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Census Data: Barbour Co., Alabama
Compilation of Census Data
Barbour County was formed from a portion of Pike and a portion of the Creek cessation of 1832 and retained that shape until 1866 when the Beat and village of Glennville was given to Russell and a portion was taken from Barbour, Macon, Montgomery and Pike to form Bullock.
Barbour Co. 1850 census
Barbour County, AL 21 Dec 1850 Div No. 23
Page 83b
J. J. ENGLISH 49 m --GA ---Farmer
Viney ENGLISH 50 f --GA
Sampson ENGLISH 20 m --GA
James ENGLISH 18 m --GA
Lumpkin ENGLISH 15 m --GA
Martha ENGLISH 13 f --GA
Frances ENGLISH 10 f --GA
Elizabeth ENGLISH 6 f --AL
Mary ENGLISH 4 f --AL
Francis M. 2 m --AL
Barbour Co. 1860 census
no ENGLISH families listed
Barbour Co. 1870 census
Barbour County, AL page 356, 18 Aug 1870 Twp 9 R 24 Louisville PO.
ENGLISH, William 45 m w Farmer GA
ENGLISH, Rebecca 38 f w GA
ENGLISH, Janie 14 f w AL
ENGLISH, John 15 m w AL
ENGLISH, Malinda 13 f w AL
ENGLISH, Samuel 10 m w AL
ENGLISH, Ella 9 f w AL
ENGLISH, Anna 3 f w AL
ENGLISH, Benjamin 2 m w AL

Barbour County, AL page 148, 19 aug 1870 Twp 12 R 28 Eufaula P. O.
ENGLISH, Wm. G or T. 36 m w Farmer AL
ENGLISH, Elizabeth 20 f w AL

Barbour County, AL page 385, 25 Aug 1870 Twp 8 R 25 Clio P. O.
ENGLISH, Mathew 22 m w Farmer
ENGLISH, Louellen? 19 f w AL


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