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Alabama ENGLISH Military - CSA
Data from Records
The following are those of the English
line who are on record at offsite link: NARA:
Alfred English , Co C, 63d Ala Inf

C.E. English, Co I, 3d Ala Cav
Cassander J. English, Holloway's Cav Co
Charles A. English, Holloway's Cav Co
Charles E. English, Lenoir's Ind Cav Co

David Crawford English, Co E, 3d Ala Inf

E.R. English, 30th Ala Inf
Eli English , Co K, 33d Ala Inf
Ezekiel H. English, 13th Bn, Partisan Rangers
Ezekiel T. English , Co E, 13th Ala Inf

G.G. English, Co C, 62d Ala Inf
George M. English, Holloway's Cav Co
George M. English, co's A, I and G, 31st Ala Inf

J. English , Baas' Co, 1st Rgt, Mobile Vols
J.B. English , Co D, 33d Ala Inf
J.S.C. English, Co G, 42d Ala Inf
J.W. English, Co K, 5th Ala Inf
James English, Co E, 46th Ala Inf
James P. English, Co E, 27th Ala Inf
Jesse English , Co C, 5th Ala Inf

Patrick English , Co H, 2d Ala Inf

S. English , Co C, 44th Ala Inf
Sampson Z. English, Co B, 51st Partisan Rangers

T.J. English, Co A, 21st Ala Inf
T.M. English, Co E, 21st Ala Inf
T.M. English, Co A, 94th Militia

William H. English, Co L, 6th Ala Inf
William T. English, Co E, 13th Ala Inf
William English, Co G, 34th Ala Inf
Of these listed above:

James W.English, Pvt, Co K, 5th Ala; Coffee County; resided at Elba in 1907; Co K was a Barbour company.

Eli English, Corp, Co K, 33d Ala; Coffee; d. as POW Camp Chase Jan 4, 1865.

James B. English, Pvt, Co D, 33d Ala; I think Butler; d. of diarrhea Dalton, Ga; widow Nancy A.J. filed claim for property.

William H. English, Pvt, Co L, 6th Ala; most likely from then Henry, now Houston.

Sampson English, Pvt, Co B, 51st Ala Cav; probably from then Barbour, now Bullock; survived the war.

Also: Sandy A. Outlaw as Pvt, Co B,
23d Ala Inf Rgt; Aug 4, 1834-Jul 14,
1918; s/o Ned Outlaw; m. Nancy B. English, 1831-1907;


Homer T. Jones writes:
These old fellers hopped-around a bit when
they enlisted, which makes tracking them
most difficult at times. Deo Vindice, Homer T.


(Thank You Homer!)

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