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Census Data: Monroe Co., Georgia
Compilation of Census Data
3Monroe Co. 1830 census index
-census index
Green English-----Monroe Co. ----page 212
Monroe Co. 1840 census index
-census index
Green English --------Monroe Co., 573rd ---167
John J. English -------Monroe Co., 573rd ---166
W. W. English -------Monroe Co., 573rd ---166
Monroe Co. 1850 census index
English p. 57A, 60B, 61A, 61B, 62A
census index shows:
James English---------------- Monroe Co., 60th div.;p. 057
William W. English--------- Monroe Co., 60th div.;p. 060
Green English--------------- Monroe Co., 60th div.;p. 061
Henry English--------------- Monroe Co., 60th div.;p. 061
John English----------------- Monroe Co., 60th div.;p. 061
Joseph English------------- Monroe Co., 60th div.;p. 062
Monroe Co. 1860 census
1860 TERRITORY: GA COUNTY: Monroe DIVISION: Unionville Dist No 523 GM REEL NO: M653-131 PAGE NO: 141
REF: Unionville PO, 13 August 1860, Ass't Marshal: Cary A. King

hh #935; all born in GA
English, J B --------- 29 M------Dentist---2,000
English, R A---------22 F
English, Walter---- 7/12 M

hh#982; all born in GA
English, J. J.----------43 M---Farmer---2,400/11,400
English, Elizabeth--20 F
English, Henry G---19 M
English, Elijah-------18 M
English, J. J.----------16 M
English, Martha-----14 F
English, Zach--------15 M
English, Pauline----12 F

English, G M--------40 M Farmer 3,800 / 8,400 Al
English, Mary L ---44 F GA
English, J G----------19 M GA
English, E A---------17 F GA
English, S E----------15 F GA
English, J L-----------12 M GA
English, G M---------9 M GA
English, M C---------6 F GA
English, E N----------3 F GA
REMARKS: Enumerator recorded incorrect family #-should be #989

hh#990; all born in GA
English, W. W.--------41 M----Miller----3,000
English, Leavinia----37 F
English, John---------15 M
English, James-------13 M
English, Leonard----10 M
English, C J -----------10 M
English, Newton----- 8 M
English, Marion------ 8 M
English, Thomas-----5 M
English, A -------------2 M

hn 1040; all born in GA
English, J. G---------35 m farmer --2,400/11,400
English, Malinda---28 f
English, James------10 m
English, Richard--- 7 m
English, F. T.--------4 m
English, S. M.-------2 1/2 f

hn 1041; all born in GA
English, Green---65 m --- farmer--- 9,400/13,200
English, Mary----63 f
English, J. M.-----34 m
English, T. F.-----32 m; physician
English, J. F. ------26 m
English, R. M.----20 f

Monroe Co. 1870 census index
Monroe Co. (mfroll 166)
E. H. English- m 27 GA Forsyth PO; 136
Green English- m 75 GA Forsyth PO; 136
J. G. English- m 45 GA Forsyth PO; 136
J. J. English- m 23 GA Forsyth PO; 135
J. J. English- m 24 GA Forsyth PO; 140
J. J. English- m 53 GA Forsyth PO; 137
J. T. M. English- m 35 GA Forsyth PO; 143
Lavinia English- f 47 GA Evers di; 122
T. T. English- m 40 GA Forsyth PO; 133
Z. T. English- m 21 GA Forsyth PO; 137

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