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396 Surviving Passengers

AINGER, Wilfred ** DEMPSEY, Ann** KELLY, Alicia** O'ROURKE, Mary**
ALEXANDER, Mary Ann ** DEMPSEY, Anne 'Annie'** KELLY, Ann** O'ROURKE, Mary**
ALLISON, Thomas ** DEMPSEY, Edward** KELLY, Charles** O'SULLIVAN, Matthew**
BAILIE, Barbara ** DEMPSEY, James** KELLY, Doratha** POWER, Pat RCC**
BEANLAND, Thomas ** DEMPSEY, Matthew** KELLY, George** QUADE, Ellen**
BIGGS, Thomas ** DONOHUE, John** KELLY, James** QUADE, Pat**
BLACKNEY, Charles ** DONOHUE, Theresa** KELLY, James Patrick** QUIGLEY, Honora**
BOLGER, Ann 'Annie' ** DOOLEY, Henry** KELLY, John** QUIGLEY, Mary**
BOLGER, Edward ** DOORLEY, Margaret M** KELLY, John** QUINN, Bernard 'Barney'**
BOLGER, Mary ** DOORLEY, William** KELLY, Maria** QUINN, Ellen**
BOLGER, Patrick ** DUFFY, James** KELLY, Mary** QUINN, John Ward**
BOLGER, Patrick M ** DUFFY, Peter** KELLY, Michael** QUINN, Lawrence**
BOLGER, Philip ** DUNN, Bridget** KELLY, O'Hara** QUINN, Mary Clara**
BORLASE, Master ** DUNN, Catherine** KELLY, Richard James** QUINN, Michael Joseph**
BORLASE, Miss ** DUNN, Esther 'Essy'** KELLY, Thomas** QUINN, Thomas**
BORLASE, Mrs ** DUNN, Henry** KELLY, William 'Dalton'** QUINN, William**
BRACKEN, Bridget B ** DUNN, John** KELVIN, John** RAFTER, Bridget**
BRIEN, Daniel ** DUNN, Maria** KENNY, John** RAFTER, Bridget**
BRIEN, James O'Brien ** DUNN, Maria 'Mary' M** KENNY, Margaret** RAFTER, Catherine**
BRIEN, Patrick ** DUNNE, Ann** KENNY, Peter** RAFTER, Esther 'Essy'**
BRIGGS, William ** DUNNE, Julia** KENT, Elizabeth 'Eliza'** RAFTER, Honora 'Annie'**
BROCK, Catharine ** DUNNE, Paddy RCC** KEOW, Margaret** RAFTER, James**
BYRNE, Ann ** DUNNE, Patrick** KILLIAN, Laurence** RAFTER, John**
BYRNE, Ann ** DWYER, Maria Agnes** KILLIAN, Mary Elizabeth** RAFTER, John**
BYRNE, Bridget ** EARLY, Bridget** KNIGHT, Arthur E** RAFTER, John**
BYRNE, Edward ** EARLY, Mary** KNIGHT, Olivia Mary** RAFTER, Maria**
BYRNE, James ** EARLY, Peter** LARKIN, Mary** RAFTER, Thomas**
BYRNE, James ** EGAN, Bridget** LENNOX, Robert Joseph** RAFTER, William**
BYRNE, John ** EGAN, Patrick** LOWE, Mary Anne** REILLY, James**
BYRNE, Maria ** EGAN, William** LYNAM, Maria** REYNOLDS, Owen E**
BYRNE, William ** ELFORD, John** LYNAM, William** RICE, Edward
BYRNE, William ** ENRIGHT, Bridget J** LYNAN, Miss** ROBERTS, James**
CAMPBELL, James ** FALLON, James** MAGUIRE, Mary** ROCHEFORD, Mary**
CANTWELL, Bridget ** FARRELL, Charles** MAHON, Eliza** ROSE, Patrick**
CASTLES, Ann ** FARRELL, Hugh** MAHON, Patrick** ROSNEY, Anne**
CAVANAGH, Richard ** FITZPATRICK, Bernard** MALONE, Julia
** RYAN, Andrew**
CHAPMAN, James ** FITZPATRICK, Peter** MALONE, Thomas** RYAN, Ann**
CLEARY, Ellen ** FLANAGAN, Anthony** MALONEY, Ellen** RYAN, Catherine 'Kate'**
CLOHESY, Thomas ** FLANAGAN, Mary** MALONEY, Thomas** RYAN, Catherine 'Kate'**
COBBE, Elizabeth ** FLANAGAN, Margaret** MANGIN, Ellen** RYAN, Edward**
COLCH, Thomas ** FLANAGAN, Thomas** MAYNER, James** RYAN, Edward**
COLGAN, Catherine K ** FLYNN, Bridget** MCCABE, Mary** RYAN, John**
COLGAN, Elizabeth ** FLYNN, John** MCCABE, Patrick** RYAN, Maria**
COLGAN, Maria ** FLYNNE, John** MCCORMACK, Edward** RYAN, Theresa 'Tizzie'**
COLGAN, Maurice ** FOX, Anne** MCDERMOTT, Bessy** RYAN, William 'Willie'**
COLGAN, Thomas ** FOX, James** MCDERMOTT, Michael** SCULLY, William**
COLGAN, Thomas ** FOX, Patrick** MCDONALD, Edward** SEGIL, Laurence**
COLGAN, William ** FOYLE, Charles** MCDONALD, William** SEXTON, Margaret**
