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Census Data: Bullock Co., Alabama
Compilation of Census Data
Bullock Co., AL was created in Dec. 1866 from large portions of Pike, Barbour, and smaller parts of Macon and Montgomery Counties.
Bullock Co., 1870 census
Bullock county, AL page 20, 3 Aug 1870 Midway P. O.
ENGLISH, James 60 mw House Carpenter Ireland
ENGLISH, Louise 40 f w England
ENGLISH, Maria 18 f w GA
ENGLISH, Lydia 16 f w GA

Bullock County, AL page 89, 22 June 1870 Thomasville P. O.
ENGLISH, Sampson 40 m w Farm Laborer GA
ENGLISH, Mary 30 f w N. C.
ENGLISH, Fluid? 5 m w AL?
ENGLISH, John 2 m w AL?

Bullock County, AL page 242, 4 June 1870 Union springs P. O.
ENGLISH, John 51 m B Farm Laborer S. C.
ENGLISH, Caroline 31 f B GA
ENGLISH, Henry 9 m B AL
JONES, Nealy 10 f B GA

Bullock Co., 1880 census
Sampson English, 47
Catherine, 30
David F., 14
John M., 12
Sampson B., 3
Joel Wesley, 1

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