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David Inglis ( 8 Jun 1825 - 15 Dec 1877)
migration: Greenlaw, Berwickshire, Scotland - US - NY - Canada
DAVID INGLIS, clergyman
David Inglis, clergyman, born in Greenlaw, Berwickshire, Scotland, 8 June, 1825; died in Brooklyn, New York, 15 December, 1877. He was graduated at the University of Edinburgh in 1841, and, after studying theology there, was licensed to preach in 1845, and came to the United States in 1846.

He held charges at Washington Heights, New York, in Bedford, New York, and Montreal and Hamilton, Canada, and in 1871 removed to Toronto, having been called by the general assembly of the Presbyterian church of Canada to the chair of systematic theology in Knox college, which he held one year.

In 1872 he accepted a call to a Dutch Reformed church in Brooklyn, New York In the summer of 1877 he was a delegate of the Reformed church to the Presbyterian council at Edinburgh. The degree of LL.D. was conferred on him by Olivet in 1872, and that of D. D. by Rutgers in 1874.

He published Sunday school lessons in the "Sower and Gospel Field" (1874-'7); a sermon on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Church on the Heights, Brooklyn (1875); "Systematic Theology in its Relation to Modern thought" (1876); and prepared a course of "Vedder Lectures," which were to have been delivered in 1879.

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