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ENGLISH Surname DNA Project
ENGLISH surname (and variations) Y-chromosome DNA Testing project
Open to all males born with the surname ENGLISH (Englis, Engel, Engle, Inglish, Inglis, et al.)

The English surname Y-DNA project was launched in October 2004 to provide researchers with the resource of DNA testing with the objective to identify others with the surname ENGLISH who are related.
We can, through DNA testing of male family members, determine if two people are related, we can determine if two people descend from the same common ancestor.
Also, we can find out if we are related to others who share our surname.
DNA testing can prove, or disprove, your family tree research. In addition, testing will provide clues about ethnic origin.
This Study is extended to include all males with surname English, Englis, Engel, Engle, Inglish, Inglis, and other spelling variations. Success of the English surname Y-DNA project depends on the number of participants who join the testing group.
We ask that you encourage family researchers to join in and have representatives from their ENGLISH families test.
Y-DNA testing is done only through males who carry the surname ENGLISH (or variation), who were born with the surname.
Women researchers can participate by finding a willing ENGLISH male relative (grandfather, father, uncle, brother, cousin) to submit DNA for the family line.
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