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Descendants of Hugh Espey


1. Hugh Espey

In the spring of 1800, Hugh and Mary Stewart Espey, along with five of their children, sailed from England on a ship called "Faithful Steward" for the United States, to join their sons William and Hugh Espey, Jr. During a very severe storm on Deleware Bay, the ship was shipwrecked and lost at sea near Philadelphia. The father and mother and two of the brothers were lost at sea. Two of the brothers, Robert and John and his wife, Jean Morehead, and a sister, Mary, were rescued. The sister, Mary, passed away the next day from exposure, and Robert was crippled for the rest of his life.

5. Robert Espey

Robert came to the United States with his parents and was rescuded from the shipwreck, but was crippled for life. He lived with his brother Hugh Espey, Jr. near Harrisburg, PA.