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Brief History of Oluf Olsen (1844 - 1898)

Translated by Minnie Olsen Hansen, Richfield, (Utah). January 1, 1955
"for our children"

Table of Contents

1 Table of Contents
2 Brief History
2a Birth and Family
2b Religious Beliefs
2c Missionary Service
2d Work and Marriage
2e Children
2f How history was written
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Brief History

Table of Contents

Birth and Family

I was born the 6th of August, 1844.

I, Oluf Olsen, was born in Christiana in Norway of parents: Ole Baalsen and Mari Abelone born Hansdatter.

My father was born on his father's farm "Orma" in Tryksta Presregiel in Baasta Anex, which lies 4 miles east of Christiania. His parents had seven children besides my father, and their names were: Emur, Kristine, Hans, Mari, Marthe, Anne and Kristine.

My father traveled to Christiania when he was about 20 years old, where he obtained work in Grens-gaten (the name of the street) with a Garver Olsen where he became acquainted with my mother who also worked there. When they became united on being married, they traveled up to her parents where the wedding was held, and it was at Fosum's Ironworks which lies one mile west of Christiania, where my mother's father was an (Ironsmith). They lived there two or three years, but then moved into Christiania where they established themselves on (Holmen) on the west side of the city where they lived until my father's death in March, 1873, 74 years old. His main work was to go with the carpenters and do interior carpentry work in houses, and there he met many different kinds of people, who led (started) him to drink, so that we had to suffer want many times for that reason. My mother was hard working and good, both towards us children and towards our father. There were ten children of us, but the seven died as children. I have two sisters who still live: Hanna Birgite, and Karen Elisabet, both are married and have many children, and the first has many grandchildren. I will remark that mother worked for a period of 30 years as Gardener-woman on a meadow which was called "Munkedammen" which belonged to an English General Consul, John Riis Crov, but about two or three years before my father's death. When she could not continue to work, she received for her diligence and faithfulness one Specie (dollar-old Norwegian money unit) every week as a pension as long as she lived. She lives yet and is almost ninety years old, and is well for her age.

I was the youngest of my brothers and sisters. When I was in my childhood years, my oldest sister was married, and the youngest was out working so I was very often left to myself because mother was always at work and father wasn't much concerned about me, so my bringing up was very neglected and I was always surrounded with bad company. But my mother was Godfearing and always had respect for the higher being, even though she could neither read, write or figure (arithmetic) because she had been with strangers since she was six years old and in these days people were not so careful with teaching to the children of the poor, and as a result I had also respect for all which I thought was holy.

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Religious Beliefs

After my 15th year, when after the tradition of the Lutherans I was confirmed, I began to work with my mother in the garden until I was twenty years old, and the last year I was there, it happened that there were some bricklayers who worked there who were Mormons, and they told me. and several others there about several of the principles of the Gospel. I listened with wonder and visited several of their meetings and bought tracts and borrowed the Book of Mormon which I read through and I rejoiced in the teachings which I found there, but when my parents, sisters and friends noticed that I was serious about investigating, they began to make fun of me in different ways. I didn't have power to resist them, but I thought to myself, Mormonism is right, and if ever I shall join some group, it shall be to them.

At that time I obtained a place with Christiania-Eid vol Railroad where I stayed for seven years, the last five years as a fireman on the locomotives. When I came to the railroad, I came into rough company with little opportunity to visit the meetings of the saints. I never felt good. Mormonism always stood before me, but the 10th of October 1871, in the morning as I was working, there came such a deep regret and shame over my position that I broke out in tears and had to hurry and hide myself from my fellow workers. But then there came a voice to me which said, "God desires no sinner's death but he desires that they shall repent and live." From that moment I resolved that if I, in one month from that day could keep myself from bad company and everything that I knew wasn't right, I would go be baptized for the remission of my sins. I prayed to the Lord in all earnestness, that He would give me strength in the good and keep me from evil.

