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1888 Essex County Birth Registrations


LDS Film # 1845890

LASSALINE, Mary Margaret P, 3-17-1888, daughter of Joseph & Margaret HANRETY LASSALINE, cabinet maker of Sandwich

GARRISON, James Benton, 2-22-1888, son of Benjamin & Victoria LAZARUS GARRISON, sailor of Sandwich.

TWINS ** PENTTAN/PENTTAM, John Alfred, 4-11-1888, son of G R M & Sarah SATTERI PENTAN(M), sexton of Sandwich (SEE NEXT ENTRY, This one is cut off)

PENTLAND, Victoria Grace 4-11-1888, daughter of G R M & Sarah SATTERI PENTLAND, sexton of Sandwich

ROBINET, Mary Louise, 5-10-1888, daughter of Auguste & Marie HENNEQUIN (cut off) ROBINET, grape grower of Sandwich (The name Ameliia is also given above thchild's name of Mary Louise)

Gosfield South

LDS Film # 1845890

10-23-1888, PIERCE, male to Thomas ROSEWARENE, a teacher & Lucy OO ( that's about it) On 11-22-1927, a dated stamp and CORRECTIONS, child's name is Pearce Victor ROSEWARNE, born to Thomas ROSEWARNE

9-15-1888- WIGLE, Herbert Leroy, male to Cornelius & Mary COOK WIGLE, a farmer

10-24-1888- HEATH, Jennie DELL, female, daughter of William & Eliza O'CONNOR, laborer

10-30-1888- SWEETMAN, Leoana Ann, female daughter of George A & Mary ann THORPE SWEETMAN, farmer

10-30-1888- PETERSON, Milton Carl, male, son of George & Lora BLACK PETERSON, farmer

6-21-1888- SCRATCH, Esther Amelia, female to Alpheus & Susan MALLOTT SCRATCH, farmer

#008770 JOHN OSMOND WARREN, b. August 8, 1888, male, s/o John Warren & Mary E. Tindall, occ of father--Brakesman G.T.R., informant--John Halrin of Windsor, registered August 23, 1888, accoucher--Dr. Coventry

#08780 ARCHIBALD NANTAIS, b. August 23, 1888, male, s/o Emile Nantais & Georgina D'Harnois, occ of father--Railway Employee, informant--Emile Nantais of Windsor, registered August 25, 1888, accoucher--none

#009471 ANN BURNS, b. Jan 3, 1888, female, d/o Lawrence Burns & Alice Hartley, occ of father-farmer, informant-Jeremiah Driscoll of Old Castle, registered January 20, 1888, accoucher-Dr. Carney

#009476 ARTHUR MARVYN WILLIAM, b. December 17, 1888, male, s/o Joseph William & Jeannette Ure, occ of father-farmer, informant-Joseph William of Windsor, registered January 12, 1888, accoucher-Mrs Ure

#009560 JOHN FEAUTEUX, b. June 16, 1888,male, s/o Edward Feauteux & Josephine Nantais, occ of father--farmer, informant--Edward Feauteux of Windsor, registered July 17, 1888, accoucher--Mrs. Longtane

#009561 NATHALIE NANTAIS, b. July 14, 1888, female, d/o George Nantais & Lizie Cecile, occ of father--laborer, informant--George Nantais of Walkerville, registered July 17, 1888, accoucher--Mrs. Chilvers