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Scotland Electric News Release: Family Tree/Electric Scotland unite!
Provided by Howard McCord, member of Clan McCord and descendant of the Cumberland Co., PA ENGLISH

Alastair McIntyre, Webmaster of the Scottish based Electric Scotland site and Beth Gay, editor of The Family Tree, published by The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library in Moultrie, Georgia, USA, announce that McIntyre is the new Family Tree Internet Editor.

This brings together the foremost Internet site for Scots around the world and the largest Scottish publication in the world outside Scotland.

Electric Scotland and The Family Tree will work together to bring Scots and Scots descendants together from around the world. With six issues each year, The Family Tree is also the largest genealogical publication in the world with readers all over the United States and in fifteen foreign countries..

When you visit the website at <> you will find over 8,000 web pages of information on just about anything Scottish you can think of. There's information on history and clans and people and places of Scottish descent. You'll find complete books on Scottish history to read and recipes for you to try and to enjoy. There's Scots language and stories in real audio and even travel information.

Electric Scotland features a Web Board community where you can message and chat. There's even a section for the youngsters featuring games and jigsaw puzzles and more.

The Family Tree Internet edition will be able to expand to offer many new services and opportunities for the Scottish community worldwide, as well as to provide information about The Odom Library in Moultrie, Georgia, which is archival and genealogical "home" to 119 Scottish Clan (family) organizations and groups.

Visitors to the Internet site will be able to see the current editions of the publication "as a graphic" which means you will see it on your computer monitor exactly as it is in the print edition. The text portion of the Internet site will contain all of the material typeset for the current issue - which, in many cases - is more than can be published since there are no space restrictions for The Family Tree Internet edition!

Just a few of the features offered include: an opportunity for any Scottish or genealogical group to have their entire newsletter included on The Family Tree site; opportunities for Scottish Highland Games to report
winners of various athletic, musical and cultural competitions; pages for Scottish weddings; pages for new babies; directories for pipers, pipe bands, entertainers and vendors (all at no charge).

Your ideas and suggestions are most welcome.

Please contact Alastair at: alastair(at)electricscotland(dot)com

or visit the Internet site at <>
If you wish to contact Beth Gay, call 229-985-0936
or write The Family Tree, PO Box 2828, Moultrie, GA

Alastair McIntyre, new Family Tree Internet Editor
and Electric Scotland webmaster and creator.

[Received: 28 July 2002]

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