On the November 8, 1871, I was baptized by Nils Isaksen in Akerseiven in Christiania. It snowed and was a cold evening. I received the Laying on of Hands the same evening by Conference President, J. C. A. Veibye.

I immediately began to bear testimony to my friends and relatives that God had revealed and established his church and Kingdom on the earth with the same power and authority as it had 1800 years before. My relatives could easily understand this, but didn't have enough love for it to accept it.

I was ordained a deacon February 13,1872, and an elder July 17, 1872, by J. C. A. Veibye and the same day I was called as Superintendent for Arendal Branch which position I was ordained to the 4th of September that same year.

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Missionary Service

I was sent out as a missionary among the people without being released during a period of three years and eight months during which time I was Superintendent of Odalens Branch for 17 months from the spring of 1873 to the fall of 1874. The rest of the time I was Superintendent of Arendal Branch.

I don't know what good I accomplished in that time because I know I had many weaknesses and imperfections, but the motivating force causing me to go was to be obedient to the Lord's call and to enlighten and do good to my fellowmen. Many times I have suffered hunger and cold and had to go without cover at night because I was a Mormon.

One time I was thrown in jail in the city of Hammer for unlawful religious practice. After I had been in jail for six days, I received my sentence which was five days on water and bread.

The jailor, a man by the name of Hoiland, in from Bergen was a hard and insulting man against me and my searching and inquiring. In the time I was on my mission I baptized twenty individuals, proselyted and sold tracts in twelve cities between Christiania and Sandefjord and the villages between, besides Lillehammer, Hammer and Kongesvengen, through many villages in the country. It was March in winter and I went up from Arendal to Ulefes on skis. It was a distance of twenty Norwegian miles. The snow melted by day and at night there was hard frost. I froze my legs to that I had to rub them with oil and wrap them in cloth. I held a meeting and sold almost all of my tracts on the way. There were no saints living on the way.

At Spring Conference in 1876, I was released by Conference President Soren Peterson with permission to go forth to Zion, but the promised money didn't come so I began to work in the meantime and helped President and Mrs. Peterson with what I could in the office and during the summer I was called to be District Teacher which position I held until 19th of June, 1877. That same day I left Christiania to travel to Zion. It was a beautiful and happy day for me. We had a safe and pleasing journey without accident of any kind. We arrived in Salt Lake City the 16th of July. I stayed in Salt Lake for two days and in Nephi for five days an arrived in Richfield the 23rd of July, where we were well received and were helped with our primary needs.

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Work and Marriage

I took whatever work I could get and all went well. On the trip I became acquainted with my wife, your mother, Maren Olava Larsen. She was born in Eidsvoll, Norway, May 4, 1846, of parents: Lars Halversen and Bente Marie Hendriksdatter. They were both born in Eidsvoll, and had six children whose names are Maren Olava, Halvor, Karen Margrete, Marte Maria, Bente Janete, Anten. She was, at her father's death, five and one half years old and because her mother was poor, and two of her brothers and sisters were sent out to strange people where they had to work for a living. Her mother died two years before she came here, (Richfield).

She was at the farm "Mille" in Eidsvoll for twenty years. She received the Gospel at the same place in February 1876. I will remark that none of our family have received the Gospel up to this time.

We were married the same fall that we came (To be exact) the 26th of October 1877, by Bishop Paul Paulsen here in Richfield.

My occupation to this time has been farming, except for one winter or seven months, when I herded sheep for Brother N. M. Pettersen. It was a cold winter and much snow to walk in so that I, from that time have been bothered with rheumatism. It was winter of 1879.

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The 7th of August, our first daughter was born in 1878. She was blessed by Bishop Paul Paulsen and received the name of Minnie the 4th of September the same year.

The 21st of August, 1880 our second daughter was born. She was blessed the 7th of October the same year by Elder Villiam Arak and received the name of Clara. She died the 30th of July 1881 after three week's sickness, which we sorrowed much over.

