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Book: 'Norfolk Island 1788-1813: The People and their Families'
note: Arrivals = England to Norfolk Island / Departures = Norfolk Is. to Tasmania
page 34
ENGLISH listed, although may not be related.
English, Mary (married Norfolk Is.) Handley, William
English, Nicholas - arrived: 29 Jan 1790

page 46
Handley, William - Date of Departure: 14 Feb 1808
English, Mary - Ship: Hercules, Date of Arrival: 1801, Date of Departure: 14 Feb 1808
___, William (son) - Date of Departure: 14 Feb 1808
___, Unknown (relative to Mary English) - died 05 Feb 1804 (loc. would be Norfolk Island)

Norfolk Island 1788-1813: The People and their Families
James Hugh Donohoe
Privately Published, Sydney; 1986
ISBN 1-86252-614-1

(Of Interest) - Offsite Link to history of the Norfolk Island settlement.

(25 Sep 04) email communique from Janet Crawford:
I recently came across an English record while reading some old newspapers and thought someone might need it one day:

Corke Journal
March 11 - March 14, 1770
Marriage - Mr. Thad O'Driscoll of Corke, an eminent merchant, to Miss
English, daughter of William English late of Springfield, Co. Tipperary.

Janet Crawford (25 Sep 04)

Paris, France - New York, NY, USA
The Dothan Eagle
Dothan, Alabama
22 February 1911

New York, Feb. 21.-Post cards, on which were written fervent protestations of affection figured prominently today in the $100,000 breach of promise suit brought by Annette Bertha Grunspan, a pretty young Parisienne, against William English Walling, a wealthy socialist writer on socialistic topics, in the Supreme court.
Miss Grunspans's testimony went to show that Walling met her in Paris and proposed to her half a dozen times in as many different European countries. Walling is now the husband of Anna Struncky, noted as a writer.
"He paid my schooling in Paris and London and my other bills," declared the young woman. "I studied English and English manners and etiquette so that I could be presentable to Mr. Walling's friends after we were married, as he told me he wanted me to do."

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