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Census Data: Greene Co., Georgia
Compilation of Census Data
Greene Co. 1850 census
Microfilm # M432-71, page 116, Greene Co., GA
hh 782
ENGLISH,Elizabeth ---47 F VA
ENGLISH, Stephen ---21 M GA
ENGLISH, Martha ----18 F GA
ENGLISH,Ann ---------19 F GA
ENGLISH,Joseph -----18 M GA
ENGLISH,Sarah -------16 F GA
ENGLISH,Mary --------13 F GA
ENGLISH,Martha -----11 F GA
ENGLISH,James ------- 7 M GA

hh 783
ENGLISH, Wm.------24 M GA
JOHNSON, John ---25 M GA

hh 784
ENGLISH, John P. ---25 M GA
ENGLISH, Ann -------21 F GA
ENGLISH, John ------ 2 M GA
ENGLISH, Wm. ------ 1 M GA

Greene Co. 1860 census index
Greene Co.census index
English, Elizabeth --- Woodville PO----455
English, Joseph H. --- Penfield PO------459
English, Ellen --------- Woodville PO-----470
English, Stephen ---- Penfield PO--------472
English, John D. ----- Woodville PO-----508
English, John H,.Jr. --Woodville PO-----508
Greene Co. 1870 census index
-census index; Greene Co.: (mfroll 153)
English, Ann---------f 46 GA---Penfield PO---308
English, James------m 26 VA----Penfield PO---404
English, John--------m 22 GA----Penfield PO---308
English, Joseph H.-m 38 VA----Penfield PO---403
English, Stephen---m 40 GA----Penfield PO---405
English, William---- m 43 GA----Penfield PO---323


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