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1873 Esssex County Birth Registrations

St Alphonse, Windsor

LDS FHC Film # 1312029
The first date is the baptism, the second is the date of birth.

4-20-1873- BASTIEN, Jean D, b 4-19-1873, to Louis & Elois LEROIT? BASTIEN, sponsors: Antoine BASTIEN & Margaret NOOR (can't tell by name [Jean] if male of female)

4-20-1873- McARDLE, Ellen, b 3-29-1873, to John & Sendre/Dandra/Senbra ?? McGEE McARDLE, sponsors: Edward BRADY & Alice BROWN

5-11-1873- KUHN, Louisa, b 5-11-1873 to Frederick & Ann McCABE KUHN, sponsors: Richard MORROW & Maggie J GUNNELL

5-27-1873- BOYD Alexander, no date, "parents unknown", no sponsors listed

6-15-1873- DOWNEY, Maria, no date given, parents Patrick & Margaret HALLAHAN DOWNEY, sponsors Michael & Cath. LYNCH

6-15-1873- WALSH, Margaret, no date given, parents John & Ann KELLY WALSH, sponsors Michael SULLIVAN & Mary DEVLIN

4-27-1873- NANTAIS, Louis, b 4-26-1873 to Leon & Delina NANTAIS, sponsors Louis CARRIER & Climense NANTAIS

4-27-1873 GAHAN, James b 4-21-1873 to Martin & Bridge CONNELL GAHAN, sponsors: John McKNIGHT & Lizzie FITZGERALD

5-13-1896- SHEILDS, Mary? E? Elizabeth or just Elizabeth (everything except Elizabeth has been written ove), no date, comment of 14 years & 8 mos, parents Wm & Nora BRESSONHAM? SHEILDS

5-14-1873-ST AUBIN, Louis Joseph, b 5-14-1873 to Jos & Aubelim? BEAUBIEN St AUBIN, sponsors: Ambroise LANGLOIS & Rose BEAUBIEN

5-21-1873- ELLIOT, James, b 1-21-1873 to Jos & Mary LABADIE ELLIOT, sponsor:Mary V BARTHIUME

6-25-1873- MARSHALL, Geo EDWARD, no date given, parents Edward & Mary MURPHY MARSHALL, sponsor: Kate McKNIGHT

7-1-1873- PARE, Jos Hibare, b 6-30-1843 to Jacques & Arlemise MELOCHE PARE, sponsors: Cesaire PARENTS & Louise MELOCHE

1-1-1873- PARENT, Mathisa Archange, b 3-31873 to Mablewane & Janette PARENT, sponsors: Mose LABADIE & Archange PARENT

7-2-1873-CHESWICK, George, b 7-2-1873 to Geo & Mary SHANAHAN CHESWICK, sponsors: Andrew MURRY & Ellen CUMMINS

7-6-1873-MONTREUIL, Denis Victor, no date, parents: Luke & Mary RUBARIBE? MONTREUIL, sponsors: Pat WALSH & Charlotte LaJEUNESSE

7-15-1873- DOWNEY, Mary, no date, parents Patrick & Margaret HOLORAN DOWNET, sponsors: Mike & Cath. LYNCH

7-15-1873- WELSH, Margaret, no date, parents John & Ann KILLEN WELSH, sponsor: Mike SULLIVAN