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John English (c.1690-1770) of Atlantic Co., New Jersey
migration: Gloucestershire, England to Bucks Co., Pennsylvania to Atlantic Co., New Jersey

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John English
ENGLISH FAMILY Of English Creek, Atlantic Co., NJ

John English (1690-1770)? was the son of Joseph and Hannah (Clift) English of Burlington N . J. In 1714 John English received large tracts of land at English Creek where he settled, and had extensive sawmills. The maiden name of his wife Sarah is not known. He served as a Justice of the County Courts. He was active in the early religious societies in Great Egg Harbor.

Joseph English (1812-1889) was the son of James and Mary (Lake) English of English Creek. He married Ann West Smith (1816-1900) a daughter of Constant and Eunice (Somers) Smith of Scullville.

He was a farmer and lived on the west side of English Lane in English Creek. He served as one of the first trustees of Asbury Methodist Church in 1852.

He was the grandfather of Andrew Robinson English, who lives across the Lane from the old J. English homestead.

English Creek By Ann Nickles, Margaret Hart, Joseph Henry Bennett and
Interviews with Andrew R. English.
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Atlantic Co., New Jersey ENGLISH
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