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From here to Page 31 (within this section), you will find my transcription of the pages of
the original Log Book. There are some sections which were beyond me and my
imagination, and these are marked with (?). I believe the first is the face page, then two
pages of Directions on how to complete the pages, Pages 4 and 5 which had copies of
Captain George Borlase’s letters to the Owners; pages 6 to 9 cover the reports on the crew
which I have condensed and they appear here as a block. I have inserted the names of Crew
Members who were not named in ‘dispatches’. Pages 10 to 19 inclusive tell the sad story
of death – I have added a column pertaining to the registrations or non-registrations in
Queensland Births, Deaths, and Marriages records.

As you read over Pages 20 to 31 inclusive, you may have a smile, maybe a few smiles.
The Crewmen had experienced a difficult time too, and they were only too anxious to feel
Mother Earth under their feet again. I have been unable to find any reports of the
health/otherwise of crew members other than that which is below.