CONNOLLY, Thomas H ** GAVAN, Elizabeth** MCEVOY, Pat** SHEERIN, Anne**
CONNOR, Catherine ** GAVAN, John** MCGUINESS, Mathew** SHEERIN, Ellen**
CONNOR, Michael ** GAVAN, Katherine M K** MCMAHON, Michael** SHEERIN, James**
CONNORS, John ** GAVAN, Lucy** MCQUEEN, John** SHEERIN, Malachy**
CONNORS, Margaret ** GAVAN, Mary Ann** MCQUEEN, Samuel** SHEERIN, Mary**
CONNORS, Patrick ** GAVAN, Teresa Cecelia** MEADE, Michael** SHEERIN, Patrick**
CONROY, John ** GAVAN, Thomas** MINNIS, Patrick** SHIEL, Joseph**
CONROY, Pat ** GEOGHEGAN, Jeremiah** MOLLOY, Anthony** SHIRLY, Thomas**
CONROY, Thomas ** GONOUDE, Elizabeth** MOLLOY, Elizabeth** SMYTH, William**
CORCORAN, Anne ** GRAHAM, Ann** MOLLOY, Felix (Phelim)** SOMMERS, Mary**
CORCORAN, Charles ** GRAHAM, Catherine** MOLLOY, John** STEWART, Alexander**
CORCORAN, Charles ** GRAHAM, Christina** MOLLOY, John** STEWART, Alexander**
CORCORAN, Elizabeth ** GRAHAM, James** MOLLOY, John** STEWART, Ann**
CORCORAN, James ** GRAHAM, Peter** MOLLOY, Joseph** STEWART, Christina**
CORCORAN, Mary ** GRAHAM, Robert** MOLLOY, Lena** STEWART, David**
CORCORAN, Simon ** GRAHAM, Robert** MOLLOY, Margaret** STEWART, Elizabeth**
CORNEALY, Michael ** GRIFFIN, Catherine** MOLLOY, Mary** STEWART, James**
COYNE, Ellen ** GRIFFIN, Edward** MOLLOY, Patrick** STEWART, Jane**
CREEVEY, John ** HALL, Foster** MOLLOY, Patrick** STEWART, Lillian**
CRUICE, Rody ** HAMMON, James** MOLLOY, Peter** STEWART, Margaret**
CRUISE, Eliza ** HAYDON, John** MOLLOY, Rebecca** STEWART, Robert**
CRUISE, John ** HELION, Eliza** MOLLOY, Rebecca** STEWART, Thomas**
CRUISE, Maria Cecelia ** HELION, Pat** MOLLOY, Thomas** STONES, Lawrence**
CRUISE, Peter Joseph ** HELION, Thomas** MORIN, James** STONES, Margaret**
CULLEN, Mary ** HENRY, Julia** MURPHY, Cath** STONES, Michael**
CULLEN, Mr ** HIGGINS, Edward or Joseph** MURPHY, Edward V** STRINGER, Pat**
CUMMINGS, Patrick ** HILL, Thomas** MURPHY, Mary** SWORDS, Alicia**
...QUISKELLY, Thomas ** HOGG, Michael** MURPHY, Mary** SYNAN, Michael**
CUSKELLY, James ** HUDSON, H H** MURPHY, Sarah** TIERNAN, Daniel**
CUSKELLY, Mary ** HUDSON, Seaton** MURPHY, Susan** TIERNEY, Mary**
CUSKELLY, Thomas ** HUGHES, Patrick J** MURPHY, Susan** TIERNEY, Patrick**
CUSKELLY, William ** HYLAND, Jane** MURPHY, Theresa** TODD, Mary**
DALY, Mathew ** JACKSON, Charlotte** MURPHY, Thomas** TOOLE, Catherine**
DALY, Thomas ** JACKSON, James** MURRAY, Bridget** TRACEY, Catherine**
DARCEY, Edward J ** JACKSON, Joseph L** MURRAY, Bridget** TRACEY, Maria**
DARCEY, Robert J ** JAMIESON, Elizabeth** MURRAY, John** TRACEY, William**
DEERAIN, Richard D ** JENNINGS, John** MURRAY, Peter** WALL, Peter**
DEERAN, James ** KEATING, Owen** MURRAY, Thomas** WALSH, Edward**
DEERAN, James Patrick ** KEAVENY, Ellen** NEWMAN, Stephen** WALSH, John J**
DEERAN, Mary ** KEAVENY, Laurence** NORTH, Elizabeth C** WALSH, Mary**
DEERING, Alice Mary** KEAVENY, Mary** NORTH, Julia** WALSH, Patrick**
DEERING, Andrew ** KEAVENY, Mary A.** NORTH, Mary** WARD, Mary**
DEERING, Bridget Mary ** KEAVENY, Pat** NORTH, Thomas** WARD, Thomas**
DEERING, Catherine ** KEAVENY, Theresa** NORTH, Thorogood** WELSH, Mary**
DEERING, Elizabeth L ** KEAVENY, Thomas** NUGENT, Edmond** WHITE, Miss**
DEERING, James ** KEEFE, John** NUGENT, George** WREN, Ann**
DEERING, Margaret ** KEITS OR KELTS, Mr** NUGENT, James** WREN, Ann**
DEERING, Maria G ** KEITS OR KELTS, Mrs** NUGENT, Michael** WREN, James**
DEERING, Mary D ** KEITS OR KELTS, Child** O'BRIEN, Charles** WREN, Michael**
DEIGNAN, Pat ** O'BRIEN, Roger** WREN, Patrick**
O'BRIEN, Thomas**

