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William Morrison Engles (12 Oct 1797 - 27 Nov 1867)
migration: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Wyoming - Philadelphia, PA
William Morrison ENGLES, author, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 12 October 1797; died 27 November 1867. He was graduated at the University of Pennsylvania in 1815, and studied theology with Dr. Samuel B. Wylie, receiving his license to preach in 1818.

After spending some time in missionary labors in Wyoming, William Engles returned to Philadelphia in 1820, and was ordained pastor of the 7th Presbyterian Church. He resigned in 1834 on account of impaired health, and was editor of the "Presbyterian" till his death, giving it a reputation as an organ of the old school party.

In 1838 William Morrison Engles was appointed editor of the books and tracts issued by the Presbyterian board of publication, and held this office till 1863, when he was chosen to be president of the board. His books were prepared in connection with the board of publication, and are chiefly devotional. Among them are " Records of the Presbyterian Church " (Philadelphia, 1840); " English Martyrology" (1843)" " Sickroom Devotion" (1846); " Bible Dictionary" (1850) o "Sailors' Companion (1857); and "Soldiers' Pocketbook," of which 300,000 copies were circulated, principally in the army, during the civil war (1861).

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