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Thank you for dropping by.  I appreciate your interest and hope that you will stay a while. 

I am researching my family's history.  My father was Protasio Jajalla Nahial and he was born in 1896 in Hubangon, Camiguin Province in the Philippine Islands.  He came to the United States in 1920.  His parents were Pedro Lacre Nahial and Eufrasia Tabamo Jajalla.  His paternal grandparents were Pedro Nahial and Juana Lacre.  His maternal grandparents were Sabino Yamic Jajalla and Apolonia Labadan Tabamo.

My mother was Refugio Serrano Rivera and she was born in 1906 in Arizona.  Her parents were Remigio Maldonado Rivera and Pastora Altamirano Serrano.  Her paternal grandparents were Francisco Rivera and Salome Maldonado.  Her maternal grandparents were Antonio Serrano and Noberta Altamirano.

Most of the information in these pages pertaining to my parents was derived from microfilms that I viewed at the LDS Mormon Church.  I received some information from my communications with relatives here in the USA and in the Philippines.  Everyone has been very cooperative and willing to answer my numerous questions, completing family history charts and sending me photographs.

If you see a name of a family member, please contact me so that we can share information and get acquainted.  More than likely, there will be errors in spelling or in lineage as I have not verified the accuracy of all the information that I have received.

In my research, I have discovered that the name of Jajalla could also be spelled Hajalla, Hahalla, Pajalla or Pahalla.  The name Nahial could also be spelled Najial.

My information consists of:

Nahial family     7 generations

Jajalla family      8 generations

Tabamo family   8 generations

Rivera family      7 generations

Serrano family    7 generations

Please take the time to let me know what you think of my website.  I will appreciate it very much if you will let me know of any errors that you encounter.   

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NEW OR CHANGED ITEMS:  Check out the Photo Album for pictures.  I also added a page titled "In Memory".   Be sure to visit all of the pages as I have made changes to most of them.    

In order to protect the privacy of the living, most of the information in this website pertains to family members now deceased.  I have included some data on living relatives only because they have given me permission to do so.  For all my relatives out there, I will be happy to do the same for you, just let me know.  But, BEWARE, this is an addicting hobby and very contagious.  As you can see that..........


Special thanks to my half second cousin Dom Esteve Luzano and his colleague, Fr. Oligario from St. Benedict College, Muntinlupa City, Philippines, for translating into English the contents of birth, marriage and death documents.   Also, I definitely appreciate the help of all the other family members from the Philippines who sent me pictures and their family tree charts.  Their help is greatly appreciated.                                                       

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope that you will visit again.  These pages will be updated from time to time.  


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