The 5th of June was our third daughter born 1882. She was blessed the 6th of July the same year by Elder Peter Erik Vestimand and received the name of Olena Mathilde.

The 22nd of October 1884 our first son was born. He was blessed the 3rd of December the same year by Bishop Joseph Horn and received the name of Oluf.

The 1st of September 1886, Minnie was baptized by Elder Will Arak and the day after she was blessed with the Laying on of Hands by Elder Caatlep Ense.

Olena M. Olsen baptized July 2nd, 1890, by Elder Marten Jensen. Received the Laying on of Hands 3rd of July 1890 by Elder Peter E. Westman.

Oluf Olsen (Junior) baptized November 2nd, 1892, by Marten Jensen. Received the Laying on of Hands November 3rd, 1892, by Elder Hans Christensen.

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How history was written

(The last of the above paragraphs were written in English by Minnie Olsen. She also added the following to the account).

This ends Father's (Oluf Olsen's) writing as he after many years of hard suffering was called to the other side on the 26th day of July 1898, and was buried the 28th of July the same year. He died with full faith in the Gospel he had espoused, he was always good and patient although he suffered a great deal through the rheumatism that he had for many years.

(The above history was taken from the handwritten account as recorded in Norwegian by Oluf Olsen, Sr. in a small brown notebook about 4 by 7 inches. The book is in the possession of Hulda Parker Young.)

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Genealogy program generated data for Oluf Olsen

Oluf Olsen was born on 13 Aug 1844 in Oslo, Oslo, Norway. He was christened on 29 Sep 1844 in Oslo, Oslo, Norway. He died on 26 Jul 1898 in Richfield, Sevier, Utah, United States. He was buried on 28 Jul 1898 in Richfield, Sevier, Utah, United States.

Oluf married Mary Olava Larsen, daughter of Lars Halvorson and Berte Marie Hendricksdr, on 26 Oct 1877 in Richfield, Sevier, Utah, United States. Mary was born on 4 May 1846 in Eidsvoll, Akershus, Norway. She died on 3 Nov 1915 in Richfield, Sevier, Utah, United States from Mocuric Coma due to chronic Brigtos disease. She was buried on 7 Nov 1915 in Richfield, Sevier, Utah, United States.

They had the following children.

  1 F Minnie Olsen was born on 7 Aug 1878 in Richfield, Sevier, Utah, United States. She died on 3 Nov 1958 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States. She was buried on 6 Nov 1958 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA.
      Minnie married Amasa Niels Hansen, son of Hans Hansen and Fannie Moon Hunt, on 31 May 1899 in Manti, Sanpete, Utah, United States. Amasa was born on 21 Jun 1878 in Richfield, Sevier, Utah, United States. He died on 9 Oct 1933 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States from Coronary Thrombosis due to Postoperative weakness from herniaomy. He was buried on 13 Oct 1933 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States.
  2 F Clara Olsen was born on 21 Aug 1880 in Richfield, Sevier, Utah, United States. She died on 30 Jul 1881 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States.
  3 F Olena Matilda Olsen was born on 5 Jun 1882 in Richfield, Sevier, Utah, United States. She was christened on 6 Jul 1882 in Richfield, Sevier, Utah, United States. She died on 26 Jul 1972. She was buried on 29 Jul 1972 in Draper, Salt Lake, Utah, United States.
      Olena married Edward Milton Dalton on 15 Apr 1903 in Manti, Sanpete, Utah, United States. Edward was born about 1882.
      Olena also married Joseph William Parker on 10 Jun 1914 in Manti, Sanpete, Utah, United States. Joseph was born about 1882.
  4 M Oluf Olsen was born on 22 Oct 1884 in Richfield, Sevier, Utah, United States. He died on 23 Jan 1963.
      Oluf married Ella Eugenia Larsen on 16 Jul 1909. Ella was born about 1884.