Robert & Elisabeth CRONIN CRAIG, sponsor: Mrs Denis CRONIN

1-12-1892, CAHILL, Marie Ina, b 1-11-1892 to John & Corina DUMOUCHELLE CAHILL, sponsors: Francis St LOUIS & Marie DUMOUCHELLE

1-17-1892- ELLIOT, Laurence, b 12-30-1891 to Jas/Jos? & Susan CALDWELL ELLIOTT, sponsor: Mary ELLIOT

1-17-1892- HANRAHAN, Dorothea, b 1-12-1892 to Wm & Cath. Taylor HANRAHAN, sponsors: Ed HANRAHAN & Gertrude BABY

1-17-1892- BURNS, Anna D, b 1-10-1892 to James & Delphine DESROCHER BURNS, sponsors: Mr & Mrs Henry BRADLEY


007632 LEFEBREVE, John Thomas on 9-24-1892 to Thomas & Maggie LEFEBERE, farmer of Rochester **TWIN

007633 LEFEBERE, John Francis on 9-24-1892 to Thomas & Maggie LEFEBERE, farmer of Rochester **TWIN

007634 MURPHY, Stephen Tilford on 6-3-1892, male to John & Jane MURPHY, farmer of Rochester **(personal note, the mother of this child is Ellen Graham, have no idea how Jane got into the record) *** This license was altered on 2-24-1955, ID # 1854/55: Name changed to Ford Stephen MURPHY

007635 KNISTER, Augustus Cecil, male on 6-19-1892 to John w & Mary KNISTER, farmer, Rochester

007636 HEDRICK, Leroyce, male on 7-14-1892, to James H & Elizabeth HEDRICK, farmer, Rochester

007637 PRENDERGAST, Jennie/Jessie ?, female on 7-5-1892 to Wm J & Jessie E PRENDERGAST of Rochester


7097 November 8, 1892, Patrick William McClOSKEY was born to William and Margaret MURPHY McCLOSKEY, farmers in Maidstone. The information for the certificate was given by Kate McCLOSKEY of Woodslee and was registered on December 19th, 1892.

7098 ** note that the name was spelled two different ways. JOHNSTON, Charles Grover, 8-27-1892 to W J & Jeanette F COLENUT? JOHNSON, farmers of Essex Ontario

7099 HIEL, Samuel John, 7-17-1892 to John & Emelia J HACKLEY HEIL, farmer of Belle River, Ontario

7100 McCOY, James William, 9-22-1892 to William & Alice REILEY McCOY, filed by Alice McGUIRE of Maidstone. *** the date of "22" has been placed in parenthesis and the date of the 2nd placed above it. There is also a notation that the file was changed on 4-5-1942 by "the mother"

7101 SCHOOLEY, John wesley, 11-12-1892, son of William & Emily LESPERANCE SCHOOLEY, merchant of Woodslee, delivered by Mrs Harvey

7102 PARENT, Mane ?? Agnes, 7-7-1892, to Israel & Annie/Aunu? LACHARITE? PARENT, farmer


7345 William Cornwall; male; 9-24-1892; s/o William & Emma VOLLANS CORNWALL; railway employee

7346 James Charles McKEON; male; 9-22-1892; s/o Denis Chas & Mary MORAN/MORAU? McKEON; merchant? (looks like mermaid), Windsor

7347 Marjorie LAMON; female; 8-29-1892; d/o Feliz & Margaret Daycolt? GALLINE? LAMOND; musician; Windsor

7348 Mary Emily VIGNEUX; female; 9-13-1892; d/o Elie & Fabrisse DROULLARD VIGNEUX; merchant

7349 Harold Rufus GUITTARD; male; 6-9-1892; s/o Jacob F & Mary FITZGIBBON GUITTARD; hotel Keeper

7350 Mary GUENOT; female; 9-9-1892; d/o Albert & Julia BRANGEL GUENOT; laborer

7351 Gonita? Christine FRICKE; female; 9-5-1892; d/o Carl & Catherine NIEBEL FRICKE; shoemaker; Windsor

7352 Grace GRIFFIN; female; 6-18-1892; d/o Charles & Josephine LAWSON GRIFFIN; watchman;

7353 John Sebly SEWELL; male; 9-7-1892; s/o George M & Aurelia SELBY SEWELL; bricklayer

7354 Theodore John Henry MASSE; male; 9-13-1892; s/o Felix & Louise RENAUD MASSE; Clerk; Windsor

7355 Percival Oliver LALLTEAU/LALLATEAN; male; 9-6-1892; s/o John F & Mary F? SCOTT LALLATEAN?LALLTEAU?; merchant sailor; Windsor

7356 William Joseph BAILEY; male; 9-3-1892; s/o William & Mary O'BRIEN BAILEY; Railway Employee; Windsor ***** Note: Correction filed 4-15-1968. Birth date changed to 9-2-1892


7091 Stephen Thomas BRUOETTE, male, b 5-20-1892, s/o Thomas & Hester BROUETTE, fireman, Maidstone (***NOTE: above the childs name is printed Joseph BROUYETTE and above the fathers' BROUYETTE)

