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James, John, Wm & Rebecca English (c1740's) siblings of Lycoming/ Tioga Co., PA
migration: Scotland to Ireland to Berks Co., PA - Lycoming Co. PA / Tioga Co., PA

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James, John, William, Rebecca English
The first settler after the Revolutionary War in the territory now embraced by the township of Cummings, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania was John English. He was of Irish parentage (actually, he was of Scotch-Irish parentage) and he and his brother James enlisted in 1778 and served faithfully until the end of the war. On returning from the army he located on the larges of a cluster of Islands in Pine Creek about twelve miles from its mouth. This was in 1784. The previous year, in 1783, his brother James had explored Pine Creek from the mouth up. At this time they lived in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania along with brother William who came and settled near Renova, Pennsylvania. A sister, Rebecca who married Daniel Callahan, another Revolutionary Soldier who came and settle a little south of what is known as English Center on the road going to Waterville in Cummings Township. The parents of James, John, William and Rebecca are unknown. We think they lived in Berks County, Pennsylvania before coming to Northumberland County.

Lycoming & Tioga Co's, Pennsylvania ENGLISH
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Bio/ by Rhoda English Ladd
Documents/ "The Pine Creek Families" by Rhoda English Ladd
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