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BIRTHS **~ There were supposed to have been sixth births; I have located four.

BYRNE, Patrick **~+ KILLIAN, Laurence**~+
GRIFFIN, Margaret **~+ QUINN, Patrick**~+

DEATHS **+ 58 Deaths including that of Bernard King

BERMINGHAM, William **+ DEMPSEY, Ellen**+ KELLY, Jane**+ MURRAY, Ann**+
BRIEN, Daniel **+ DEMPSEY, Essy**+ KELLY, Mary Elizabeth**+ MURRAY, James**+
BRIEN, David **+ DEMPSEY, John**+ KILLIAN, Laurence**~+ MURRAY, Patrick**+
BRIEN, Thomas **+ DEMPSEY, Mary**+ KILLIAN, Margaret**+ QUADE, Eliza**+
BYRNE, Catherine **+ DEMPSEY, Michael**+ KILLIAN, Patrick**+ QUINN, Patrick**~+
BYRNE, Margaret**+ DUNN, Bernard**+ MAHER/MEAGHER,D**+ RAFTER, Eliza 'Bessie'**+
BYRNE, Martha **+ DUNN, Bridget**+ MCCABE, William**+ RICE, Elizabeth**+
BYRNE, Patrick **~+ EGAN, Michael**+ MCQUEEN, James**+ RYAN, Peter**+
COLGAN, Mary **+ FLANAGAN, Anne**+ MCQUEEN, Peter**+ SHEERIN, James**+
CONNOR, Mary **+ GAVAN, Patrick**+ MOLLOY, Bridget**+ WALSH, Mary**+
CUSKELLY, Elizabeth**+ GRIFFIN, Margaret**~+ MOLLOY, Felix (Philip)**+ WALSH, Patrick**+
...(QUISKELLY) HALL, Mary**+ WARD, Mary**+
CUSKELLY, John **+ HEARNON, John**+ WREN, Catherine**+
...(QUISKELLY) HELION, Catherine**+ # KING, Bernard**+ WREN, Eliza**+
DEERAN, Catherine **~+ HELION, Denis**+ # Died Bris. 22 Aug 1862 WREN, Mary**+
DEERAN, Michael **~+ HELION, William**+ WREN, Rody**+

CREW *** 61 Crew located - possibly more on board

ALLEN, Edward *** DOYLE, John A*** LANGAN, Patrick*** MURRAY, Christopher***
ANDERSON, James *** DOYLE, Joseph*** LEISHMAN, William*** PATTERSON, James***
ANDREWS, George *** DRISCOLL, John*** LONG, James A-Surgeon*** PEAK, George Potter***
BANNON, Daniel *** GOULDER, William*** LOUGH, William*** PEIRCE, Abraham***
BENSON, George *** GREEN, James*** MACKAY, Thomas*** READ, Joseph***
BORLASE, George-Capt. *** HARDIE, Thomas*** MAGUIRE, John*** RIGBY, William***
BRIDE, Edmond *** HARRIGAN, Patrick*** MARIOTE, Michael*** SADLEIR, John***
BROADFOOT, Hugh *** HARROP, George*** MARTIN, Thomas*** SCOTT, William***
BURGOYNE, William *** HARVEY, William*** MATHISON, William*** SHILFORD, Robert***
BURKE, John *** HELMINICK, George*** MCCARTHY, B*** SMART, James***
BURKE, Peter *** HEMPHORN, James*** MCKENZIE, Hector*** THURGATE, John***
CAMPION, Thomas *** HUGHES, William*** MCMULLIN, William*** WEIR, Thomas***
CASTLES, John *** INGRAM, Robert Haliday*** MEYLER, Walter*** WILMOT, Charles***
COBBY, John *** JUDD, John William*** WRIGHT, John***
CONARAY, George *** KELLY, John*** MULCAHY, John***
CONDRON, John *** KNIGHT, James*** MULLENHADE, Luke***

By Law, "Erin-go-bragh" was allowed to carry 387 Statute Adults in addition to Master, Crew and Cabin Passengers. In January 1862, in Liverpool, the Master certified that the ship was carrying sufficient Provisions for 387 Statute Adults for a Voyage of 140 days. As far as I can verify, she departed Liverpool on or about 23 January 1862 and she arrived in Moreton Bay on or about 2 August 1862, ie 189 - 191 days.