7092 Sophie PRICE, female, b 8-13-1892, d/o John & Mary LANDGRAFFE PRICE, farmer, Belle River

7093 Elmer TOTTEN, male, b 9-27-1892, s/o Thomas & Hattie COHOE TOTTEN, farmer, Woodslee

7094 Roy Alexander KENNEDY, male, b 7-14-1892, s/o Alexander Henry & Nellie MECHIAM KENNEDY, farmer

7095 Harold FAIR, male, b 10-4-1892, s/o Frank & Ellen WARDLE FAIR, South Woodslee

7096 No given Name, BOGGS, male, 8-22-1892, s/o James & Amanda BOGGS, farmer, Woodslee


7345 No name given CORNWALL, male, 9-24-1892, s/o William & Emma VOLLUS CORNWALL, railway employee, Windsor

7346 James Charles McKEON, male, b 9-23-1892, s/o Denis Chas & Mary MORAN McKEON, merchant, Windsor

7347 Marjorie LAMOND, female, b 8-29-1892, d/o Felix & Margaret Daycolt GALLINO LAMOND, musician, Windsor

7348 Mary Emily VIGNEUX, female, b 9-13-1892, d/o Elie & Frebisse? DROUILLARD VIGNEUX, merchant, Windsor

7349 Harold Rufus GUITTARD, male, b 6-7-1892, s/o Jacob F? & Mary FITZGIBBON GUITTARD, hotel keeper, Windsor

7350 Mary GUENOT, female, b 9-9-1892, d/o Albert & Julia BRAUGEL GUENOT, laborer, Windsor

7351 Goulda Catherine FRICKE, female, b 9-5-1892, d/o Carl & Catherine NIEBEL, shoemaker, Windsor

7352 Grace GRIFFIN, female, b 6-18-1892, d/o Charles & Josephine LAWSON GRIFFIN, watchman, Windsor

7353 John Selby SEWELL, male, b 9-7-1892, s/o George & Amelia SELBY SEWELL, bricklayer, Windsor

7354 Theodore Hohn Henry MASSE, male, b 9-13-1892, s/o Felix & Louise RENAUD MASSE, clerk, Windsor

7355 Percival Oliver LALLTAW?, male, b 9-6-1892, s/o John F & Mary J? SCOTT LALLTAUS, merchant tailor, Windsor

7356 William Joseph BAILEY, male, b 9-3-1892, male, s/o William & Mary O'BRIEN BAILEY, railway employee, Windsor ** there is a stamp dated 4-15-1948, for Correction, the birthdate was changed to 9-2-1892

#007729 MARY CHRISTIAN BLANCH NANTAIS, b. August 12, 1892, female, d/o Frederick Nantais & Elmire Gignac, occ of father--farmer, informatnt--Farmer Malder, registered August 15, 1892, accoucher--Mrs. Drouilard

#007730 MARY CLARA BOUFFORD, b. September 3, 1892, female, d/o David Boufford & Christina Arcouet, occ of father--farmer, informant--Farmer Malder, registered September 5, 1892, accoucher Jamis Hou??

#007193 MARY ANN NANTAIS, b. February 14, 1892, female, d/o Anthony Nantais & Mary Neveux, occ of father-laborer, informant-Antoine Nantais of Windsor, registered February 26, 1892, accoucheur-Mrs. Knight, registrar-Stephen Lusted

#007194 ELLEN SEXTON, b. January 17, 1892, female, d/o Daniel Sexton & Ellen Nagle, occupation of father-car repairer G.T.R., informant-Daniel Sexton of Windsor, registered March 1, 1892, accoucheur-Dr. H. Casgrain, registrar-Stephen Lusted

#007363 LOUISE ELLA NANTAIS, b. August 12, 1892, female, d/o Emellein Baptiste Nantais & Georgina de Harnois, occ of father-butcher, informant-schedule, registered October 15, 1892, accoucheur-Dr. Reaume, registrar-Stephen Lusted. This has a stamp on it, that it was correct on "14/12/39 by the mother".

#007364 MARGARET MARY BRENNAN, b. October 16, 1892, female, d/o John Brennan & Elizabeth Steff??, informant-schedule, registered October 20, 1892, accoucheur-Dr. Reaume, registrar-Stephen Lusted

#007913 JOHN LESPERANCE, b. February 19, 1892, male, s/o Charles T. Lesperance & Caroline Bernaiche, occ of father-farmer, informant-Chs. T. Lesperance of Tecumseh, registered April 4, 1892, accoucheur-Dr. Fournier, registrat-John Dugal

#007914 ELIZA TILLIE NANTAIS, b. April 2, 1892, female, d/o Joseph Nantais & Sylvina Vandelinder, occ of father-carpenter, informant-Joseph Nantais of Tecumseh, registered April 4, 1892, accoucheur-Mrs. Vandelinder, registrar-John Dugal

#027185 CALIXTE FILIN NANTIL, b. July 27, 1892, male, s/o J. Bte. Nantil & M. I. Elore Chevigny, occ of father-laborer, informant-Felise LeGenedre, Ptre., registered August 7, 1893, accoucheur-none

#027185 DELIMA SABOURIN, b. July 25, 1892, female, d/o Alexandre Sabourin & Octavie Bilodeau, occ of father-farmer, informant-J.L. Francour, Ptre. registered July 20, 1893

#007366 RALPH THOMAS ROBINSON, b. September 22, 1892, male, s/o Thomas ? Robinson - partial only

#007367 MARIE HELEN JACQUES, b. September 26, 1892, female, d/o Damas Jacques - partial only

#007732 HOWARD WESLEY BAILY, b. September 2, 1892, male, s/o Frederick Baily - partial only

#007733 IVA ROSE LARAMIE, b. July 30, 1892, female, d/o George Laramie - partial only

#007917 MARIE LEA GRONDIN, b. February 14, 1892, female, d/o Louis Grondin - partial only

#007917 JOHN RAYMOND McCARTHY, b. January 3, 1892, male, s/o Thomas McCarthy - partial only