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eshbachbook.jpg (18725 bytes)    The book documents the history of the Eschbachs and Eshbachs of eastern Pennsylvania of the 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries.  The main focus of the book is to the descendants Christian Eschbach (1737-1809). Christian is the forbear to the Berks-Montgomery County family. Christian settled at (what is now) Barto, Berks County, Pennsylvania.  Christian’s descendants spell the name as Eschbach, Eshbach or Eshbaugh. Christian was a Mennonite and was buried at the Hereford  Mennonite Church, Bally, Pennsylvania. 

   Christian’s father was 1737 Immigrant Peter Eschbacher/Aeschbacher, born 1694 at Lauperswil, Bern, Switzerland.  Peter’s brother was 1738 Immigrants Johann Eschbacher/Aeschbacher, born 1702 also at Lauperswil. Johann is thought to be the ancestor of the Lancaster County Eschbach Eshbach family.  The early Lancaster Eschbachs were also Mennonites, attending the Millersville Mennonite Church. There is a substantial amount of information regarding the Lancaster County family in the book.

Also included in the book is research relating to the descendants of 1749 Immigrant Christian Eschbacher and his brother 1750 Immigrant John Eschbach(er).  Both Christian and John initially settled at Salisbury Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. Christian remained at Salisbury Township is the forbear to the Lehigh County family. John migrated to Northumberland County in 1805 and is the forebear to the Northumberland County family.
The 268 page Eschbach Eshbach Eshbaugh book is available for the price of $15.00. This price includes shipping. Ed had 2000 of these printed and they are going fast.

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