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Bio: William English Family of the Darke Co., Ohio
migration: Co Antrim, Ireland to Charleston SC to Green Co. TN to Springsboro, OH to Darke Co. OH
William English

...from Samuel Long's A PIONEER HISTORY OF WAYNE TP, DARKE COUNTY, OHIO, Radabaugh & Fahnestock, 1901, pg 31-32..... (Hugh Davidson was William English's brother-in-law; I (Wally Garchow) descend from Hugh's daughter Jane)

Hugh Davidson was owner of the quarter section east of Metzcar, and on the east side of Swamp creek. He was a Scotch-Irish Presbyterian. Of his family were James, Allen, Robert, Eliza, Rebecca, Jane, Ellen, Margaret, and Cassie. The family was well known and all became prominent citizens, and their generation quite a number.

William English was the owner of a quarter section east of Greer and "Watty" Brandon. He too was a Scotch-Irish Presbyterian and Elder of that congregation, the preachers of which are educated divines, who held forth from his residence or the old school house hard-by.

The congregation of its time was not such a small one. His residence was the finest in the settlement. On his farm was a very large orchard, and he had the great cider press of that time, and two half barrel kettles for making the apple butter. He was owner of the first threshing machine of the settlement, "chaff-piler" called, run by his sons, James and Samuel, two of the strongest young men in the country to lift heavy loads.

He was a leading farmer and quite wealthy for his time. Of his children there were James, Samuel, William, and Mary Ellen. They all became prominent citizens, and of their generation a goodly number.

From the research of Wally Garchow

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