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Alexander English (c.1812-c.1899) of Saginaw Co., Michigan
migration: Scotland-Ireland to USA: Ingham Co., Michigan - Saginaw Co., MI

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Alexander English

Alexander English was an early settler of Saginaw MI coming from Lansing in April 1851. His entire worldly possessions consisted of a team and wagon and one extra horse. He worked a farm, the first year after his arrival, for Alfred M. Hoyt. In 1853 he purchased the lime kiln on the river bank just below the Mayflower mills, on Water Street, and continued the manufacture of lime for many years. English sold the lime kiln property and in 1865 he purchased the steamer "L. G. Mason,", a passenger boat, that plies between Saginaw and Bay City. Mr. English was a prudent business man and has arisen from comparative poverty to opulence, through his own industry and perseverance.  His wife, Elizabeth, came of one of the first families of Maryland, the Fitzgeralds.


Saginaw Co., Michigan ENGLISH
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